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New Propellerhead Software:Record

Posted by Ms.Tris On May - 14 - 2009ADD COMMENTS

What’s up all! Have you been banging out some heat lately? I’m back in stride again over here, finding the balance between beats and blog 🙂


Just when we are getting Reason 4.0 to Rewire properly here comes the answer! Propellerhead now has recording software yaay!

So far this is looking lovely. I haven’t read any info about vst instruments;however, it can be rewired as a slave which could be a work around.

I’m checking this out a little more…

Propellerhead Record

$ 299.00 as solo product
$ 149.00 if you own Reason
$ 629.00 for both Reason and Record

Propellerhead Official Site For Record

Happy Beat Making To All
Pz Til Later!~

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Reaper Videos: Jackpot!

Posted by Ms.Tris On May - 7 - 20092 COMMENTS

Hey all how are you? It’s so rainy on the eastcoast ..but work must go on…


I’ve been having a productive week. I had a vocal session with 43 tracks, not including the tracked out beat! I feel very good about engineering this project. I am using Reaper to record the vocals.

When I got to the mix, I really had to figure out the fx sends so I could add the same audio effects to main vocals. What this does is allow me to route several tracks to one single track. If I’m working with lots of tracks, this will help me to save cpu and time. I’ll explain…

Let’s say I have ten main vocals all needing eq,reverb and compression. With out sending them to one track for effects, I would have to insert 10 eq, 10 reverb and 10 compressor plugins. I have a pretty decent pc..but I know that would cause problems. Using the sends and returns I can add 1 eq, 1 reverb, and 1 compressor for all ten main vocals.

Here is a video that explains how to do this in Reaper. I was so excited to find this youtube channel. It is a Reaper Tutorial Jackpot, actually a production tutorial Jackpot! The guys from: have videos on a lot of things I cover here on the site as well. I don’t have time today, but I’ll surely check more out over the weekend. Let them know sent ya!

Limitless Studios Youtube Channel

Limitless Studios : Reaper fx, sends, and returns

I know everyone doesn’t use Reaper, but try to use a DAW that allows you to use fx, send, and returns. If you are not mixing yet, you’ll need this option for advanced mixes. Later this spring, I will add more videos on other programs like Pro-Tools as well.

Happy Mixing To All
Pz Til Later!~

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Easy Way Of Finding Chords On Piano

Posted by Ms.Tris On May - 4 - 20092 COMMENTS

Good Morning all…how are you? Did you know it’s been almost a year..yes we are coming upon a one year anniversary. I plan to do something special, a few giveaways, and some free stuff … I am open for suggestions..

A quick note about my music theory post:
I am a producer who started off almost 100% sample based. Any compositions made prior to around 06′ were done by ear. As I continue to grow and learn theory, which I should have done yrs ago.. I will share here. I mention this because I really don’t want music teachers,or those who have studied theory for yrs to think I’m avoiding essential steps in theory. I post as I learn, or post things that I think will help others like myself. If you teach theory or have studied extensively feel free to jump in and help, leave comments and links. Help spread the word and make us better musicians :-)….

Now on to the chords…

photo from

You hear the terms all the time Major and Minor. If you make music you will use a major or minor something. So you dive in and learn a few chords from a book or the net. This is cool and it gets you up and playing. But what happens if you don’t memorize the chords right away. When it’s time to make your next beat you will have to go back to the books.

I admit I am not fast at committing theory to memory. There are a few ways that will help us all build chords when we don’t have the written music and guidelines at hand.

A chord is made using 2 or more notes. The most popular chords consist of 3 notes and are called “Triads”. The concept covered in the video uses the number pattern 4 + 3 or 3+ 4. The spaces in between notes on a piano will be measured in increments of 3 and 4.

Major Chords from root note have a pattern of 4+ 3 and minor chords have a pattern of 3+4. Let’s look at C major and C minor.
C major:
Starting at C count up 4 notes including the black keys, then 3 notes including the black keys.


Using the technique we end with: C E G

C minor:
Starting with C, count up 3 notes including the black keys, then 4 notes including the black keys


Using the technique we end with: C Eb G

So an important thing to remember is: major=4+3, minor =3+4

The following video will help you get a better idea

Video By Brad99r of

Aaah now you’ve got it! Continue to find chords using all the keys, and of course practice, practice, practice..

