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9th Wonder Chops It Up!

Posted by Ms.Tris Beats On September - 24 - 2009ADD COMMENTS

Hey all.. what a busy week I’m having which is a wonderful thing. Last night I did an interview with Frannie Kelley producer from NPR Music. The photographer hired for the segment is Johnathan Hanson, who’s done work for The New York Times, USA Today and other major publications.

Talk about excited! This is national .. woo hoo. They are doing a piece about Females of Baltimore HipHop. I’ll keep you posted and let you know when it airs….

For all those who are waiting for comment replies, I’ll get to some tonight and the rest in the morning.

(th Wonder

image from

I’ve posted a lot on 9th Wonder. I guess that shows how much I like the classic hiphop soul beats he makes. Most of you know that 9th is Fl Studio power user. I heard that he’s extended his equipment and added the Mpc. This video is really cool because you actually get to see him using the mpc2500.

Happy Beat Making To All!~
Pz Til Later

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New Stuff: Indaba Music Community +Indaba Console

Posted by Ms.Tris Beats On September - 15 - 2009ADD COMMENTS


I stumbled upon this site the Indaba website:”Indaba Music is a community of musicians making and managing music online.“. I’m checking out the specs. I think fellow producer GeeWiz mentioned this to me before…

For those of you who need artist, this seems like an easy way to collaborate. You could get your beats to artist from all over the world…

The software looks real nice. You can work online or offline.
Indaba Music Console 2.0 Tutorial

Indaba Music Console 2.0 Feature Overview

I’m gonna sign up and look around….Are any of you members? Let me know how its working for you.

Happy Beat Making To All!
Pz Til Later

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Fl Studio 9 Released! MsTrisMusic 10% Discount For New Buyers

Posted by Ms.Tris Beats On September - 15 - 2009ADD COMMENTS

Hello all…hope music is keeping you busy!

image from


It’s all about the infamous fruit! Just as we get version 8 down, Image-Line has released Fl Studio 9. WOW! is what I have to say just from looking at the pictures:

I installed it this morning so I haven’t had a chance to really get into all the new features yet.  It looks like an amazing update.  Sure to be the best one yet!

I am already interested in the playlist additions. They have added a “Track View” which will allow you to use the playlist as a sequencer. This means Fl is becoming more and more like Reaper, Sonar, Cubase, and Protools.
New Playlist

photo from

For those who knock Fl Studio I am sure this release will make you a believer!

photo from image-line

photo from image-line

There are many tutorials on earlier versions of Fl Studio that will give you a basic idea of how to get started. Version 9 has  a lot of great additions. The following videos will help you understand earlier versions of the program thoroughly. This will make learning version 9 a breeze!

Ste1438 has some of the best tutorials for beginners. They are not short, and he really gets into the technical details. He also has the tutorials available for download for only .99 cents!

Here are Volumes 1 and 2 which explain the very basics. I suggest you watch, go to Ste1438 Youtube Channel, and follow through the rest of the 4 part series when you have time.
FL Studio for Absolute Beginners 01(Downloadable)

FL Studio For Beginners 2:The Piano Roll(downloadable)

Please note: registered users receive Lifetime Free Updates

To Purchase Fl Studio 9! New users receive 10% MsTrisMusic discount**!!

New Users Purchase FL Studio 9 w/ MsTrisMusic 10% Discount

To find out whats new in Fl Studio 9 visit the
Image-Line Whats New Page

I’m going to do a few more post, then it’s straight to beat making in version 9!

Happy Beat Making To All!
Pz Til Later

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Michael Jackson: This Is It Tour! In Theaters 10-28-09

Posted by Ms.Tris Beats On September - 15 - 20095 COMMENTS

Hey all, I’ll be doing a few post today..sort of playing catch up:-) I know makes me smile too..lets go!~ SupeR Charged!


