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Chord Secrets: How To Add Chords To A Melody

Posted by Ms.Tris On November - 16 - 2011ADD COMMENTS

Great morning to you! I have had a very productive week so far. Kind of getting my schedule and routine down as I prepare to start my college courses. I have it just about worked out, and you will see waaaay more post :)…3 so far this week woo hoo!

I should do ten cartwheels right now! This next tip is what I have been searching for. I’ve gotten a lot of music theory down, but I still struggled with understanding how to fit chords to my melody. I’ve even posted about this before: Still hadn’t quite grasped the concept the way I’d like. This musical glitch had me stuck doing chords first almost 90% of the time. I must add, there is absolutely nothing wrong with working chords first. Since I am still learning chords, and only know a few, I was beginning to feel a bit limited.

I guess some days I have to be in the right mind state,today I found a site that seems written for producers like me:

Chip out a block of time for visiting this one. There are tons of tips to help you take your music to the next level..

Here is an excerpt from:Putting Chords to an Existing Melody, the article I am jumping for joy over 🙂

What you should get from this section:

After completing this section, you should be able to take an existing melody and put chords, and a bass line to it to create a strong structure.

There are several things you can do to help you put a chord progression to an existing melody that will make your life a lot easier. Here are a few of them:

The first thing you should try to do is work out what key it’s in. This will make it a lot easier, as if you know what key you’re playing in, you can pick chords from that key (see section on theory). How do you do this?

Well, first of all, play the melody. Are there lots of sharps or flats in there? If so, look at the key signatures in the theory section and see what ones match the notes you’re playing. Do they match any particular key? If there are F#’s in the melody, but C naturals, then it might be in G. If there are lots of Bb’s and Eb’s but natural A’s it may be in Bb major.

If that hasn’t helped, then see what note the melody starts and finishes on. Quite often a melody will start and/or end on the note of the dominant chord in the key. So if it’s in A for example, it will quite often start on that note and/or end on that note…………

Click here to read more—>Put Chords To A Melody

You’ll need a little knowledge of music theory to fully understand. Don’t know any?…No problem… the website has all the help you’ll need!

Happy Beat Making To All
Pz Til Later!~

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Vocal Remover That Works:Get Lost Singer

Posted by Ms.Tris On November - 14 - 20113 COMMENTS

Sample heads where are ya?.. You will love this one!

Can you believe they actually named this Get Lost Singer?
I just tried it on two tracks and it works pretty well. With some eq and adjusting I think this is all I’ll need when filtering samples down to the bassline 🙂 woo hoo..this is crazy and free!!!


Happy Sample Editing To All!~
Pz Til Later….

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Hey hey all. I’m rolling with The Producers Union content starting today. I will be showcasing, featuring, and sharing info from fellow members.

Kicking off the great run is DjKevWest. Kev and I used to be on around the same time.. ..(OH MY almost 10 yrs I’ve known him)..He’s shared many tips with me on the forums. He is sick with the soul samples and has so much knowledge about production. He is also another producer that helped me get my game proper on the technical side!

Read the rest of this entry »

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Now Listening To: Wale “Ambition”

Posted by Ms.Tris On November - 1 - 2011ADD COMMENTS

Checkin out Wale’s latest release “Ambition”, so far I’m lovin it …and haven’t skipped a track yet. I think the production on it is an awesome blend of Hip Hop and Go Go. Nothing over powering at all…

Check out the entire album preview :)…(this is sssssoo cool and next level marketing )…

Wale – Ambition Track List

1. Don’t Hold Your Applause (Produced By Tone P)

2. Double M Genius (Produced By Mark Henry For Terror Squad Productions)

3. Miami Nights (Produced By: Mark Henry For Terror Squad Productions)

4. Legendary (Produced By: Toomp For Zone Boy Productions)

5. Lotus Flower Bomb (feat. Miguel) (Produced By: Jerrin Howard)

6. Chain Music (Produced By: Tone P)

7. Focused (feat. Kid Cudi) (Produced By: Kore)

8. Sabotage (feat. Lloyd) (Produced By: Cloud Eater)

9. White Linen (Coolin) (feat. Ne-Yo) (Produced By: Deputy)

10. Slight Work (feat. Big Sean) (Produced By: Diplo)

11. Ambition (feat. Meek Mill & Rick Ross) (Produced By: T-Minus)

12. Illest B**** (Produced By: Tha Bizness)

13. No Days Off (Produced By: Toomp For Zone Boy Productions )

14. DC or Nothing (Produced By: Tone P)

15. That Way (feat. Jeremih & Rick Ross) (Produced By: Lex Luger)

16. Bait (Produced by Tone P)

Happy Listening To All!~
Pz Til Later…

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Mixing Tips by Toni P Music: Producers Union Blog

Posted by Ms.Tris On October - 20 - 2011ADD COMMENTS

What a wonderful nice outside. I am closing my blinds because I have much to do inside…:). I’m about to mix a beat I did yesterday. I found a cool post on The Producers Union Blog. It’s a great article with “Steps To A Great Mix“. There are a few extra tips here that I have never tried, so I am eager to get to work.

