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Noisy Neighbors?

Posted by Ms.Tris On April - 23 - 2011

What? A musician is posting about noisy neighbors 🙂 ?… Well, yes I am. My lab is located in a condominium complex. I have been blessed with neighbors who have never really complained about loud music. I have, on occasion, played it pretty loud, mostly at the beginning of my career when I was young and didn’t know any better. With wisdom comes understanding, and I am a very polite producer now days.

Fourteen years living in a fairly quiet building, something some find very hard to believe. Yes, extremely pleased with my little cove…UNTIL… “Go Get Em Granny” moved in with her noisy grand kids…lol. Talk about inconsiderate? The first thing of many that comes to mind has to do with music. I remember clearly last spring on a Friday.

I’d gotten used to doing any mixing during the day when I know my neighbors are at work. When it was almost time for them to return, I’d switch to head phones. I was working on a track and I had it pretty loud with headphones on. I know it was loud because I could not hear if someone was at the door. Those are the times I let my dogs alert me by going crazy and scratching at my leg.

On this particular day I didn’t need the dogs to do a thing…Oh NO… LIL JOHN screaming “OKAY” did the trick! The neighbors grandson had a condo full of kids dancing above my head, blasting Lil John so loud I could record it clearly with my mic if I wanted…

This only added to the growing list of “Get Em Granny’s” antics. Who ever heard of anyone exercising enough at 4am to shake a neighbors wall paintings? I HAVE…. how about vacuuming at 10pm Monday night?…oh wait here’s one= carpet installed with heavy hammering on a Saturday..until 11pm???….

Yes the list goes on. I know I am not the only one who’s had issues with neighbors. This can be a very disturbing as well as a touchy issue to deal with. Just when I need it, Keybe Writes has “nailed” the subject in Dear Neighbor Apartment/Condominium Etiquette.
Amazon Product Description:
In Dear Neighbor: Apartment/Condominium Etiquette, author Keybe Writes examines issues that face apartment and condominium residents, and teaches us how to effectively deal with inconsiderate neighbors.

Covering thirty-six general topics like cleaning up after pets; keeping strange hours; overusing laundry facilities; and letting unruly, albeit cute, grandchildren rule the roost, Keybe gets to the point with sections like “Look Who’s Knocking,” “It Is What It Is: A Bag of Funky Trash,” and “Christmas in the Spring,” and also offers six courtesy letters such as “There Will Be Hammering,” “I Called the Exterminator,” and “Fight Night.” While some of the neighborly advice is comical, it’s also serious stuff. It’s not fun to live at the mercy of others-and it’s not right. For those who want a place to commiserate, here’s the perfect pad-no kids jumping up and down or bouncing balls on the second floor above our head and no loud music thumping in the middle of the night.

Not only does Keybe address issues that I’ve had, she’s included sample letters and rules of conduct which will help me be an ” A” game condo owner. It’s an easy read, full of laughs, and lots of things to consider while living as “more considerate neighbors”.

Enjoy your copy today:

Dear Neighbor: Apartment/Condominium Etiquette

Happy Reading To All
Pz Til Later!~

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