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RiRi and Chris Brown :-(

Posted by Ms.Tris On February - 10 - 20095 COMMENTS

Hey yall…I’m off to a very slow start this morning…I said I wasn’t going to turn on that memorial service for little Caylee Anthony…but it’s on for a few minutes…may her soul rest in peace…

I guess with all the events that have happened in world affairs, Obama is president, bailouts, recession….. too much news in too short a time span….I’m on the deep thinker path even more, especially today…So please allow me to interrupt with a slight rant…


For me any situation of domestic violence is ridiculous. I personally think there should be more positive elements infused into our culture as a whole. There seems to be a lost generation needing more guidance now than ever before…. makes me shake my head at times. I mean kids are disrespecting their elders, drinking at very young ages, jumping in gangs at rapid rates..just growing up too fast to learn the wisdom needed to become an adult….

When I heard about the Chris Brown/ Rhianna rumored beating????? What?…. This girl allegedly has bite marks, knots on her head, a black eye, and bloody nose??? Chris and Rhianna are still basically children, this is what’s so sad….They are both only a little past 18yrs of age….

When I heard the rumor yesterday, my first thoughts were ” that young man has to have had some deep issues inside”… From Illseed on there are rumors that she may have hit him first, possibly over another girl. This could have triggered some deep emotional breakdown? I dun’s just sad!….

Here is a video of Chris Browns Tyra interview where he speaks about his disturbing childhood:


I’m gonna keep them both in my prayers, hopefully they’ll go get some counseling or some kind of therapy….

**Pz** Peace Til Later All!~

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Free Stuff: Beat Making Software

Posted by Ms.Tris On February - 5 - 20096 COMMENTS

Almost Fridaaay :-)… I’ve got a 10:00am graphic design session so this will be a quick post linking you to a bunch of free programs…

Just opened the email from :

Fruity Loops Tutorials

NfX let me know about a new blog:Beat Makers Software

I’m looking through the blog then I have to get right to work….Hmnn looks like there are couple of things I might check out. The blog is new but has a lot of potential….click the link and get some free stuff. Remember to comment if you like something or donate a buck or two ….let them know Ms.Tris sent you..

Have a nice weekend all, be back Tuesday possibly Monday….I’ll be answering recent comments between now and the next post also…

Happy Beat Making To All!~
Pz Til Later

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Open Labs Beats N Treats 2008

Posted by Ms.Tris On February - 4 - 200915 COMMENTS

What’s Up All?… Maybe it’s tax time that makes me think of new… Open labs has a new version of the Neko/Meko due out this month. The workstation was already a beast, including windows and the ability to do a full project onboard. They have added the infamous ” touch pads” similar to the mpc:

They are high end workstations starting around 5,000 bucks. From what I hear they are quite worth it. Think of it as buying a pc and many keyboards, because you are able to clone most of the gear that’s out. For more info, pics, and demos check out the official website:

What I didn’t know is Open labs had a nice beat battle last year in October. They had producers from all over the world banging out for a top spot. I watched a few rounds and they had some pretty hot tracks made all on one of the workstations. Here is a playlist of the show that you can check out in your spare time…enjoy…

Happy Beat Making To All
Pz Til Later

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Sunz Of Man/ Wu Tang Producer “Supreme”

Posted by Ms.Tris On February - 3 - 2009ADD COMMENTS

What’s up all!~ Off to a great start this morning..plenty music to do 🙂 . I found some cool videos from Wu-Tang producer Supreme. There are tons of beat making videos out, but his are super funny, and easy to follow. I’ve already learned a much needed technique of trimming samples on the mpc faster. Now I feel like doing some chopping using the 2500 yaay!

He has several on his youtube channel…some are on the Roland Fantom….stop by when you can and check them out :Supreme7g

You can find his Tutorial Dvd and Movie

Here are a couple to get you started and an interview about the movie Supreme filmed..


