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Introducing The Producers Union Group And Blog

Posted by Ms.Tris On July - 28 - 2011

Waaaz Good? I am so excited to be writing this post. I have been added to several groups on Facebook over the past year. Many are geared toward artist promotion, and some are localized Baltimore Groups. I am really networking, and enjoying the new artist I’ve met from my area. Props to my B-more peeps doing great things!

I am also in a few groups specifically geared toward beats and production. The thing is, many of them get loaded with too much spam and ‘listen to my beats’. I love listening to new music and beats. I just don’t agree with spamming.

I told you all that a lot of my music,and production techniques were enhanced by being a part of a forum on I can go on for days how productive the forum was between 02′ and 04′ for me. This site was even created from suggestions of a wonderful producer I met there Sho-Down of”

A great deal of forums members helped me in one way or another. A lot of us have gone separate ways, furthering our careers, and making things happen. I lost touch with with some, and kept in touch with many since then. There are even some who get the “fan” treatment from me :). SolEternity, one of rapmusics most active members, easily comes to mind.

I have followed Sol’s music from battles to industry! He has always been one who was eager to help others including newbies, like I was back then. He is still at it in 2011. As the mastermind behind one of the best producer groups on Facebook that I have seen: The Producers Union, Sol continues his movement.

The group is awesome! It’s about making us all better at production, music, networking, and has plenty producer discussions to dive into. In addition, there is also blog. A place where many of the group’s videos, articles, and popular post will be featured.

To help you understand a little more about the group, I have included the following group post, and I’ve highlighted some things to keep in mind.:

Dear new additions to The Producers Union:

Congratulations, someone in this group felt that you were valuable enough to be added. This group started as just a handful of people two weeks ago and is now more than 200 members. In this group we have producers of billboard number one singles, leading professors in music biz and engineering, producers with platinum sales, producers with access to or owning high end studios, producers from several different continents, as well as highly skilled and accredited engineers and songwriters.
If you tallied the production credits of the producers here you would have credits for HUNDREDS of major label artists and 50+ credits for gold and platinum artists. In other words: this is an elite group. If you were sitting in a room with this caliber of people, how would you act? My point is this: it is an honor to be in this group. This group is not like most groups on facebook where people don’t follow a code of courtesy and will nonchalantly post things to the dismay of others.

Please introduce yourself and your credentials when you are added in just one new post, please limit the amount of new music you post out of respect to the high number of people we have here who also seek to receive feedback and exposure of their music, and above all please act according to the prestige of this group. If you find that people are not acknowledging you or your music, the only logical and acceptable response is to earn respect here by demonstrating your knowledge and power through clever posts, information sharing, and credentials.
Most of us are here to exchange ideas, provide/receive opportunities, network, learn, teach, and give/receive feedback on our music. I understand many other groups on fb are havens for spam and insincerity and many do not know this upon being added to this group. Now you know. Thank you.

Sound like a group you’d like to be a part of? Check us out, and hit me up if you join :). I will be adding a directory page for The Producers Union, as well as interviews, videos, and music.

The Producers Union Group

The Producers Union Blog

Happy Beat Making To All..
Pz Til Later!~

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