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Preparing To Build A Beat Catalog

Posted by Ms.Tris On October - 21 - 20083 COMMENTS

Hey all, I hope everything is going well, and the beats are bangin’. In the player below are some of my old and not so old beats over on New producers who’d like to get beats heard, head over and sign up. They have free accounts, and VIP. I started with a free account, and eventually upgraded.

The player also represents the place I started my beat grind. I sold my first beat there in 2002. I’ve also been # 1 there several times, and I’ve managed to stay on the charts, although I’ve had fewer updates. I used to pound Soundclick with updates. Many of you know due to other work opportunities, my music grind was slow for a while. Well, it’s back in motion and I need to get my catalog back up. I’ve got new gear, more knowledge, and the time is right. So out with the old and in with the new.

I’ve learned some lessons along the way such as organizing beats by categories, and including Bpms in the name of the files. I have a fairly new external hard drive where I will store all the new heat. Here is an example of how my beat folder looks. This gives you a basic idea of how I organize them by genre. You can also see a few folders for some of my main artist that I work with weekly:

Everything is set up. I have made templates for Fl Studio and Reason start up files. I’ve organized my drums and samples into folders as well. I’ve also made programs for the Mpc2500. Today I am doing a new step which takes me back to my post on finding BPM (correct tempo):
Correct BPM For Hip Hop
I am taking an hour to go through some beats I love from the radio. I will have a four bar chop loaded in a folder called “08 Beat Tempos”. After finding about 15 tempos, I’ll write them down in my notebook. This will give me an idea of what tempos work for each style of beat I am going to make.
These steps are not set in stone, but they help me work efficiently from the start.

Another thing that helps me prepare to add to build my catalog is making a decision on which type of beats I’ll be making. When I make those undeniable “anybody who loves crunk will love this beat” dirty south bangers…it takes me 2-3 hours. When I make a soulful sample beat with my signature takes me 2-3 hours. These beats are also the most important to the artist I work with. In each beat making session I will start with one of my two main genres, then continue with ones I’m faster at like R&b or Experimental. So basically I’ll do one or two “super” beats, and as many of the other styles as I can for that day. This way I’m covering what’s in demand along with other styles artist want. At the same time I’m making my own “MsTris” concoctions or experimental styles.

As I prepare to build up my new collection, I set a deadline. Having a goal to work toward, helps me stay focused. By November 21st I’d like to have at least 30-50 HOT beats. When you lease and sell beats you will need a catalog with plenty choices for all artist. Although I will upload some, and continue to work with artist on a weekly basis, my main relaunch for beats will be around Thanksgiving. Right now is the time for you and I as producers to start working on the New Year. Think about where you’d like your music career to go in 2009, and begin on the path that will get you there!~

Happy Catalog Building
Pz Til Later

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More On Mpc 2500: Souful Beats

Posted by Ms.Tris On October - 20 - 20082 COMMENTS

Happy Monday All…I hope you’ve made some great beats from the last chord progression post

Easy Way To Learn Chord Progressions

I winded up with a couple nice starters..I’m gonna finish the R&B one in a few minutes. Here’s a quick snippet before I mix it.
Sweet Notions (F#Major) 75 Bpm

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Guess what I did on Friday? I recorded a vocal session :-)…everything went smooth and my budget booth worked well. All I need to add is a some form of lighting and I can do some pre-production work and maybe eventually record full vocals here as well.

I listened to some classic soulful hip hop this weekend, I must say I haven’t given the Mpc enough shine. If there is something you’d like to know about the mpc2500, feel free to hit me up. I truly love beats like this:

Dj S.I.D

DefJux3rd bangs out on the Mpc2500:

Happy Beat Making
Pz Til Later…

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Fl Studio Vocoder

Posted by Ms.Tris On October - 17 - 2008ADD COMMENTS

I got an email asking how to use the vocoder yesterday. Now I know some will say this is used by too many but I like the sound, and I really don’t know how to use it in Fl Studio 8. Here are few videos if you are interested in learning how to add that robotic sound..

First Up..My man NFX explains very clearly what it does and how to use it
Fruity Loops Tutorials

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I love this guy..He’s a beast on the MPC. Boon Doc makes a couple beats, and at the end of the video he lets his niece get on the Mpc ..tooo cute :

Pz Til Later

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Easy Way To Learn Progressions

Posted by Ms.Tris On October - 16 - 20081 COMMENT

picture from

Yesterday I made up a little challenge for myself. I was back and forth early a.m., trying to settle on a sample type, or a composed beat. I finally decided to take one scale and some chord progressions, then make a few styles of hip hop. The light bulb immediately went off after writing down the scale and progression in my notebook….repeat..”after writing down the scale,and progression in my notebook 🙂

Music repeats itself, and what better way to learn than repetition. Now I ask those learning the chords with me to challenge yourself.

I’m going to start you off with a scale and some progressions, and later you can do this with them all if you choose.

F#Major Scale:

F#,G#,A#,B, C#,D#,E#(F)

F#Major Progression:

F#Maj,             l C#Maj,         l G#min,      l D#min,       l A#min,          

The 3 notes for each chord 

F# A# C#      l C# E# G#       l G# B D#         l D# F# A#        l A# C# F 


Notes on the keyboard:

picture from

The Challenge: Choose three genres or styles of music, and make 3 beats using this scale and progressions. I am still working on mine but I went with a ‘ Dirty South beat’, ‘R&B Smooth beat’, and a ‘Pop beat’. I am trying to mix up the progressions, and make all the songs melodies extremely different. I’m not going to rush myself because I want to memorize the scale and chords as I’m working.

You don’t have to even do hip could do a Rock Song, classical, gospel, country… It’s up to you. By the time you finish… if you practice playing, and reading the notes.. I’ll bet you’ll learn the chords quickly…
Happy Chord Learning
Pz Til later

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Cool Software: SongFrame By Tanager Audio Works

Posted by Ms.Tris On October - 16 - 2008ADD COMMENTS

This looks pretty cool I haven’t seen, nor heard a word about this yet… I’m checking out both videos now… official site

Looks like a mighty useful tool for learning chords..what do you think???

Happy Beat Making
Pz Til Later

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Baltimore Female Lyricist : Mzery Now On Cd Baby

Posted by Ms.Tris On October - 15 - 2008ADD COMMENTS

Baltimore Hip Hop is alive and thriving, yet there are very few female artist on the scene. I met Mzery about three or four years ago at Brown Sugar Mondays. I remember her performing over a few classic boom bap beats that made your head nod.
Her delivery reminds me of the female pioneers like Queen Latifah and Mc Lyte. Keeping her subjects more on the conscious side, her cd may be a breath of fresh air for those longing for true well written hip hop in the days of money,swagger, and anything goes.
Her latest live shows include a still developing all female band. She’s looking for a keyboard player, if there are any females in the Md Va De area that play the keys hit Mzery up for a gig.

“Herstory 101″ is the name of her latest cd. Check out Mzery’s ” Buddha Stance”
produced by your host: MsTris Beats

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Click here to buy the cd/mp3s:

MZERY: Herstory 101

Mzery’s Official Website With Bio Music and More

Pz Til Later

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