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Live Help, Downloads,Special Anniversary Post

Posted by Ms.Tris On May - 30 - 2009


This is where I’ll be adding all the goodies today…online from now til 8pm..I’ll keep adding things here** in my best Frankie voice**holla so it wont be a man down situation lol

” Shout Outs”
1st online live 2day…
Adrian all the way from Britain!
My Homey Danja from Bmore!

First Free Download:

Some of my fav drums that have been with me since around 2003.. This is the best free kit I ever received made by Doru Malia THIS IS A RARE CLASSIC KITRIP to Doru Malaia …This man has given many producers great sounds…he unfortunately passed away in 2006 after a long illness..His spirit lives on in many of our productions

Cool Studio Tours.. MsTris says “WOW One day ..:-)”

The Beat Factory

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Elevate Hope Foundation: Therapy Through Music And Art

Posted by Ms.Tris On April - 27 - 2009

How are all of you? It’s a beautiful Monday here on the east coast, almost like we skipped spring and went straight to summer 🙂

I mentioned that I would be doing a write up on “Elevate Hope Foundation”. I have started this post about 3 times. I had to work through some tough memories, but finally my words can flow smoothly.

About Elevate Hope Foundation


Mission: (used by permission from the official EHF website)

Elevate Hope Foundation (EHF) is dedicated to providing abused and abandoned children an alternative method of therapy through music and the arts, and funding special services and programs that assist the needs of these children using these fundamental methods.

Co-founded in 2001 by entertainer Sheila E. and business manager, Lynn Mabry, EHF supports existing programs of their beneficiaries through monetary funding and in-kind donations e.g. musical instruments, art supplies, and work stations complete with computers, keyboards and applicable instructional software.

Over 65 percent of our grant dollars will be invested at the local community level. Outside financial support fills a viable niche in light of more conservative funding offered by the federal government.

Foster care systems and outreach programs alike share the urgent demand for funding and unite in this strong commitment to serve the needs of disadvantaged children…..continue reading complete Mission, Challenge, and Solution

Testimonials & Mission

I am honored to present a foundation that I believe in. A lot of times we hear about different programs and become skeptical about helping. I can honestly say The Elevate Hope Foundation is built on spiritual values and lead by Love. Sheila E. has helped many children over the years. She treats her fans practically like family. Although EHF was not officially established at the time, my life was personally affected by Sheila’s movement. I will share some of my story with you:
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Quick Update

Posted by Ms.Tris On March - 22 - 2009

Hey all I hope you are all well. Just a short update before the next post which will most likely be Tuesday.
Time For A Quick Update

I was super busy last week.. I had the most vocal sessions ever 🙂 Guess I’m really getting used to it now.

At the beginning of last week I had family in from out of town.. 3 days.. we had a very nice time.. I had to play catch up after that with the sessions..

I answered all of the comments, a few still need help which I will have to do from my main pc.. I’ll get to those this week also..

Thanks to twitter I am back on the beat grind a little more.. I will keep you posted on all the super connections I made last week.. be sure to follow me.. and let me know you are from the site 🙂

As usual I have a lot planned for the next few months.. including featured producers,interviews and prizes… If you have hot production and work with several artist..don’t be shy let me know. Maybe you can get featured here…To all local artist that know me..”You already know.. 🙂 just hit me on the celly”

I haven’t forgotten about a forum..I’m juggling a few things and would like to be able to moderate the forum efficiently..

I feel like I’m forgetting something when I remember I’ll let you know… till then it’s back to work..

OH I know..Did you see my Sat post? It’s the one that’s a little sloppy.. I did it as I was making the beat..that was a challenge..but I got it done and posted… it’s been 24 hours so now the beat comes down so I can finish it properly..hope the emcees caught the free download …I will tighten up that post …

Ok that’s all for now..much love!~

Happy Beat Making To All!~
Pz Til Later…

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Free Stuff: Beat Making Software

Posted by Ms.Tris On February - 5 - 2009

Almost Fridaaay :-)… I’ve got a 10:00am graphic design session so this will be a quick post linking you to a bunch of free programs…

Just opened the email from :

Fruity Loops Tutorials

NfX let me know about a new blog:Beat Makers Software

I’m looking through the blog then I have to get right to work….Hmnn looks like there are couple of things I might check out. The blog is new but has a lot of potential….click the link and get some free stuff. Remember to comment if you like something or donate a buck or two ….let them know Ms.Tris sent you..

