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ThisIs50.Com: The Hit Lounge

Posted by Ms.Tris On February - 10 - 2011

Great Morning to you! I’m having a cup of coffee going through thousands of emails and commenting on other blogs (hint hint) :-D… So I read on that Nicki Minaj is #1 on Billboard charts. That’s amazing for hiphop and female artist…yaay for Nicki.

I couldn’t help thinking “Where’s The Hit Lounge?” They were the most informative live streams for producers that I have viewed. I missed about 3 or 4 over the summer and plan to watch one more before I get to banging out beats.

I was excited to watch the following segment. It’s filled with a lot of information about publishing, song writing, and things a new producer should consider. Check this out when you have time…

The Hit Lounge 7/29/10

Be sure to follow Tony G and Dre on Twitter:



If you see them post about a new episode let me know and I’ll do the same …

Happy Beat Making To All!
Pz Til Later!~

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ThisIs50.Com Presents “The Hit Lounge”

Posted by Ms.Tris On April - 14 - 2010

I hope everyone steps their game up for this one… Get those drums knocking hard and the mix super..

image from ThisIs50.Com Home Page

ThisIs50.Com is giving new producers,songwriters and artist a chance to submit music. The session are live each and every Thursday 9pm: Check out the intro, and a full show ft. Joel Ortiz:

Click Here Thursdays 9pm !

The Hit Lounge Intro

The Hit Lounge 03/25/10 07:37PM

Hint: From the vids you can even get and idea for tempos and what types of beats and songs to send…do you, but don’t go to far left..make it rockin yall 🙂 Oh yeah its not just for producers …check it out
Click Here Tomorrow Night !

Happy Beat Submitting To All
Pz Til Later!~

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G Unit A&R’s: Tony G And Dre Mckenzie Do Live Stream

Posted by Ms.Tris Beats On October - 9 - 2009

Good Friday morning to all… it’s a sunny day so far on the eastcoast. I feel like going out again today, but not until I make some fire!……..

G Unit Logo

image fromleon_gr’s photostream

Last night I had a chance to sit in on a Live Stream geared toward producers, artist, and songwriters. A&R’s Tony G and Dre McKenzie of G Unit Records are the main host.

There are so many good things about their Ustream sessions. #1 on the list? The listening sessions are FREE to all! I can’t think of any reason an upcoming hip hop producer would miss this great opportunity.

The basic concept is fairly simple, with many extras each week. Tony and Dre offer a chance to play up to 3 beats or songs in mp3 format. They critique them, and tell you what went wrong or right. Depending on a “Hot or Not” this means your beat could possibly get played for G Unit artist.

Last night was my 3rd time tuning in. On the first night I only caught a few minutes. Tony Yayo sat in choosing a few beats that he wanted to use from the producers who participated. The second night I sent 2 beats. They were constructively critiqued. I was very excited. 1 beat got an A, the 2nd they suggested I work on the drums, adding that the sample was cool. Another night they had a special guest producer Jake One, who gave us tips and pointers.

They are keeping it fresh usually adding something new each week, or having different guest on. Right now they are choosing producers for a battle. I am happy to say that “AHK” and “3rd Infantry” producers who inspired me get started, blew them away with some hard hitters last night. Both from Baltimore, made the first pick to be in the battle. Check out Ahk’s Mypsace, and 3rd Infantry Productions to listen to their music.

O.k now all of the regular readers, here is your chance to make something big happen. To find out when they will hold sessions Follow on Twitter:



They will tell you when to send beats.

They are trying to do it each week either Wednesdays or Thursdays between 8pm and 11:30- ish pm eastern time

I will tell you to bring your A game! Send in your BEST beats or songs only. Send high quality MP3 formant ONLY. Be sure your mix is great and DRUMS are knocking HARD!!. For those who love to go outside the box, don’t go to crazy with it. Keep in mind that this is G Unit, imagine a G Unit artist rapping over your beat. Wishing you much success with this! Say hi when you see me in the chat room 🙂

Happy Beat Making To All
Pz Til Later!~

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Dynamic Producer Live March11th & 9th Ward Gucci Recap

Posted by Ms.Tris On March - 5 - 2009

Happy Friday eve to all… I’m about to get right to work this morning… many beats to make and opportunities are knocking extremely fast. I must find a way to get the beats done a little more quickly lol.

The last Dynamic Producer Live event info got to you the night before… This time you have a few days to get some music ready :-). First I’ll recap briefly…I can’t share every single detail, but you get an idea of how things went……

I was very excited last Sat. Felisha the CEO of Dynamic Producer “DP” has really stretched into great waters. I paid my fee Sat. morning, went on about my day til around 9:20pm so I could log on early as suggested.

Several of us had a few log on issues. After they figured out the “first time live” tech delays, it was on and poppin.

We had a few minutes to meet and greet. The atmosphere was cool. I don’t have a webcam yet, so I just typed into a chat box. I could see all the producers clearly, we said our hellos, and in walks 9thWard!~

On my pc monitor, I could see each person to my left and the chat on the right.. all live in real time..sweet!

Felsiha gave an interview. 9th Ward was very humble and shared so much info on what to expect when sending in beats, as well as the types of beats he needs for his album

We were able to ask questions in the chat which Dp asked 9th Ward live.

After the interview, 9th Ward answered all the questions directly to us. It was almost like we were all in the same room.. Dp mission accomplished!

I had a ball.. laid back vibe, and handling business? Can’t ask for much more..

The fees are worth it, 10 $ general attendance. Which allows you to participate with no beat submissions.

Producers who paid the 30$ fee had the chance to submit music to be played live.. This involves a review of the beats by DP officials. Beats may or may NOT make the cut..

Producers who paid the 100$ fee were guaranteed a chance to play 3 tracks for 9th Ward, after which he gave his honest opinion. He also told where to send the music. He kept it real about budgets, and the politics of his current situation.

Overall I’d give the event 10 out of 10. I will attend the next one on March 11th…

Here is the flyer for the “So So Def A&R” March 11th event.. I’ll keep you all posted on these as much as possible. I think this is a great opportunity for us all! For more info:


Happy Beat Making To All
Pz Til Later

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