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Vocal Booth On A Budget

Posted by Ms.Tris On October - 14 - 2008

I’ve had my mic for years, and I used to record vocal sessions a long time ago. I never really enjoyed recording vocals, but of course I enjoyed the results…completed songs. I’ve had many emcees wonder why I don’t run full sessions in my lab unless I have too. I am not fast at engineering sessions which means it takes me a while to cut and paste hooks, line up vocals etc. If you have ever recorded vocals you know it will involve many takes to get that platinum hit. My mind goes a thousand miles a minute lol, it’s hard for me to sit doing one thing over and over. I’ve grown to be more patient, therefore vocal sessions are becoming easier for me handle. Right now I’m a novice engineer. As a producer I want the final result to be great.. not just o.k. Therefore I don’t mind sending artist to engineers with more experience, and who love recording vocals. Honestly I’m beginning to love mixing, but there is quite a difference from recording vocals,and mixing the final songs.
Today I have a better grasp of vocal recording, and I’ve gotten much faster after learning keyboard shortcuts and techniques. It’s best for all producers to have an idea of how to record vocals. Be prepared to carry your production from a beat idea to a hit song. Let me give you a little scenario: Lil Wayne is in town for a concert. You go to an autograph signing and give him a beat cd. He listens to it on the tour bus while on his way to the arena. Of course you’ve got that fire and he loves track number 3. His people call you up like ” Hey (insert your production name here) Wayne wants to record this track tonight after the show. Can you make it happen?”
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Fl Studio: Patterns, Playlist, And Song Mode (part2)

Posted by Ms.Tris On September - 29 - 2008

Back at it with part 2 of Friday’s tutorial. By request I’m including the flp, the sample, and zip yaaay… I made the sample this morning using the slayer,fl keys, and orchestra string soundfonts.

In case you missed part 1 here is the link:Fl Studio: Patterns, Playlist, And Song Mode (part1)
…. ..

I have my sample loaded into the Fl Slicer, I changed the pitch, and played a nice sequence into pattern 2 which I have named “sample verse1”

I go to pattern 4 which I named “snare” and added some snares on beat with the sample. Next..I moved to pattern 3, and played some kicks using my midi controller. I now have 4 patterns..
2=sample verse1
3= snare 1
4= kick

They make a decent beat starter that sounds like this:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

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Fl Studio: Patterns, Playlist, And Song Mode (part1)

Posted by Ms.Tris Beats On September - 26 - 2008

[kml_flashembed movie=”” height=”200″ width=”200″ fversion=”9″ useexpressinstall=”true” align=”left”/]

In this tutorial I will show how I use the pattern and song mode in Fl Studio.

There are many options available. I always try to find a way that works smooth. If you are building your beats pattern by pattern, I suggest naming them as you add them. Also name your sampler channels when you add them as well.

I explained before that I use a 16/4 grid when programming or playing a drum pattern. To set Fl Studio to 16bars/ 4 beats, go to “Options” then ” Project General Settings” and change the number 4 in the first box to 16. (This setting is just my personal preference because it allows me to do more within a single pattern). You can try different settings when you get the hang of it, and see how it affects your rhythms…. Read the rest of this entry »

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Free 808 “Boom” Kick

Posted by Ms.Tris Beats On September - 15 - 2008

Hello to all..I had a great time with the live help on Friday. I wanted to let you know I’ve gotten several ideas for tutorials, and things some readers want to see. I know how it is to come to a site and want to ask questions, so I’ve made it easy by allowing comments. So far your questions help out a lot, so please feel free to be active with posting ideas etc. I’d really like more input from other producers as well. I believe in networking, so think of it as sharing, and getting some promotion. Please no spam or comments that contain explicit language. Also, remember to subscribe so you’ll know when I add new articles.

Todays 1st post idea came from “The Quick” through the Live Help I.M. He wanted that “Bangladesh- a milli -Shawty Red- Young Jeezy” Booooom usually made from an 808. I thought, I want one too 🙂

I learned about layering kicks years ago, but I was reminded of a technique I completely forgot about. Some producers call it “Tri-Panning” or Tri-Layer”. To achieve it you load 3 of the same kick into your software or hardware sampler, pan one all the way left, pan one all the way right, and leave one in the middle. Have all three triggered at the same time.

