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Hmnn..Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Swizzy: Transform Ya

Posted by Ms.Tris Beats On October - 27 - 2009ADD COMMENTS

What do you all think?.. I have to admit… I’m still salty at Chris Browns actions..


image from

Chris Brown watching as he releases his debut..

I Can Transform Ya Video: Chris Brown ft Lil Wayne and Swizz Beatz

Happy Beat Making To All
Pz Til Later

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Propellerhead Reason and Record In Action

Posted by Ms.Tris Beats On October - 27 - 2009ADD COMMENTS

What’s up my people? Hope all is well and you’ve been making big beats…

record screen shot

I always love seeing new software in action before I purchase. Here Mocean Worker explains Propellerhead Record using a real remix project he’s working on. A lot “pros” are revealed in this one from the PropellerheadSW Youtube channel ….

Mocean Worker – Remixing with Record and Reason

Happy Beat Making To All..
Pz Til Later!`

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Freestyle Friday

Posted by Ms.Tris Beats On October - 16 - 20093 COMMENTS

Good Morning and Happy Friday! It’s rainy and cold here brrrr! I will be working on some hard core NY bangers this morning.

After doing tons of dirty south beats over the last few days, I like to get my mind in a certain hip hop state before I turn on the equipment.

I may watch a few videos, or listen to Mobb Deep, Jay Z, Nas and rappers from the Eastcoast. Sometimes I just hit up youtube for a few freestyles….decided to share some with you..enjoy!

image from djsal707

I’ve never seen this one from 06.. lol he was messing up to keep from using profanity

Drake FreeStyle 4 16 09
I honestly agree with folks that say Drake has lyrical skills.. I know some of you are tired of hearing this guy.. but I must give him props for the rhymes…

….umm that wasn’t a freestyle really.. he was looking at the blackberry the whole time .. we got Drake rolled lol

Swizz Beatz Stamps Mully Man & 8 Minute Off The Top Freestyle!!!
@Mullyman actually tweeted this one this morning. Fam does an 8 min freestyle..Shouts to Mully for doing it big for Bmore, much love…

Eminem and Proof!
Heres a rare one for ya ..( the sound quality is low..but it’s still classic)

Happy Beat Making To All!
Pz Til Later!~

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Misc: Cool Car Chrysler 200 C

Posted by Ms.Tris Beats On October - 14 - 20091 COMMENT

Good morn all! How is your fall starting off? So far so good over here.

I haven’t done any post about cars or fashion. Both are a part of our hip hop world. I’ll be adding a few from time to time. Mainly the things that make me say WOW , or just gear I like.

crysler 200 c

image from

Check out this work of art, the Crysler 200 C with a chromed out interior. It connects to your iphone allowing you to unlock doors and set the temperature etc. Looks lovely if it goes to production…

Pz Til Later !

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G Unit A&R’s: Tony G And Dre Mckenzie Do Live Stream

Posted by Ms.Tris Beats On October - 9 - 20093 COMMENTS

Good Friday morning to all… it’s a sunny day so far on the eastcoast. I feel like going out again today, but not until I make some fire!……..

G Unit Logo

image fromleon_gr’s photostream

Last night I had a chance to sit in on a Live Stream geared toward producers, artist, and songwriters. A&R’s Tony G and Dre McKenzie of G Unit Records are the main host.

There are so many good things about their Ustream sessions. #1 on the list? The listening sessions are FREE to all! I can’t think of any reason an upcoming hip hop producer would miss this great opportunity.

The basic concept is fairly simple, with many extras each week. Tony and Dre offer a chance to play up to 3 beats or songs in mp3 format. They critique them, and tell you what went wrong or right. Depending on a “Hot or Not” this means your beat could possibly get played for G Unit artist.

Last night was my 3rd time tuning in. On the first night I only caught a few minutes. Tony Yayo sat in choosing a few beats that he wanted to use from the producers who participated. The second night I sent 2 beats. They were constructively critiqued. I was very excited. 1 beat got an A, the 2nd they suggested I work on the drums, adding that the sample was cool. Another night they had a special guest producer Jake One, who gave us tips and pointers.

They are keeping it fresh usually adding something new each week, or having different guest on. Right now they are choosing producers for a battle. I am happy to say that “AHK” and “3rd Infantry” producers who inspired me get started, blew them away with some hard hitters last night. Both from Baltimore, made the first pick to be in the battle. Check out Ahk’s Mypsace, and 3rd Infantry Productions to listen to their music.

O.k now all of the regular readers, here is your chance to make something big happen. To find out when they will hold sessions Follow on Twitter:



They will tell you when to send beats.

They are trying to do it each week either Wednesdays or Thursdays between 8pm and 11:30- ish pm eastern time

I will tell you to bring your A game! Send in your BEST beats or songs only. Send high quality MP3 formant ONLY. Be sure your mix is great and DRUMS are knocking HARD!!. For those who love to go outside the box, don’t go to crazy with it. Keep in mind that this is G Unit, imagine a G Unit artist rapping over your beat. Wishing you much success with this! Say hi when you see me in the chat room 🙂

Happy Beat Making To All
Pz Til Later!~

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Fl Studio FPC Mixer Routing

Posted by Ms.Tris Beats On October - 8 - 20091 COMMENT

What’s good with you all today? Hope your week is going nicely. I’ve been out and about handling beat business this morning. Almost ready to get the work going for the day. I’ll be online for help until around 4pm… Hit me up..say hi and all that good stuff 🙂

I haven’t gotten into the FPC much since it was added to Fl Studio. Now that I have my hardware in sync, I wanted to use it for a few samples using the Mpc as a controller.


This is something that was right in front of my face lol. I had no idea I could send the pads to single mixer channels. Thanks to HipKnokerZ On Youtube, I finally have it set up. Now I can export the sounds from the FPC one by one. Hope this helps you as well..

Happy Beat Making To All
Pz Til Later!~

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Jim Bond Explains How To “Be A Better Producer”

Posted by Ms.Tris Beats On October - 7 - 2009ADD COMMENTS

A hearty hello to all! ….Soooo glad to return to posting. I think that was the longest break we’ve had here at MsTrisMusic.Com.
Quick Update:
You know when I say break I mean plenty beats made, plenty sessions recorded, and much life stuff handled.
I wasn’t able to answer all the comments, I am going through them after this post.

I have been having a great time with music projects lately. I have learned even more which I’ll be sharing of course. I notice many of you were visiting and going through tutorials even while I was away. I appreciate that much. It makes it all worth writing!

Jim Bond logo

I have mentioned many times. Its a site for producers where you can learn new things about production and music business. They hold annual seminars, all for producers and songwriters. It really gets you motivated, and even offers industry submission opts.

One of the sites partners is producer/writer/scout Jim Bond. I noticed as soon as he came aboard his dedication to the Dynamic Producer Movement.

After seeing how he worked with producers providing information and tips, I subscribed to his awesome new

I must say I was very impressed! What I didn’t know is, Jim Bond has had major placements left and right! He takes so much time to help and is still on his grind.

Jim does a wonderful job at sharing the culture behind hiphop music production. He goes into great detail about the samples used, along with techniques and tutorials.

Here is his first tutorial installment: The Making Of (The Beat): Jim Jones “Bright Lights Big City” produced by Jim Bond PART I (Ha ha ..yes! you read correctly ^^^^^^^^^^^ …)

You can view the full tutorial series on Jims’ Youtube Channel. This is a blog that I have bookmarked, check him out and let him know MsTrisMusic sent you.

Happy Beat Making To All!
Pz Til Later!~
LIVE HELP Returns! 10-8-09 tomorrow… I’ll available through out the day…

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