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How To Chop A Sample

Posted by Ms.Tris Beats On May - 22 - 2008

So you want to make a beat using a chopped sample.There are several ways to go about doing this. Some producers may take a huge loop and add some drums, however this is not the way seasoned producers make hits. In some way or form you’ll have to chop the sample. What is chopping? Splitting the sample or loop into smaller sections to be loaded into your hardware or software sampler…This process allows greater control over arranging the sound waves, and leaves room for your creativity to blossom.
Step 1
Find a ..**ahem**..royalty free sample :-)… Load that into your editing software. If you are using a hardware sampler, the basic concept will apply, but you’ll have to work inside your machine. I use this method for both hardware and software because it’s more precise, and a lot faster.

Load sample into editor

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I Was A Sample Queen…

Posted by Ms.Tris Beats On April - 30 - 2008

I remember a time when Hiphop was a baby. Back then I had already decided that I wanted to be a star. With rap, that dream seemed one I was able to reach. I started rhyming at a young age. I always loved music and now, destiny had touched me on the shoulder.
I spent years writing notebook after notebook. Studying the great female emcees at the time. I practiced, I rhymed , I recorded songs..always striving to reach “The Industry”. That place never arrived the way I expected.
I had a producer who had his own home studio. We were on the way to that ^place. One day he decided that producing rap music wasn’t right for him. I was left without a producer, but I had something even bigger. I had music inside. I realize now; that year, was a turning point in my life.
Making a long story very short, I bought a small keyboard and began to tinker around. Along with every artist, I thought I made the hottest songs ever created by man One day I’m gonna share some of those lil recordings…
HipHop was flourishing as a full fledge genre. I could only play the keyboard by ear,but that never mattered. My favorite producers at the time Dr.Dre, Rza, Pete Rock,& Havoc all used samples. They were my teachers through sound. Almost every producer/beatmaker mimicked their styles until they created their own. I had no idea that it was against the law to sample. I bought an Asr 10 and started collecting material. I started doing what I heard the big producers do, take a song that you like and make a beat.Today I have over 1400

Some of my collection


Once I started to sample it became a lil more than just me making beats.It’s hard to describe, and I’m sure you’ve heard the term ” The Art Of Sampling”. Some will say what kind of art is in stealing other peoples music? I’d have to respond….” Do you think the average 17 yr old knows the laws of copyrights?” Speaking for myself I didn’t understand or know the laws until 5 yrs into my career. When I first heard about copyright infringement, I was told oh it’s okay to use 13 secs…So I sampled on.This was the main way to make Hiphop for many many years.

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