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Easy Transition New PC Set Up

Posted by Ms.Tris On May - 2 - 2011

Well..Well.. and Well ..! I am finally smiling and doing many mental cartwheels over here. Remember I told you I was getting an Alienware?..Well I did:

…And was it a beauty inside…unfortunately I started loading all my programs and the pc wouldn’t start after 3 days. I was very upset. By the 4th day I got a blue screen!.. I sent the thing right back but had to wait an entire month for a replacement.

I know Alienware pc’s are super reliable over all; but, after my bad experience, I decided against ordering another. I wanted a maxed out G5 doesn’t every producer want a MAC :)…To build a custom G5 with all the specs I wanted would have cost me around 5,000$. WOW..too much for my budget indeed.

I looked around for a few deals and settled on a Dell9100.

I love it so far! Whisper quiet,super fast, plenty RAM, and great for handling several task at once. My transition to this pc has been flawless. Many of you may be upgrading so here is a quick check list for making pc set up easy and breezy..

1.Back up all your work.
2.Purchase or use an external drive
3.Add all your antivirus/anti malware programs to a folder on the external drive
4.Download all latest drivers for your software and hardware into a folder on the external drive. (Pay close attention if you need 32bit or 64 bit)
5.Gather all installation cd’s and dvd’s
6.Save an HTML file of your internet bookmarks and download to a folder on the external drive.
7.Download latest version of your browser ie;firefox etc. Download all toolbars you use for your browser

Double check that you have all the LATEST programs, drivers, toolbars, serial #’s, and software for your new pc. If your old pc is functional you can make a list of installed programs etc. before trashing it.

When your new pc arrives:
8.Install all antivirus/anti malware software and be sure your firewall is turned on.
9.Begin to install your drivers, browsers, bookmarks, and programs as instructed by manufacturer.

If you have tons of software,plug ins and other programs…CHECK CHECK CHECK that your new pc will shut down and start up properly after loading a few.
Do this throughout your installation process. This will make it very easy to track down any problematic installs.
10. Make a recovery disk.

This little check list helped me so much. It usually takes a full day to get things set up properly, so be sure you have the time to really get technical. Another important thing to remember if you have several external drives.Rename the drive letters on your new pc to whatever they were on your old pc. This way your new pc will have the same drive paths as your old one.

I’ll be spending a few days fine tuning things as well. I should be back to regular post by this Thurs.

Happy Beat Making To All!
Pz Til Later~

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Key Chords: Chord Progression Discovery App

Posted by Ms.Tris On April - 25 - 2011

Hey Hey ..feels like we skipped spring and went straight to summer

I’m so happy to tell you, that I’m well on my way with my guitar lessons. I know four chords, but my lil left pinky is still stiff as a board. I’m doing the dexterity exercises a lot this week.

I think I have found the jackpot of chord progression help :-). It’s a site, as well as iphone app which gives you common chord progressions to use in your music.

It’s guitar based, but of course you can play the same progressions on piano or any instrument. I’ve been on the site daily since I found it. You can place your own chords for progressions and hear a demo of how it sounds. You can also do random progressions by “rolling the dice”. Here is a screen shot:

This is amazing! The official site There are several handy tools for musicians, so click around..

The direct link to the online Key Chords software:Key Chords

The app is only 1.99 from the itunes store. I’m going to download the app as soon as I finish this post..woo hoo!

Happy Chord Finding To All…
Pz Til later!~

New Guitar Player? Here are few helpful items to get you going 🙂

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How To Mix Music With Slow CPU

Posted by Ms.Tris On February - 28 - 2011

Hey Hey all!! I missed you last week…it’s been a while since I have had to skip an entire week. You know what’s going on when I do? Beats, beats, and more beats!! I’ve got about 20 tracks in the works. The artist are writing and I am happy…

I have also been preparing for a new arrival:

I have been struggling with mixes, blue screens, and pc freezing for too long. I have a favorite soundcard the M-Audio Delta Omni i/o

I have had this for almost ten years, and I can get a great mix using it. The pc that I call “old faithful” which the omni is installed on, just isn’t fast enough to handle extensive mixing.

