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Visiting New York City…

Posted by Ms.Tris On October - 6 - 2008

Hey all!~ I’m in New York..handling business and having a great time. Always keeping you up to date, wanted to let you know I’ll be back with a tutorial on Friday..and remember…
I can answer questions while mobile so feel free to continue asking…

I didn’t make this video, but it is surely what I’m seeing here in the Big Apple….

I got this from Werningshausen’s Youtube he has Germany and Chicago as well….enjoy 🙂
Pz Til Later ….much love!~

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Cowboys vs Eagles

Posted by Ms.Tris Beats On September - 16 - 2008

I haven’t been a football fan very long, and when I started watching it was only when the Ravens played. Once I began to understand, I got more and more into other teams. Even though I’m still a “watch what we’re up against” Ravens fan 🙂 I’m enjoying Football season more and more.

Last nights game was good…but wait…lol… what was Desean Jackson doing? A clear chance at making his first 6 points against rival Dallas, and in steps the clown. He let go of the football before making a 61 yard, well thrown, touchdown… in the NFL.. on Monday Night….The lessons of a rookie I guess, but he did something similar in high school. He looks like a great player, hope he can contain that ego, achieve much in the league, and skip the botch up # three….

Final score: Cowboys 41 , Eagles 37

Pz Til Later..
Live help today 1:00pm est 3:00 pm

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Back To School

Posted by Ms.Tris On September - 2 - 2008

Picture Courtesy of

Good morning all, I hope everything is going well. I am kind of on the last summer vacation this week, but I wanted to write a short post this morning for a little update.

I had a blast on the Eastern Shore of Maryland over the weekend. Family, friends, food and fun. I also took care of some official beat business. My cousins brother is managing a few artist. The Company is ” Marlo Inc.” One of his artist is a new R&B singer ” Smitty”. He’s been on the grind in NY with G-Unit, and you’ll be hearing alot from Smitty through DJ Rob E Rob. I was under the impression he was a rapper. They needed a club beat. I worked on it and it turned out hot. When it was time to mix the beat, it took me  All went great with our meeting, and Smitty’s going to make a hit!

When I checked in here,  producer Kaine had left a comment with questions about mixing. So next week I’ll dive into some mixing 101. Just in time for back to school, time to learn something new 🙂 …If there are any engineers who’d like to write a guest article feel free to hit me up though the contact page. I am getting better with mixing finally, but this is definitely an area in my production that I still need help.

I realize I need to be able to post when away from the lab, I’ll pick up a new smart phone on Friday, and we can roll mobile..yaaaay

Take care and keep banging out that heat.

Pz Til Later

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Life 5:Thou Shalt Not Fear…

Posted by Ms.Tris On September - 1 - 2008

I will not claim to be religious, nor will I claim that “I Am” not… “I Am” Spiritual. I care about  Love, Life, Unity and Peace. Fear not… Those who stand for Love, Life, Unity, and Peace,amongst all men, women, and  children… be encouraged. You are free to  be the light unto the world. May  Love, Life,Unity, and Peace, and be with you. You are not alone!


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Life 4: Congratulations To Michael Phelps

Posted by Ms.Tris Beats On August - 18 - 2008

photo courtesyPop Sugar

What a wonderful weekend it was here in Maryland. Michael Phelps won a whopping 8 gold medals!~ The weather was beautiful, The Ravens had a football game, and the excitement over the Olympic Swimmers filled the air.

We didn’t win the football game, but the Stadium was filled with supporters of Phelps. I was so excited almost as if I were about to jump in the water Thousands of fans held up signs for Michael, screaming and waving. The network sent the broadcast to China, and oh the smiling faces after the race.

Phelps is from Towson, Md., in Baltimore County about 8 minutes from Baltimore’s City Line. The magnitude of this historical moment lingers as we celebrate the win. Our city has many stories, and so many are born from crime and negativity. It feels good that Phelps is from here , and has accomplished one of the greatest feats in the history of the Olympic Games. Something incredible, something positive from Maryland to the world… Wow way to go Michael!~ Very inspiring..

Pz Til later

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John Chow Olympic Opening Ceremony Post

Posted by Ms.Tris On August - 10 - 2008

If you missed the opening ceremony, please google to see it, or visit NBC.Com…man oh man was that a marvelous show… I was reading a few blogs about the Olympics and John Chow has a few amazing photo’s posted… enjoy!~
John Chow.Com Olympic Ceremony Pictures

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Happy Birthday To You N Me Too…8/7

Posted by Ms.Tris On August - 7 - 2008

Wishing all my fellow “born today- ers” a very safe and Happy Birthday!~

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