Here is an excerpt from the post…
Before applying any effects on your instruments you need to think about the following :”What do I want to achieve?”
Do you want to shave 1dB of the peak of the kick? If yes, then by all means do it, its how it sounds in the end that matters, how you get to your vision is not important.

My way to have everything to blend is as followed.

1.Set your master to MONO
2.Set all faders to -inf.
3.Move the fader up with the most important element
4.Move the other faders up 1 by 1 picking again the more important elements first EG: after you have your vocal level, start doing the kick and snare
5.Once you have a nice balance in MONO (you can hear all the elemements the way you want them, change your master to STEREO

Continue reading entire entry here:
Steps To A Great Mix by Toni P

I can’t wait to try the “MONO” on the master 1st technique..makes so much sense to work this way…
Happy Mixing To All!~
Pz Til Later..

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Quick Update:*Waving* HHheeey You! What’s been up? I had to handle the school business over the last 2 weeks. Yes, I will finally finish my degree after a long time away from college. I had a hard time deciding what my major would be. I already have two years in communications, with a secondary in Art. I know some are surprised, but I didn’t go with music as my 1st choice. I am really into the whole web atmosphere, as well as music. I will study Web Design and Interactive Media at Art Institute, and take a few course through point Blank Music Production School. I figured this is a win win for all of us. I’ll be able to upgrade my site, help you with yours,makes apps, and do my music..woo hoo words can’t describe how happy I am today…Expect wonderful changes here as I learn..:)……….

I’ve been meaning to share this with you since I upgraded to Maschine 1.7…..
I had a time loading 1.7, as well as moving my Kore 2 content. I installed Maschine on my second hard drive instead of main c drive. The second drive failed. Later i re-installed on the main drive. NI suggest you load everything on one drive (the c drive), but for some, it may be better to place content on different drive. If you move content after initial installation (ex:second drive fails etc.),your software will search 1st database location.

In my case, when it came time to upgrade, the software searched for the “D:” drive, which I no longer had connected. No matter what I tried I got the error:\”invalid drive d\”. Along with upgrading Maschine, I also needed to move my Kore Player 2 Sample Content.

There are two ways to fix this.

1.Replace faulty drive, and do a new install maschine/content, making sure the drive letter stays the same as before.

2.Install Maschine or Content on “C:” .Change the directory path by going to the Windows registry by typing “regedit” in the Search bar located in the
start menu.
From here….

(For Maschine)
Navigate to :
Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Native Instruments\Maschine
Make sure the “InstallDir” key is correct, and if not modify it to reflect the
correct path of the Maschine.(or drive installed Maschine)

For other NI Software Sample Content
Navigate to:
Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\NativeInstruments\Kore 2\Kore 2 Sample Content\
Make sure “ContentDir” key is correct,and if not modify it to reflect correct path of Sample Content on your C: drive. (or which ever drive u placed content)

Here is what my corrected “ContentDir” path looks like:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Native Instruments\Kore 2\Kore 2 Sample Content\

Now everything is working smooth…I know this is a little techy, so if you have any questions hit me up in the comment section…

Happy Beat Making To All!~
Pz Til Later…

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The X Factor Meets Baltimore: Reina Williams

Posted by Ms.Tris On October - 5 - 2011ADD COMMENTS

YYo!(yes mostly slang for this post)… I am so amped! My musical sister Reina Williams did her thang at the Xfactor NJ auditions!!! I can hardly type the post so much excitement in the air. I have known, learned from, worked with, cracked jokes with,been a fan of Reina’s music for years…shucks she was even teaching me guitar on this lil Walmart toy thingy I bought…lol…. Needless to say I am happy to see this happen to such a deserving musician and home girl!…

>Reina Williams in The Graffiti Warehouse Photos by Chris Jennings

Reina’s bio is very impressive. I’ll just touch on a few of her many talents. She is a producer, engineer, guitarist, and songwriter. She also sings, raps and performs her material around the country. She’s had plenty placements in television and film. I wouldn’t be surprised if she pops up on the big screen in the future.

This is the “cell phone” video of the’s not clear at all, but you will surely get the whole scoop of the set…

Did you hear what LA Reid and Simmon said..woohoo!..

Did you see the views on that in a week?..Niiice!

Now the only thing we are wondering is why would Fox not air this great audition?..
Hopefully they are not discriminating Reina’s material..?..! …

Anywho’s I support great music period. I had to jump on the street team :)….

Please take a listen to more of Reina’s Music, she’s on her way to big things.:


Here is my favorite Reina Williams tracks: Let It Flow…love this one!


P.S. ..she’s got a prize filled street team challenge going on…so you all can actually help my campaign by taking a listen to her…..:)..Let’s GgO!

Reina Williams Official Site:
Do tune in over the next few weeks maybe we will get to see Baltimore’s next star on the rise!!! official site

Pz Til Later! ..Ms.Tris

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