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How To Market Your Production On Your Local Scene (part1)

Posted by Ms.Tris Beats On August - 26 - 2008

Ms.Tris Beats Voted “Best Beat Maker 2005” Baltimores City Paper

What’s up to all. Producer SBK stopped through and asked some amazing questions on the
How to Make Money For Your Studio Post.
The answers may be valuable to a lot of producers who want to get their music heard.

Here is an excerpt from SBK’s questions:

I noticed that you mentioned I should get my beat copyrighted first. I definitely know how important this aspect is especially in leasing and selling beats. Should I be trying to get every single beat I produce copyrighted as soon as I produce them or should I wait to copyright then when an artist is interested in leasing or purchasing a beat? I know that there is a fee for every time you copyright something and that would seem like a lot of money for each beat or can you send multiple beats in on one form?

Do you think it’s best to use an entertainment attorney for when it’s time to establish terms/producer agreement on beats with artists whether leasing or purchasing?

How do I go about researching what other producers are selling locally? I reside in Chicago which is a big city and it seems like there would be a ton of producers that I would have to research. Should I just go about it by asking the producers personally? I know that online I can just go to the site like Soundclick to see what producers are charging.
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How To Make Money For Your Studio

Posted by Ms.Tris On August - 7 - 2008

Good morning all!~ It’s 9:30 am EST, and I’m preparing for an early morning session. We usually start around 10:00 am. Yeah I know.. to early to blast some music, and you are feeling for the neighbors. No need to worry…. this is not an ordinary session. I am renting my studio to a hot producer, as well as teaching him how to use software. I don’t charge much, 1/2 price of the average recording session, and it works great for both of us.

There are tons of ways to make money while pressing on to that multi platinum production deal. Although we’d all like to do music just because we love to, I don’t see anything wrong with making a few dollars along the way. Especially when there is equipment to buy and software to upgrade.
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MusicTech.Net = Music Education For The Masses

Posted by Ms.Tris On July - 8 - 2008

This symbol represents a site that acknowledges music education bloggers. I am happy to say MsTrisMusic.Com is among the top 100….

Celebrate with me by clicking the link, making some time in your schedule to take a long visit. There is so much information…. I sorta feel like I’m in college. There are sites about practicing, theory, several tutorial sites, and lesson sites…the list is tremendous and I’m sure any musician will benefit from something that’s there….

Here’s a brief introduction excerpt from the site:
This site was established in order to spread the “word” faster about music, technology, and other related educational topics. This site was created by Dr. Prof. Joseph Pisano and began as a sub-domain of in August of 2006. It officially became in October of 2006.

Although many of the topics discussed here will be about music technology, you also find plenty of material that deals with the various forms of electronic technologies, that aren’t necessarily related to music, as well. From time to time, you may also find COMPLETELY unrelated topics that we feel are interesting to our readers. :)………

Now head on over to read the rest, and get a ship load of music education…:-)

MusicTech.Net….What It’s About

MusicTech.Net Home

If you are a Music Education Blogger, be sure to read requirements and apply for the list…

Happy Beat Making To All
Pz Til later

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How To Get Your Samples Cleared

Posted by Ms.Tris On June - 18 - 2008

The birds beat me getting up this morn, but I’m off into the music sphere early. To all my sample based producers that are on the rise, heres some valuable info on sample clearance.

Be sure to write down all the agencies, you may need them for that hit you just made.

How To Obtain Sample Clearance

Pz Til Later

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Independent Artist..Step In

Posted by Ms.Tris Beats On June - 11 - 2008

The Music Industry where is it? It appears to be more here on the net, than off line lately. That means that most of us are probably independent artist creeping up on a come up. I met a blogger on MyBlogLog about two weeks ago, and today I finally got the chance to really meet his blogs. There is tons of info for independent artist and labels, and his blogs are up to date. Check him out, you’ll probably be there for a while like I was… One is info for general independent musicians and the second adds more info geared toward Urban/HipHop independent artist..

Independent Music Strategies

Urban Music Strategies

……ok now I’m off to make some HHeeeaT 🙂
Pz Til later

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Production Contract Goldmine!

Posted by Ms.Tris Beats On May - 8 - 2008

To all producers out there just making hits with out agreements and don’t have a manager or lawyer yet…Here are some contracts I found after searching this morning. As always it is best to pay a entertainment lawyer to look into any legal contracts before you sign anything. production contracts

There’s a whole bunch of contracts there, all kinds..wooo weeee….I’m goin back and check out the site the same clicky clicky when you get there..pz til later

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