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Reaper Tutorials And Tips: Rewire and Midi To Reason

Posted by Ms.Tris On December - 2 - 2010

What’s good this afternoon? Have you been working on your mixes? I did a lot yesterday. Today I continued, and ran into a little wall. I was listening to a track and could hear one more synth in my head. I already knew which sound I wanted from the Malstrom in Reason. The problem is, I made the beat using Maschine inside Reaper. Now if I could just get that darn rewire to work I’d be on my way.

I am so glad I went searching the Reaper Resources . I found the best tutorial, and sat for a few hours this morning setting up a template. The best thing about this lesson is it shows you how to Rewire AND send MIDI between Reaper and Reason 🙂 🙂 *yes double smiles for that *

The specific tutorial can be found here:

Tutorials For Reaper | Reason ReWired to Reaper | Track Template

I shall not tell you a lie… this took me a long time to really get it down. I worked through it, pausing the video after each step. Once I added a few modules in Reason and checked my recordings in Reaper, I did a few on my own. I am still working with a few tweaks, but now I can easily load a template and get started.

This really worked for me today. What I liked most is now I can record the entire beat inside Reason, then stream the audio into Reaper. This allows me to correct any midi inside Reason. I find this a bit easier than using Reapers midi editor.

The tutorial is from: Like the name says it’s full of great Reaper videos. Stop by when you have a chance. I’m watching one more before I get back to work. Thanks again to

If you found this post and would like to know more about Rewiring Reason to other programs, please check out How to Rewire Reason To Various Daws

Happy Beat Making To All..
Pz Til Later!~

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Reaper And Maschine Free Template

Posted by Ms.Tris On October - 5 - 2010

Great Morning to ya! Off to the musical races making many beats this week. I’m back at it big time again. I’ll be posting some final songs this fall and winter. Very excited about the projects I have going, having fun with the music yes! 😉

I received an email about Maschine and Reaper. Priych wanted to add more than 8 outs into Reaper. There are a few ways to do this. The easiest way would be to add two instances of Maschine inside Reaper. You could have one for drums, and the other for instruments and percussion.

Another way would require panning the sounds from Maschine to Reaper, duplicating and panning the Reaper Maschine inserts, and recording output as mono. This will allow you to manually split the “8 Maschine Outs” and make them 16. Reaper has many ways of routing. It sounds difficult at first, but once you do it a few times you’ll breeze through. I will try to explain the best I can today. I will do a video later this month.

Insert Maschine with routing to 8 outputs

Duplicate track 1 in Reaper, send 1st two Maschine instruments to EXT Out 1 “panning one left and one right”

Duplicate track 2 in Reaper, send 2nd two Maschine instruments to Ext Out 2 “panning one left and one right”

Once I have panned the instruments inside Maschine, I tell Reaper how to record, and pan the volume slider to correct side left or right:

Be sure to set Reaper to record ” Mono Mix Of Channel”, remember to pan the Reaper Tracks

You could continue to add tracks this way, giving you 16 outs. So your next step would be:
Duplicate Reaper Track 3. Add two more instruments inside Maschine, pan left and right. Set Reaper to record mono mix of channel. Pan the Reaper channels to the left or right. You would then have 6 Maschine instruments going out to 6 Reaper tracks.

If you’d like to add other vst instruments and record them as midi inside Maschine, you will need to send a midi signal from Maschine to the vsti. I will use Reapers included Reasynth.

I add a Reasynth using the “insert Virtual Instrument” command. Next I assign a receive from Maschine Midi channel 1:

Now you can continue to add more vst instruments assigning each to a new midi channel in both Reaper and Maschine. With this set up you can work entirely inside Maschine, then record audio or midi into Reaper or record everything on Reaper tracks. You can even do both if you’d like, it’s up to you.

Once you have a set up that you like, save as a Template. I usually save one for Reaper and one for Maschine.

In the following template, I have set up Maschine routed to Reaper with drums, 3 instruments, and Reasynth.
Group A=
Drums N Percs routed to tracks 2-8
Group B=
3 Instruments and Reasynth routed to tracks 9-12

MsTrisMusic Maschine and Reaper Template:
MsTrisMusic Reaper (click on file or right click to download)

I used Native Instruments included Maschine sounds. You can replace them with the same sounds, or any sound of your choice. Let me know if this works for you..