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Turn The Knobs On Your Soft Synths ( Free Sound Kit)

Posted by Ms.Tris On September - 10 - 2008

What’s up to all this morning?…hope you are preparing to work on some hits. I’ve been up early, and I’m starting on a new beat. I was fiddling with the malstrom, trying to come up with a new sound. I thought, great idea for a post ,and a good time for a couple free sounds, freshly crafted. 🙂 This isn’t a tutorial, but some tips from me to you.

This is my starting idea for the beat…”Sept Crunk Beat2 Start”

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

I am using Reason, but the same techniques can be used in Fl Studio, or hardware

The quick arrangement goes something like this:

I started with strings for the chord progression F, Gm, and Am

I’ve tweaked my kick changing the pitch and layering 2,(using two different kicks instead of one)

Loaded a clap, and a snare and changed the pitch on each, and layered them as well.

Next I loaded up two “Malstrom” synth modules for a Synth type bass line and melody.

Last I added a piano for more variation.

The piano and strings are Reason factory sounds, every thing else I tweaked using the knobs on the sound modules and redrum. This is a major plus when using software synths and vst instruments. You can tweak the parameters to come up with unique sounds. The help files and manuals are your friend when it comes to adjusting the presets or starting from scratch.

In the picture above I have placed arrows on the various areas I tweaked to make my bass type synth, and melody sounds. For the drums, again, I ” twisted the knobs” on the Redrum to change the “pitch”.

“Sept Crunk Beat 2 Start” Bass line,Melody, and Drums that I tweaked

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

You’ll hear that my sounds are similar to those used in today’s “pop/crunk” style hip hop, yet different. The kick sounds more like a “drum-n- bass” style kick, the snare clap mix is odd, and the synths are zoid like. The Neptunes are famous for tweaking sounds, a long with many producers of techno, and house music. It has become more and more popular in hip hop when making the “dirty south” style beats.

Get creative with it. Some soft synths allow you to load your own wav files. You could record yourself humming a note, load that into your production software/hardware, tweak it, and use your voice as an instrument. Sound design is an extensive subject, but you can start today by twisting and tweaking the many knobs….

Here is the mini kit from the beat above including that new crazy kick …enjoy and Happy Beat Making..
MsBass Synth f-f whitekeys3 octaves
MsSynth c-c whitekeys 2octaves
MsKck Loud
MsSnr Loud
MsHat Loud

Free Download :
Pz Til Later

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ME Bloggers Now Up To 80

Posted by Ms.Tris On September - 8 - 2008

Hey to all..had a wonderful vacation and now I am happy to say it’s back to work.

The Music Tech ” M E Bloggers” has been updated. There are now 80 Music Education blogs on the list. This is one of the best free music resources I have ever found, and am extremely happy to be a part of. If you haven’t had the chance to stop by, it’s never too late…. here’s a list of the current blogs. If you have a music education site, and you post often, check out joining the list. There are only 20 spots left so hurry hurry….

Music Education Blogs at its finest 🙂 drum roll please…. Read the rest of this entry »

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How To Market Your Production On Your Local Scene (part1)

Posted by Ms.Tris Beats On August - 26 - 2008

Ms.Tris Beats Voted “Best Beat Maker 2005” Baltimores City Paper

What’s up to all. Producer SBK stopped through and asked some amazing questions on the
How to Make Money For Your Studio Post.
The answers may be valuable to a lot of producers who want to get their music heard.

Here is an excerpt from SBK’s questions:

I noticed that you mentioned I should get my beat copyrighted first. I definitely know how important this aspect is especially in leasing and selling beats. Should I be trying to get every single beat I produce copyrighted as soon as I produce them or should I wait to copyright then when an artist is interested in leasing or purchasing a beat? I know that there is a fee for every time you copyright something and that would seem like a lot of money for each beat or can you send multiple beats in on one form?

Do you think it’s best to use an entertainment attorney for when it’s time to establish terms/producer agreement on beats with artists whether leasing or purchasing?

How do I go about researching what other producers are selling locally? I reside in Chicago which is a big city and it seems like there would be a ton of producers that I would have to research. Should I just go about it by asking the producers personally? I know that online I can just go to the site like Soundclick to see what producers are charging.
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