Supreme – sunz of man – wu-tang – making a beat – pt. 9

Interview with Supreme by FunkinBeats

A. “Supreme” Wilder Interview (Wu Tang/Sunz Of Man) from FunkinBeatz on Vimeo

Happy Beat Making To All!~
Pz Til Later…

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Winter Day Guitar Stuff:Tuning

Posted by Ms.Tris On January - 28 - 20094 COMMENTS

Hey all, it is cold and frosty here on the eastcoast. I’ve been busy wrapping up a few projects, and starting on a gospel cd with Karen Domino White. I’ve been doing more mixing finally, and yesterday I started designing an 8 page fold out cd insert. Today I’m in planning and practice modes. Sometimes I get this way especially when the weather says stay inside. It’s hard to describe, and some would call it a gift..but I feel like big things are about to happen in my life. When I feel this way…. I usually realize all the opportunities in front of me. I guess this recognition is the fuel, because it gets me motivated.

At the end of last year I mentioned that I was going to get more serious about playing guitar. Well… I did and now the site will quickly include more beginner guitar post. (A lot of times I know I should really take lessons, just thought I’d make that clear for those who can…..please do :-)). Until I find the right teacher and reasonable price, I have to make due with what’s available…

The first thing any guitar player should learn is how to tune a guitar. I mean, you could still learn playing techniques, but who wants to play a melody out of tune? That would be whaack! lol

There are several electronic tuners on the market. I have not used any yet. I could run up the street to Guitar Center….hmnnn….. I’m not going out in the freezing rain….. so I go to the next best thing…VIDEOS on tuning guitars woo hoo! Now on to the goodies…

Lost Your Guitar Tuner? – Here is some free software/websites that can help you out!

From DhDo74 Youtube Channel..looks like he has some off topic videos there as well..wallpapers, pc fixes etc…

Expert Village:How To Tune A Guitar

This is the first one I used when I bought my guitar…straight forward and simple tuning..plays each note 9 times…

Cheezy94’s Tuning Guitar…

Happy Music Making To All
Pz Til Later

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Mixer Bus Send Inserts???

Posted by Ms.Tris On January - 22 - 2009ADD COMMENTS

What’s up to all!~ Well I finally got the energy to do my pc cleaning… I opened up the panels and dusted parts and fans. I am pretty sure I’ll do a repair of windows soon or install a new hard drive…Just thought I’d mention that so you can remember to keep your power supply cool and fans flowing freely..

Yesterday I had a lonnnggg session at Streetlegal Studios. Mark Carey is engineering a project that was recorded partially in my lab. I always learn from watching him mix. He tried to explain how I can use “busses” in Reaper. WHOA…I have avoided this for a while now….I really know nothing about this. Mark opened my eyes on how this can help with cpu issues and save time when mixing.

While I continue to clean the studio, this is a good time to watch some videos about using audio buss inserts… If anyone wants to add to this, hit me through the contact page. I am open for guest post or link exchange…… now let’s get to some tech stuff 🙂

The videos I found are for protools, but I am sure we can get the basic concept of bus/sends.

Expert Village Add Aux Bus In Protools

EditorsKeys Aux Track In Protools

This one is great!~
Mic1One Auxiallary Tracks and Bussing
Mic1one on youtube

Happy Beat Making to All
Pz Til Later

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Obama Fever!!

Posted by Ms.Tris On January - 19 - 2009ADD COMMENTS

What’s up to all the super producers and everyone reading….oh the pain of the Ravens loosing last nights playoff but onto to the excitement in the air!~ It’s hard to put into words what’s going on in this area. Baltimore is about 35 minutes from Dc give or take a few minutes depending on the traffic. There are people from all over the world out and about, all here to get a glimpse of Barack Obama.

I am filled with Thankful thoughts.. even if you didn’t want Obama to win, please enjoy what his movement represents for America…Hope!~ With all the negative events happening around the globe, it is a great thing to see people of all races come together to celebrate on one accord..

We have plans to go to DC in the morning…I am one who can’t stand the cold…so maybe CNN and I will have a date tomorrow. Either way I’ll be watching history unfold with family and friends. Those of you who will be doing the same, remember to bundle up in thermals, wear gloves and hats…we have a long day ahead….

Here are some cool Obama videos to enjoy, and we’ll get back to music on Wednesday or Thursday..take care and much love!~

Barack Obama Speech Inaugural Celebration

U2 Remix “In The Name Of Love” Obama Concert

Beyonce HD “We Are One” Concert “America The Beautiful” Obama Inagural Jan. 18th 2009

Pz Til Later!~

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