Happy Chord Finding To All
Pz Til Later!~

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Producers Reppin Dc

Posted by Ms.Tris On April - 30 - 2009ADD COMMENTS

Hey all…hope you are starting your day on a good note…

I’m on the grind today, sessions, music, and more music. I will be available for live help 10:15am -12:30pm Est maybe a little longer.

I heard about RedBull doing many big things with music and hiphop. Today we’ll look at the intro for the ’08 RedBull producer battle in Dc.

Dc is not far from Baltimore, but the native music scenes are a bit different. DC has “Go-Go music”, and Baltimore has “Baltimore Club music”. Although I know a lot about the history of club music, I don’t know much about Go-Go music. For sure, Chuck Brown is like the Godfather of Go Go. Djays used to play his music at college functions.


As you watch, you’ll hear the producers give a brief breakdown of DC’s music culture. This is good info. I noticed that DC producers tend to mix both gogo and hiphop when making drum patterns. Now I’ve got a better idea of how this came to be..

Happy Beat Making To All
Pz Til Later..
live help 10:15am -12:30pm Est ..just type in the box and I will answer asap..

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9th Wonder London 2009

Posted by Ms.Tris On April - 28 - 2009ADD COMMENTS


Whats up all?.. Check this 9th wonder interview. I was taking a little lunch break, logged onto igoogle etc. and saw the link to this from 9th himself.

🙂 See the guy on the right of 9th? That’s Baltimore’s Own DJ Face. I mentioned in one of my very first post about how I came onto the local scene. Well DJ Face was the first DJ to put me in rotation at the Five Seasons ” Brown Sugar Mondays”… and he gave me some nice kicks too..I thought it was cool to click play and see him sitting in London with 9th Wonder… be inspired ..

Happy Beat Making To All
Pz TiL Later..!

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How are all of you? It’s a beautiful Monday here on the east coast, almost like we skipped spring and went straight to summer 🙂

I mentioned that I would be doing a write up on “Elevate Hope Foundation”. I have started this post about 3 times. I had to work through some tough memories, but finally my words can flow smoothly.

About Elevate Hope Foundation


Mission: (used by permission from the official EHF website)

Elevate Hope Foundation (EHF) is dedicated to providing abused and abandoned children an alternative method of therapy through music and the arts, and funding special services and programs that assist the needs of these children using these fundamental methods.

Co-founded in 2001 by entertainer Sheila E. and business manager, Lynn Mabry, EHF supports existing programs of their beneficiaries through monetary funding and in-kind donations e.g. musical instruments, art supplies, and work stations complete with computers, keyboards and applicable instructional software.

Over 65 percent of our grant dollars will be invested at the local community level. Outside financial support fills a viable niche in light of more conservative funding offered by the federal government.

Foster care systems and outreach programs alike share the urgent demand for funding and unite in this strong commitment to serve the needs of disadvantaged children…..continue reading complete Mission, Challenge, and Solution

Testimonials & Mission

I am honored to present a foundation that I believe in. A lot of times we hear about different programs and become skeptical about helping. I can honestly say The Elevate Hope Foundation is built on spiritual values and lead by Love. Sheila E. has helped many children over the years. She treats her fans practically like family. Although EHF was not officially established at the time, my life was personally affected by Sheila’s movement. I will share some of my story with you:
Read the rest of this entry »

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I always loved Isaac Hayes’ music. His scores were so dramatic. His albums were filled with musical themes more than regular r&b songs. I remember checking out a few of his songs for samples and just listened for hours. One of my favorites by the late Mr. Hayes is ” The Isaac Hayes Movement”


To this day my family still plays his music at cook outs in the summer. A true music legend indeed.His music has touched generations of people.

A few producers on Youtube have uploaded videos paying tribute to Isaac Hayes. First up is Wu-Tang Producer Supreme7g Getting down on the Mpc with a classic Isaac Hayes sample…

BrianAnthonyMusic responded with a cool video bio…this is real nice…

Happy Beat Making To All!
Pz Til Later…

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