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Maschine 2.1 Update is Here!!

Posted by Ms.Tris On April - 17 - 2014

I haven’t had time to really sit with Maschine 2.0 and here we are at a nice little update already. I’m starting a new class today and we have the weekend maybe over the weekend… Im definitely updating today! Here is a video from


Happy Beat Making to All!~
Pz til later….

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Studio One 2.5 and Native Instruments Maschine

Posted by Ms.Tris On March - 1 - 2013

Happy Friday and first day of March..Spring is on the way!

I am setting up new templates today. I finally have gotten my schedule where I can actually make music again yaaaay! lol….. School has been very time consuming because I am in my coding and animation classes. I can’t promise anything right now …but I am still a 4.0 college student musician blogger ha ha :)…..


I am really starting to like Studio One 2.5 more and more. I rewired Reason 6.5 this morning. This is something I have been trying to do forever. I had to use the 64 bit version of Studio One because Reason 6.5 is 64 bit. This was a bummer because so many of my VSTI’s are 32 bit only, including Maschine. I decided to download and install a 32 bit version of Reason to work with Studio One 2.5 32 bit. While I was waiting for the download I found a cool video showing how to set up Maschine inside Studio One 2.5

This is a very nice video. He points out a few things I did not know about Studio One 2.5. Thanks DroFontane of Vip Soundlab! * This is actually a whole new way of setting up Maschine with all the instruments on separate mid channels going in and out..really nice.

Happy Beat Making To All!~
Pz Til Later..

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Maschine 1.8 Now Available!!! Woo HOO

Posted by Ms.Tris On September - 24 - 2012

Hey all!..I’m back at it…just wanted to let Maschine users know that 1.8 update is out ..check your service center AND email for your free Massive!..Letz Go..!

SaintJoe from gives us a nice overview of what’s new:

Maschine 1.8 Update – Software overview and first look

Be back in a few with more goodies…gonna finish updating..

Happy Beat Making To All
Pz til LAter…

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The New Native Instruments Maschine MK2!!

Posted by Ms.Tris On August - 30 - 2012

Hey Hey…have you heard about Native Instruments Maschine newness? Wow this caught me off guard lol. It’s some of the same features with even better additions like color coded pads which match the colors on the scenes. One of the most sought additions is time-stretch and pitch shift. When I first saw the picture I thought” Ummn… I’m not going to upgrade it looks kinda too colorful”. Now I know that the colors have a very cool purpose.

Here are some of the new things included from the Native Instruments website:
Perform In Color
The new color-coding lets you ‘see’ your sounds, and it will turbo-charge your workflow.

Simply assign colors to the groups, sounds, patterns, and scenes, and see the pads and group buttons on the hardware light up in the same colors. Make your kick drums red, for example, and you’ll always know which pads play your kicks. Add some color to your performances!

And with the increased sensitivity of the new pads, you also have a new level of precision at your fingertips.

New Master Section
The Master section has been redesigned. Control volume, tempo and swing with the new multifunction master push encoder – select modes with the new toggle buttons and accurately click through values without having to look at the screen or display.

Navigating and scrubbing are much easier, and changing note pitch and detailed tweaking becomes extra-precise thanks to the encoder’s superb physical response.

Now with 47 white, backlit click-buttons and colored transport controls, the Mk2 hardware provides a wealth of physical and visual excitement for intuitive beat making.

Jeremy Ellis The New Maschine Generation:

This is really interesting! I am hoping Maschine owners are able to purchase the new controller separately with a little discount :). There are many new things to check out about Maschine including Os update, build, and effects:

Native Instruments Maschine Official Page

Happy Beat Making To All!
Pz Til Later…

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Native Instruments Raw Voltage Expansion

Posted by Ms.Tris On August - 2 - 2012

Native Instruments is on the ball with the new sounds and expansions. This has an industrial vibe but can used for with any genre.

News Letter excerpt:
Add some pure charge to your sounds – RAW VOLTAGE puts the unmistakable sound of a huge modular system into your MASCHINE. From noisy and distorted to cool and clinical, this MASCHINE Expansion is packed full of kits, instruments and patterns sharing the unmistakable sound character of rich and organic analog synthesis.

RAW VOLTAGE adds pure analog energy to your tracks or your performances – straight from MASCHINE. The unique sound of analog synthesis is an essential part of the modern musical landscape, from electronica, hip-hop, techno, to any other popular or experimental music…….. click here to continue reading Raw Voltage News Letter

Raw Voltage Demo:

Happy Beat Making To All!~
Pz Til Later…

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Studio One 2: Insert Maschine Vst

Posted by Ms.Tris On February - 1 - 2012

Hey Hey is it going for you? I’m doing and feeling awesome, and I hope all is well for you also…..

O.k. so I’ve calmed down over my Akai hype. Last week I posted twice about the new products. I am back to work today. I recently updated to Studio One 2, and I am really enjoying this DAW. I loaded Maschine and routed the outputs in a couple clicks. It’s very easy to do, and I’ve made a brief video showing you how:

Lol .. SSsso Easy! 🙂

I’m still working out a few things with the mic and levels but this was fun! I’ll be adding many more videos this year woo hoo…Lets Go!

Happy Beat Making To All!
Pz Til Later!~

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Music Radar: 16 Maschine Music Making Tips

Posted by Ms.Tris On January - 4 - 2012

Woo Weeeee! The east coast is freezing cold today…bundle up well if you venture out in it…

I just upgraded to Presonus Studio One 2. Last year I purchased the Presonus Firestudio to go with my HP Touchsmart computer. Studio One Artist version came free with it. I tinkered around with it, and really liked the workflow. I am getting better at mixing, but still not great yet. Studio One is by far the easiest DAW that delivers a great sound, when you have little knowledge of engineering. I still love Reaper, but after using Studio One to mix one of my last beats of 2011 I was super impressed with the out come.

The important things the Artist version was missing was the ability to use Maschine, Rewire, Fl Studio, and third party plugins. I got a little loot Christmas and noticed the upgrade was only $99.00 yaaay. I am installing all the new sounds right now. The upgrade is about 15gbs of extra soundsets, fx and loops. Instead of twiddling my thumbs while… Im going to organize my Maschine library, and import sounds into Maschine folders.

Native Instruments really stirred up things when they created Maschine. It’s becoming the go to tool for many beat makers. Music Radar has released an article with some decent tips when creating music with Maschine. I’ve included and excerpt and you can read the full article by clicking the link:

Cut out the middle man
To avoid problems when performing live with Maschine, disable any third party plug-ins you aren’t using for the show. You can even switch them all off and deselect Scan On Startup for instant boot-ups without the risk of a crash…

Picking up plug-ins
…But do make sure Maschine is set to scan for new plug-ins on your system. To be sure it will pick them up and avoid frustrating headaches in the future, run Maschine in standalone mode straight after installing a new plug-in

Music Radar 16 Maschine Tips..

Happy Beat Making To All!`
Pz Til Later….

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