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What is Entrecard?

Posted by Ms.Tris Beats On August - 28 - 2008

I am having a lot of fun with this widget.

I was browsing sites one day and kept seeing this cute little widget with ” U drop I follow”. It caught my eye, and I went on the hunt.
Entrecard is like an online business card. Members are able to drop business cards through the widget, earn credits, find blogs and websites, and of course promote their own.

Webmasters are then able to buy advertising spots using the credits earned. Talk about exposure for your site, I’ve had 30 people buy ads since I started. That’s even before I got the whole idea of the entrecard experience. Great service for new bloggers and the seasoned writers all have it.. easy interface and dashboard too…Entrecard Info and How To Sign Up
Check them out for your site or bookmark in case you decide to start a’s worth it!~

Pz TiL Later

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New Contest For Bloggers: Win a Wii

Posted by Ms.Tris On August - 4 - 2008

It’s Monday, hope all is going well for you. In my ever changing, growing schedule, I am leaning towards posting in the afternoon instead of mornings. The scale is finally balanced between beats, blog, and web design… a lot of good things coming this month.

More free offers from Dat Money.Com and Market Leverage. This contest is pretty cool, but this time Jay has added a few twist. He offers you a chance to join affiliate sites and your “Approval” enters you in the contest 5 times. Jay is always thinking outside the box!~

Click the link for full details:

DatMoney.Com/Market Leverage Win a Wii Contest

also check out Jay’s newest site:I Blog to Blog

Gluck and Happy Blogging!~
Pz Til later…

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Networking With Twitter

Posted by Ms.Tris On July - 30 - 2008

What’s poppin’ this morn?…I’ve officially been blogging almost 4 straight months..yaay.. Remember the aim is to help musicians and artist, or anyone who stops by to be successful in several aspects of music, hip hop, and life. Sometimes I’ll just shoot the breeze, and do some fun stuff. I mentioned earlier that this is my personal blog as well. I am a producer/artist first and blogger/teacher 🙂 second. So of course I am sharing AND networking. So if you have artist, or know anyone that you think I could work with don’t be shy…

When I first published a post I had no idea there was a whole world online dedicated to Blogging. There is so much info about how to promote. Keeping my readers in the know is important, so I decided to explain all the little buttons in my sidebar>>>(over to your right). I won’t do it all in one shot, but I will gradually post the sites I use to network and meet new people in music, and life. If you plan to start a site, join every one of those social networks for bloggers/webmasters… I can’t express how they have helped me as a new blogger.

Today I want to explain “Twitter”. This is a site that connects you to friends, family, and people from all over. It ask a simple question, ” What are you doing?” and you respond within 140 characters like a text message. When I first joined I thought” This is probably a waste of time”, later I saw several of my Blog mentors using it without cease. So of course I checked it out further.
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Boost Your Technorati Authority

Posted by Ms.Tris On July - 7 - 2008

Bloggers who like having fun boosting ranks and gaining traffic…here is a new one from Brad Blogging. Pretty easy rules 4 easy steps. Copy the list into a post, add your link,go back to Brad Blogging and comment, watch your authority rise….

🙂 sounds fun to me..

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Fuel Your Blog Editing

Posted by Ms.Tris On July - 7 - 2008

I’ve been going strong for 2 months straight. I actually enjoy blogging a lot. My schedule is turning out to be Tues-Thursdays for main music articles and Mondays and Fridays for other articles /post. I am back to music full time with several projects in the works. Blogging definitely takes a lot of time and dedication. So I had to figure a way to do both music and blogging successfully.

I’m learning so many great blog tips from top bloggers in several fields. I will be sharing more from my blog mentors as I go along. Today I went over to ProBlogger.Net and found a link to an amazing blog editor called ScribeFire.

This is the first post using the software through firefox…It’s extremely easy to use, add images,upload files and edit. Just in time for my scheduling, it seems I’ll be able to post easily with ScribeFire.

Here’s the official site ScribeFire.Com
I’d suggest it to all bloggers old and new..

Pz Til Later……

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Dat Money “Jay” Told Me About “John Chow”

Posted by Ms.Tris On June - 20 - 2008

This is for all my blogging folks, and of course all the producers getting into it. It’s about a contest that ends today, and I’m sharing a couple new sites I’m reading to enhance my blog.

Two weeks ago I was on Datmoney.Com and I read an article about a guy named John Chow. Now everybody knows I’m new to blogging, and I’ve been following Jay’s advise on several aspects. So he made the post about John Chow Can Give You Traffic …… I’m thinking “New blog… I need traffic”… but I’d really like my traffic to come from people who need the help that I offer. So I left that post alone.

Last week I’m reading another blog and up pops Chow’s name curious me typed in the addy and landed at the site of the guy with a super high google rank…whoa. His site is full of in depth tips on making your blog a success, as well as how to make money from your blog. I read a few post and added Chow to my twitter. Since then I’ve gotten so much free information from him in one week, including two ebooks about blogging. Sweeeeet….!~

So now John Chow is having a contest giving away more free stuff. I said before, I like free..woohoo..I’m in..

Take a look at what he’s giving away :

* Flip video camera
* $200 Market Leverage Amex Rewards card
* USB drive that is also a pen
* iPod Nano.

Today is the last day for entry for those who’d like a chance to win.You can find out more from John Chows Post:

Win A Market Leverage Bag Of Stuff.

All of the items in the bag come from


Now while I eat my lunch I’m gonna read up on the Market Leverage folks and see what they are all about, then it’s back to making beats….Goodluck…

Pz Til Later

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Moving From Free To Hosted WordPress

Posted by Ms.Tris Beats On June - 7 - 2008


OOOOh K…Here’s the latest Hosting news. I’ve gotten several readers who are on board. Now everyones pointed to two far I haven’t had any down time. This is the NEW blog ,The NEW Crib, The NEW spot..the new..well you get the picture….

WordPress support is closed over the I will get it all straightened out early next week.
Musicians and anyone who wants to start a blog/site heres what I’m going through…. “MsTris’s Blog Experience 101”

I started with a free wordpress blog. It’s been working fine, but the possibilities of designing, and adding widgets was limited because free wordpress doesn’t allow java script. I found out from Sho Down over at Rock It Pro ,that I needed to have a hosted site to be in total control. I signed up with blue host because they give so much for 6.95 per month.

UNLIMITED Hosting Space (NEW!) UNLIMITED File Transfer (NEW!) Host UNLIMITED Domains!!! 2,500 POP/Imap Email Accounts , SSH (Secure Shell), SSL, FTP, Stats, CGI, Ruby (RoR), Perl, PHP, MySQL, 2000/2002 Front Page Extensions, Free Domain Forever!, Free Site Builder (NEW), 24/7 Superb/Responsive Sales/Support
I already owned my domain through Yahoo Domain Service, and it’s paid for the year so I didn’t want to move it….
…So I signed up to BlueHost last Friday and installed WordPress 2.5 using Bluehost’s Simple Script application. I got a lil frustrated because I couldn’t see anything but I knew I had hosting. WordPress is installed, the next step was to change Yahoo’s Dns settings to point to BlueHost. Remembering I had not designed anything at BlueHost, I changed the settings but redirected yahoo to my free wordpress(here). BlueHost support was great. They showed me how to start designing through live chat which was fast and to the point. Blue Host gave me my temporary address(an IP numerical address), and I was off to uploading my new themes. What I didn’t know is it takes anywhere from 2- 72 hours for a Dns change. So I frantically typed in my main addy to check, while using the temp addy to design on last Friday,Saturday,and Sunday. Read the rest of this entry »

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