I have been transferring that soundcard to any pc I’ve tinkered with. My friend gave me a HP Touch Smart 300 last year. I absolutely love it. Its super fast, but one major problem? I can not do any type of upgrades to the all in one unit. That meant no transferring the delta soundcard ..ugh! I started using Roland Edirol M-16DX as my main mixer and soundcard. This mixer has so many excellent features, but my novice engineering skills held me back from it’s full potential.

I found myself using the Touch Smart to make the beats, then trying to mix on the older pc. Talk about a hassle! My “old faithful” would shut down it seemed every 30 minutes. Over the last few months I have come across several ways to avoid glitches when mixing more than 12 tracks in my DAW on the older pc. It’s nothing worst than working on a mix, getting the “sweet spot” only to have the pc freeze or restart!

Most of my beats range from 12-20 plus individual instruments when tracked out:

With out a fast processor this is almost impossible to even play within a DAW. I started splitting the mix into basically 3 projects: One for drums and bass, one for percs, and one for other instruments. This will sound like a lot of work, but it is definitely a work around if your pc is slow.

Load all kicks, snares, and bass instruments. Save as a project file. Export a rough mix down. Name the file “rough mix drums”.
Load all percs: crashes, cymbols, bells etc. Save as a project file. Export a rough mix down. Name the file “rough mix percs”.
Load all instruments: Keys, synths, strings. Save as a project file. Export a rough mix down. Name the file “rough mix instruments”

Step 4:

Choose one of your project files to begin your main mix. Drums are important for most hip hop, so I start with the drums. I open the “Drum” project file. (This may have about 5 tracks: 2 kicks, snares, claps, and bass since the kick and bass are in the same frequency range.)
Next insert your rough mix that you exported of ” percs and instruments”.

Now you can mix your tracked out/separated drums and bass adding effects without maxing your cpu. You have inserted the “rough mixes of percs and instruments only as a reference at this point. Once you have a good mix on your drums, save this as your new “drum project file”. Export a mix down drums ONLY, naming it something like “Drums Mixed”. Export a mix down of bass ONLY, naming it” Bass Mixed”. Close the project.

Step 5:
Open your “instruments project file”. Insert your “Drums Mixed”, “Bass Mixed”, and the “rough mix of percs files”. Now you can mix your tracked out/separated instruments adding effects without maxing your cpu, and hear how they sound with your terrific “Mixed Drums and Mixed Bass”. Save this as your new “instrument project file”. Export a mix down of instruments ONLY, naming it “Instruments Mixed”.

Step 6:
Open your “percs project file”. Insert your “Drums Mixed, Bass Mixed, and Instruments Mixed” files which you exported earlier. Now you can mix your percs adding effects without maxing your cpu, while hearing your wonderful ” Mixed” drums, bass, and other instruments. Save this as your new “percs project file”. Export a mix down of percs ONLY, naming it “Percs” Mixed”.

Step 7:
Create a NEW project file. Insert your ” Drums, Bass, Instruments, and Percs Mixed” files. Now you can do a final mix for sending to artist.

Keep in mind that this is just my little work around which helped me get through my pc processor problems. If you have a slow pc, you can always pay a professional engineer to mix your tracks. You can use less instruments, or bounce tracks within your production hardware and software. This means the same thing can be achieved if you are mixing inside Fl Studio. You don’t have to break down your beat as I described. The main idea is to “Bounce or Mix” elements in groups of tracks small enough for your pc to handle.

Happy Mixing To All..
Pz Til Later!~

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ThisIs50.Com: The Hit Lounge

Posted by Ms.Tris On February - 10 - 2011

Great Morning to you! I’m having a cup of coffee going through thousands of emails and commenting on other blogs (hint hint) :-D… So I read on that Nicki Minaj is #1 on Billboard charts. That’s amazing for hiphop and female artist…yaay for Nicki.