Happy Beat Making To All!
Pz Til Later!~

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Reaper With Maschine:Ms.Tris Basic Template

Posted by Ms.Tris On June - 18 - 2010

Hey All! I really wanted to do this as a tutorial today. I am editing video, and photos from a wedding I filmed in NJ last weekend. Everything is going smooth, but it takes a lot of time for the video files. Time won’t allow a full length write up, I figured I can at least add the template because I know 2 people who have gotten Maschine recently….

This is fairly easy to use, and maschine should open up when you open the project file

This is a basic Reaper Template w/ Maschine.
I have routed 8 Maschine Outs w/ drums using NI Maschine factory sounds, and two Reaper Vsts
to midi out 1&2.

I have each Reaper track set to record audio
You can record your entire project inside Maschine, then track as audio in Reaper.

If you’d like to use more vst instruments, just “insert virtual instrument on new track” inside Reaper and press “io”. Next “add new receive,” and select “Maschine 1”. Change the 1st “Midi” box from “All” to “3”. You can continue to add up to 16 vst instruments by following the exact steps. Your next vst would >>Change the 1st “Midi” box from “All” to “4”..

As you add your instruments remember to assign the proper “midi out” inside Maschine as you add them…
Vst “1” inside Reaper =Midi Out “1” inside Maschine..and so on

MsTris Basic Set Up RPP
*PASSWORD= mstrismusic
right click to download zip file, extract to folder, and open project

MsTris Basic Set Up
Feel free to ask questions in the comments section…

Happy Beats Making To All!
Pz Til Later!`

Make Beats Online…Download Mp3

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Reaper: Shortcuts, Intro, UI

Posted by Ms.Tris Beats On February - 3 - 2010

Hey all! How are you today? We got snow again last night. I thought it would be more but it’s not too bad outside as far as driving. I have a few graphic sessions later. I’m still adjusting the lab, moving out old pc, dusting, and checking out some videos while I do.

Reaper is my DAW of choice right now. I’m loving the ease of use, and the sound I’m getting from it. The video I’m posting next has shown me some cool shortcuts and functions I hadn’t used.

If you are thinking about getting or already using Reaper this is a must see to easily learn a few tips.
REAPER Tutorial 1 – Intro, UI

Happy Beat Making To All
Pz Til Later!`

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Reaper:Ez Drummer Tutorial + New User Guide

Posted by Ms.Tris On August - 6 - 2009

Hey all’s a cloudy day here..but all is going well. I hope things are going good on your end also.


Start of Protools Theme by Khorus at

Just a quick note on Reaper 3.0 update. The user guide is now free to download. They have made edits to keep it up to date with 3.0. Before you had to give a donation. I downloaded mine this morning and I’m about to try something new in Reaper.

Link to Reaper User Guide. 400 pages included:

I would like to use Reaper today for a full beat. No mpc ,no Reason, no Fl Studio. The first thing I needed to know is how to set up a drum vst. I know how to load the instrument, but I’d like to record each part to separate tracks.

Very happy I found this video by
Using EZ-Drummer in Reaper

I have everything set up now- yaay! I am assuming this video will work for other vst drum modules also. Let me know if you try with any other vsti like GTG Drum Sampler.

Download Reaper Here:

Happy Beat Making To All
Pz Til Later!~

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Reaper Tutorial: Getting Started With Midi

Posted by Ms.Tris On June - 25 - 2009

Good Morning All! I always miss you all when I am unable to post. As usual if I am not here, I am busy with sessions and music business. This week and last have been very full which is a good thing.

photo of basic midi connection by Canmore Media

Today all the hardware is on. Honestly I am still trying to get my hardware midi situation to run properly. Right now there are a few delay issues when recording midi using the Mpc.

I figured I’d try a different approach and record midi data into Reaper using the Mpc as the controller.

I know how to use vst instruments which is pretty easy to do in Reaper. Now I need to get my hardware synths to do the same.
I’ll watch this video in a few minutes, on my quest to quickly get the hardware midi going smoothly! Enjoy…

Getting Started With Midi and Reaper

I also found a cool link with pictures for those who need to set up hardware midi connections:

We will get back to regular post starting Wednesday of next week. I’ll stop in periodically to answer comments and post more music finds..

Happy Beat Making To All
Pz Til Later!~

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