1st up: “Ooh Ooh I want to see this”…
Micahel Jackson: This Is It Tour Footage

Michael Jackson’s This Is It in HD

We’ll always remember you MJ R.I.P

Pz Til later

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New Warbeats: FL Studio – Recording Using The Audio Logger

Posted by Ms.Tris Beats On September - 8 - 20091 COMMENT

Quick Update
WooHoo! I am very happy to say I upgraded to the latest version of wordpress. No problems, no lost post this go round. I still want a new layout, but right now I am happy to be posting regularly again.

Many of you have been following the blog since day one. You probably noticed the post and tutorials became less frequent. The music got going, and I had to manage my time better. I think I’ve got a solid system now. I won’t be able to post every single day, but I will be posting as much as possible like I did before.

I love you all for being patient, and knowing how the music business goes. Since I started the site I’ve branched into engineering. Sessions hardly end on time, and mixes take hours. The more I learned, the easier it got. So here we are today, back where we should be … more post,… more tutorials,… more music production, hiphop and life 🙂


What a way to kick off fall unofficially. I’m always adjusting my set up. I like finding the most efficient way to work. I also like using different equipment on different days. Sometimes I’ll use software, other times I’ll use hardware.

I use Fl Studio and Reason most. Last week after working in Fl Studio, I thought ” I really wish I could record a synth from my Micron right now”. I wanted to record a quick melody directly into Fl Studio, without opening another program. There are several ways to do this in Fl Studio, but I always seem to have buffer problems.

Looks like NFX has figured out the perfect solution. The Audio Logger? I never paid this any attention at all, so you know I am excited to try this. I have fl studio open as I type. Let me know if it works for you…

Let’s see what it’s all about:
FL Studio – Recording Using The Audio Logger

Be sure to visit:Fruity Loops Tutorials


[kml_flashembed movie=”” height=”200″ width=”200″ fversion=”9″ useexpressinstall=”true”/]
Click Here To Purchase Fl Studio ** All New Customers Will Recieve 10% MsTrisMusic.Com Discount**

Happy Beat Making To All
Pz Til Later!~

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2009 One Stop Shop Producers Conference Video

Posted by Ms.Tris Beats On August - 24 - 20092 COMMENTS

Hey All! Hope things are going great for you… I finally restored windows, and had to get a new monitor. The summer is basically over from a work point of veiw. Now its time to get rolling with fall projects etc.

Right now I’m getting the studio back together after doing a bit of rearranging after the pc fix. This reminds me to remind you to BACKUP your pc. Also if you plan to restore or upgrade your hard drive remember to save your plugins in one folder. This will make it easier when reinstalling your software.

logo from

While I finish cleaning the lab I’m gonna check out the producers panel from the One Stop Shop Producers Conference…. enjoy

Be sure to check the site for next years conference :

Happy Beat Making To All
Pz Til Later!~

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Basic Beat Making: Logic Edition

Posted by Ms.Tris Beats On August - 10 - 20094 COMMENTS

Happy Monday to you :-).. Much work to get to today, up early preparing for today’s session…

image from

I would like to make post on all the popular software producers use.
I’ll be adding them as I come across videos or blogs. Today we’ll take a look at Logic.

I honestly can’t remember the last time I’ve used Logic. I do remember being able to load it up, and make a track easily using included plug ins.

I’ve been hearing a lot of great things about the program. From what I understand, the latest releases are for Mac only.

I know Just Blaze used it for JayZ’s “Show Me What You Got”. That’s more proof it’s worth looking into…

The following video shows how to make a beat in Logic Studio.

Beat Making Tutorial (Logic Edition) by

Note:Although you may not use Logic, the basic steps can be used with other software like Reaper, Auditon and Protools etc.

From the Apple Website:

Logic Contents:
* DVD containing Logic Pro 9, MainStage 2, Soundtrack Pro 3, Studio Instruments, Studio Effects, WaveBurner 1.6, Compressor 3.5, Impulse Response Utility, Apple Loops Utility, QuickTime 7 Pro, and required contents
* Six content DVDs containing Jam Pack collections, sound effects, surround music beds, EXS24 samples, and impulse response files
* Demo Content DVD
* Printed and electronic documentation

Happy Beat Making To All
Pz Til Later!~

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