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Are You A Dynamic Producer?

Posted by Ms.Tris On January - 8 - 2009

I am going to be honest. I have joined so many music sites over the years it’s quite overwhelming to think about lol. Some I get an email and think to myself “You haven’t been there in months”. Others I frequent often, and some I am just seeing how useful they have been, or can be.

I joined DynamicProducer.Com in 2006. Of course that was when I was doing work on film sets. Last year I began to visit more and more. I just renewed my 39$ for the annual general membership.

Here is a brief excerpt about “DP”:

Dynamic Producer is a membership based organization that supports the advancement of up & coming producers through Education and Opportunity. Our primary commitment is to create platforms for members to learn about the history of music, the business behind the music, as well as current events and trends. In addition we provide opportunities for members to expose their music to the music industry at large.
read more here:DynamicProducer About Page

There is so much information in the forum. There are soundkits, interviews, and many to network with. Check this! I even get emails with options to send tracks to industry artist and labels…sweet! :-). Another thing, it’s so easy to reach the owner and moderators, as they frequent the site often.

Dynamic Producer also host several conferences for producers. The next one is this month in Atlanta.

Here are a few videos of previous events:
Dynamic Producer 2006

Dynamic Producer 2008 Producer Beat Battle Last Round

Have I been yet? umm nope lol..but I’m planning to go to the one in the spring(< IN CALI) or fall 2009. I'm not into battles anymore, but I'm sure going to the seminars. Who knows maybe some of you will battle and I'll be there cheering you on ... I'm giving you the heads-up early, and maybe you can make some of the events. I'll be keeping you posted in 2009 on other opportunities to get your music out to the world. Dynamic Producer submissions will be one of my main goals this year, I hope you join me in the quest..get your music heard.... Happy Beat Making To All Pz Til later

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Networking With Twitter

Posted by Ms.Tris On July - 30 - 2008

What’s poppin’ this morn?…I’ve officially been blogging almost 4 straight months..yaay.. Remember the aim is to help musicians and artist, or anyone who stops by to be successful in several aspects of music, hip hop, and life. Sometimes I’ll just shoot the breeze, and do some fun stuff. I mentioned earlier that this is my personal blog as well. I am a producer/artist first and blogger/teacher 🙂 second. So of course I am sharing AND networking. So if you have artist, or know anyone that you think I could work with don’t be shy…

When I first published a post I had no idea there was a whole world online dedicated to Blogging. There is so much info about how to promote. Keeping my readers in the know is important, so I decided to explain all the little buttons in my sidebar>>>(over to your right). I won’t do it all in one shot, but I will gradually post the sites I use to network and meet new people in music, and life. If you plan to start a site, join every one of those social networks for bloggers/webmasters… I can’t express how they have helped me as a new blogger.

Today I want to explain “Twitter”. This is a site that connects you to friends, family, and people from all over. It ask a simple question, ” What are you doing?” and you respond within 140 characters like a text message. When I first joined I thought” This is probably a waste of time”, later I saw several of my Blog mentors using it without cease. So of course I checked it out further.
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