Have a nice weekend all, be back Tuesday possibly Monday….I’ll be answering recent comments between now and the next post also…

Happy Beat Making To All!~
Pz Til Later

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Obama Fever!!

Posted by Ms.Tris On January - 19 - 2009

What’s up to all the super producers and everyone reading….oh the pain of the Ravens loosing last nights playoff but onto to the excitement in the air!~ It’s hard to put into words what’s going on in this area. Baltimore is about 35 minutes from Dc give or take a few minutes depending on the traffic. There are people from all over the world out and about, all here to get a glimpse of Barack Obama.

I am filled with Thankful thoughts.. even if you didn’t want Obama to win, please enjoy what his movement represents for America…Hope!~ With all the negative events happening around the globe, it is a great thing to see people of all races come together to celebrate on one accord..

We have plans to go to DC in the morning…I am one who can’t stand the cold…so maybe CNN and I will have a date tomorrow. Either way I’ll be watching history unfold with family and friends. Those of you who will be doing the same, remember to bundle up in thermals, wear gloves and hats…we have a long day ahead….

Here are some cool Obama videos to enjoy, and we’ll get back to music on Wednesday or Thursday..take care and much love!~

Barack Obama Speech Inaugural Celebration

U2 Remix “In The Name Of Love” Obama Concert

Beyonce HD “We Are One” Concert “America The Beautiful” Obama Inagural Jan. 18th 2009

Pz Til Later!~

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A New Year… A New You

Posted by Ms.Tris On January - 5 - 2009

A big net wave to all :-)… I hope you had a great Holiday Season as we kick off a New Year. I know you’ve got big plans, and I am wishing you much success in achieving them all! Remember it’s up to you to work hard at your goals. Try to put aside negative thoughts that will hinder great forward movement.

I’m stopping in, breaking the vacation ice… I’ll be back in full swing Wednesday morning…. missed you all while I was a way too !

Take care and lets get back to music…..we have 360 fresh new days to work with …have fun, be of good cheer…

Happy New Year!
Happy New You!
Happy Beat Making To All!
Pz Til Later

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Life 6:Back From New York

Posted by Ms.Tris On October - 10 - 2008

picture from

What’s up all… I’m back from a really nice trip to New York. I had company in town from L.A. via Aurora Colorado. When I lived in Colorado I met friends who later became like family. It was their first time to visit the East Coast. We had planned a day trip to New York which turned into a much longer stay.

I did most of the driving, and that alone was an experience New Yorkers drive Faaaaaast!~
I’ve been to New York several times, but never as a tour guide. I handled some retail business, visiting the wholesale district, and finding some great deals. We also hit many of the shopping areas and landmarks like Canal Street, The Empire State Building, and Greenwhich Village.

I think I’ve done more in the past seven days than I have ever done between Baltimore and New York. I must say that I was touched deeply at times. We were trying to reach the Staten Island Ferry, and winded up driving in a few circles. At one point there was a bit of aggravation as we turned wrong turn after wrong turn. I remember making a right down a little alley…and before I could yell at someone to look at the directions, I saw several people sitting on some steps gazing deeply across the street. We had reached “Ground Zero” with all it’s construction, cranes, and brown canvased fencing. It was an uneasy feeling as we all forgot we were lost. I slowed down and said a prayer. The light turned red, and we came to a halt. The car stopped in front of an opening, exposing a deep cavity; empty space, where two of the tallest buildings in the world once stood.The magnitude of the area was overwhelming, and eerie. Words can’t describe the emotions I felt, I had to park and get myself together. My heart goes out to my fellow Americans, and those who lost loved ones on 911. My eyes were opened to the reality of world affairs. I couldn’t help but think about other countries who continue to struggle for the freedom we have. It reminded me to be vigilant, and continue to help how, and when I can for the good of all people.

Now it’s time to get back to work. I know…. today I feel different. It is as if recent events have touched my soul. I want to remind you not to take life for granted. Be the best you that you can be, continue to express your talents. There is a lot of fear in many hearts around the world. To all the musicians, writers, athletes, and artist reading; your gifts are not yours to keep hidden. Share them with the world, you never know who needs some uplifting moments. If you are reading and say ” I don’t have a talent”, oh but you do…. we can all help each other through support, patience, and encouragement.

Pz Til Later…Be Inspired!~

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