I couldn’t help thinking “Where’s The Hit Lounge?” They were the most informative live streams for producers that I have viewed. I missed about 3 or 4 over the summer and plan to watch one more before I get to banging out beats.

I was excited to watch the following segment. It’s filled with a lot of information about publishing, song writing, and things a new producer should consider. Check this out when you have time…

The Hit Lounge 7/29/10

Be sure to follow Tony G and Dre on Twitter:



If you see them post about a new episode let me know and I’ll do the same …

Happy Beat Making To All!
Pz Til Later!~

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Guitar Dexterity Exercises

Posted by Ms.Tris On February - 3 - 2011

Afternoon to ya! I’m excited to say I know about three chords thoroughly on my guitar now..yay and double yay :). I stuck to my at least 2 hour practice / study. I did have to break it up between two weeks though lol… Well I am still on the quest.

My main problem is stretching my fingers to reach some notes. I am also finding my left pinky is just too stiff period! Woo Hoo for youtube. I found this video a few minutes ago. It’s all about dexterity which is needed for playing guitar and many string instruments. It will also help piano players.

Beginner Guitar Lessons – Finger Dexterity Exercise

There is a second part which can be found at :Gutar101Ramstein on Youtube. I have subscribed and will continue through his series.

I am also using this chord book. It has thousands of chords and chord progressions including pictures of the fingering:

Putting all my resources to work now. So far so good and my guitar is no longer dusty 🙂

Happy Beat Making To All!
Pz Til Later!`

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Music Radar: 11 Secret Fl Studio Tips

Posted by Ms.Tris On February - 2 - 2011

If you are a Fl Studio user I am sure you find new tips a treat 🙂 Here are 11 tips geared toward the more advanced user. If you are a new user, you can book mark and return once you understand the program more.

Link to Article:
11 Secret Fl Studio Tips by

Here is a list of the tips included:

the secret volume control
split and merge patterns
dumping score log
Set snapshots in browser
scale automation clips
scale note properties
zoom in closer
slice up pattern clips
metronome customization
smooth event editing
snap to events

Enjoy and let me know your favorites from the list..

Happy Beat Making To All…
Pz Til Later!~

Click Here to Purchase Fl Studio...New Users Receive 10% MsTris Music Discount

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Free Online Guitar Lessons:Cyberfret.Com

Posted by Ms.Tris On January - 20 - 2011

The year is poppin’ already! I have started a few huge projects and the beats are being written to now. I even have a couple tracks with me on the hook and doing some verses :). Yes back on my artistic grind again. I am finally in a place where I actually feel like writing (lyrics that is on the blog we are cool 🙂 ). I’ll be promoting a book that many of you will relate to..Noisy Neighbors The book is called “Dear Neighbor”, written by Keybe Writes who will also release her poetry cd produced by me. I’ll be posting about both early February.

All the projects above kept me busy for months. I was looking at a few of my post from this time last year. I realized there are a lot of post I wanted to do and just could not squeeze in. I plan to do a little catching up starting now.

One of my main goals last year was to learn more guitar. I did well for about two months. When my music projects kicked in, I put my guitar on the stand, and there it stayed until this morning.

I am seriously back at it. I made myself a little weekly schedule which will include at least 2 hours of guitar practice. I am hoping to learn and play a few tunes in a few months. I’m checking out all the links I saved last year. I think I found the site that I will stick with through April:

This site is so complete for me. Some of the main features of the site includes:
Learn Guitar
Beginner Guitar Lessons
Guitar Chords
Guitar Scales
Guitar Arpeggios
Guitar Techniques
Guitar Styles

Theory & Composition
Music Theory
Ear Training
Songwriting for Guitar

Lead Guitar & Technique
Lead Guitar Solos
Guitar Chops

Guitar Music
Guitar Tablature
Reading Guitar Music
There is much more, but that’s enough for any beginner to use for starters. Of course I’ll continue to read my books and check in on youtube. Do any of you play guitar? Feel free to share your tips and advice for beginners in the comments…

Let’s Go !! It’s 2011
Happy learning guitar… Happy Beat Making To All
Pz Til Later!~

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