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Studio Clean Up

Posted by Ms.Tris On December - 16 - 2010

Brrrr if you are on the east coast bundle up…snow is falling now!

I’m fixing things in my lab this week. I installed a new hard drive to my pc, as well as got help from Gee Wiz to get the thing up and running again. I decided to clean up my lab, since I had a bunch of old drives pulled out.

Just wanted to stop in and remind you to back up your drives, and get organized for the New Year. This is a good time to air out the pc or mac, dust the shelves etc. What projects do you have going? Hit me up with links or drop a line in comments if you’d like to be featured..

I’m going to get back to work so I can hurry and get back to mixing tracks and writing post 🙂

Happy Studio Cleaning!
Pz Til Later!~

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Site Update: 9-15-10

Posted by Ms.Tris On September - 15 - 2010

Hey to all my wonderful supporters..just a little note to let you know I will be posting again very soon. This last technical mishap really put me in an ” I just don’t feel like it” mood. Between editing video, and photos..making beats..running sessions…taking care of puppies and..well,.. I think you get what I’m saying…lol.. I just couldn’t move myself to write anything worth publishing.

This one hit me hard because I spent so much time getting the new improved site going and rolling smooth. The problem this time was, my site pointed to a wrong directory on the server. I’m just happy I finally had time to get things fixed…”one more again”.. Thanks (for the 4th time) for sticking with me…you know I always come back even better :)..

While I’m on technical site stuff, please remember that I feed off your input. I know we’ve been through a few downtimes… but keep the comments coming so I’ll know what tutorials you need, what you like, or even don’t like. Your comments are appreciated much. All I ask is keep them clean, and spam free…I usually answer as soon as I can, within a couple days or before the end of the week…

Much love to All…
Pz Til Later!~

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Life:Backstage w/ Sheila E.

Posted by Ms.Tris On August - 2 - 2010

Happy Monday All! I have a lot of work to do, and a short work week. I have sessions, headed to Ravens Training Camp, and my birthday is Sat.. woo hoo very exciting times over here….

I hope you all are taking advantage of Twitter and Facebook. Dave Koz, Johnathan Butler, and Sheila E did a show here on Friday. You all know I’m a huge supporter of Sheila E. By her being the 1st woman I know that played drums, she has inspired my career. When I was young she inspired my life as well. I wrote about this in my Elevate Hope Foundation Post.

Well I connected with her on FB and twitter sometime last year. I wasn’t sure if she even knew who I was, because we met me before I started using Ms.Tris Beats. I had planned to go to the show, and really hadn’t thought I’d be able to go backstage.
There is always a higher power working! I logged onto twitter early Friday, and offered to take her to lunch. She gave me an early birthday present….YUP! She invited me and my guests backstage!! Yaaay!

When we arrived security wouldn’t let us do anything before or during intermission.(Booo)… Everyone on the bill gave us more than our moneys worth for sure. It really touched me to see so many people just showing love to the performers.

I really tried to take as many pictures as I could with my little phone 🙁 that was a big FAIL on my part. So many people had cameras in the venue, and I didn’t take mine…

Being as though she was a special guest, I wasn’t expecting to see her perform a lot of her material. To my surprise she did ” “Holly Rock”, and “Love Bizarre” during the 1st set before intermission.

The 1st time I saw Sheila E. perform live was at Blues Alley, a Jazz venue. It was more layed back than the Pier Six Pavillion here in Baltimore. I kept telling my friends I hope she performs “Glamorous Life”. I knew if she did, it would not be the Jazz version she did at Blues Alley….I probably said it 20 times that

Dave Koz and Jonathan Butler were awesome. I was not very familiar with latest material. They did such a great job, I’m gonna purchase their cd’s, and get to know them more. At the end of the show Dave introduced the band. Talk about a funky time, we were all dancing and clapping.

Sheila was not on stage, and I knew what was coming next. People were leaving, and Sheila returned to the stage. The crowd went wild. All of her fans went to the front, including me. I had to apologize to one guy lol, but that was the moment I had been waiting for. I was pumped when I heard the 1st three seconds of “Glamorous Life”…. She tore the house down with her playing!

I did attempt to get footage, my phone cam just would not focus with all the stage lights. I found a video which is pretty close to what we saw:
Sheila E. The Glamorous Life Live
July 29th 2010 posted by Krazemex on youtube

Okay the adrenaline was going… time to head back and talk to Sheila. Security was tight, but I sent the message to her, and they let us in. We waited about ten minutes, and Sheila came to see us. I had my own drumsticks with me for her to sign. She was like” Hey those aren’t my drumsticks..let me go get mine”…straight from the amazing show I got the sticks 🙂

Sheila E has a lot of love in Baltimore. When I walked around with those drumsticks, about 20 people literally begged me, even offered money for at least 1 stick WOW…

My peeps TRIED 🙁 to take a picture of Sheila and I, right before we left…Booo hoo again! When I took the phone, all in a hurry I forgot to SAVE save 1st….My pic didn’t turn out, but hers did:
( sorry she didn’t want me to post her picture, so I just blurred her side lol)

We talked for a long time, then she had to get to the meet n greet with other fans. What a night! Sheila E. is a legendary artist. Sheila has played with just about every musician you have heard of this lifetime!

I consider her a mentor. I’ve followed her career for many years. One of the most cherished moments of the night is her giving me a compliment about my work. 🙂 She told me she checked out the site, and likes the work I’m doing. Talk about fuel to my artistic fire! That really meant a lot to me. I feel so thankful today. Thanks again to “The E”…

Pz Til Later All!
Ms. Tris Beats..

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Please Vote For: A Beautiful Day

Posted by Ms.Tris On July - 21 - 2010

Hey Hey all please vote for my cousins in the Six Flags Contest 🙂 they are out to become the next pop stars. This tune was written the last day of entry and made the cut.
They have been singing since they were tiny tots. We lost their mother, and my aunt Cheryl in 2003. I am viewing in tears of joy, seeing God’s work and creativity passed on to them. I know she is smiling in heaven as I am now…way to go girls! This really has inspired me to see a” Beautiful Day”

It only takes a second to vote, no sign ups or is the direct link:
Beautiful and vote here..Thanks Much
Ms.Tris Beats

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Ms.Tris Beats Latest News:7-12-10

Posted by Ms.Tris On July - 12 - 2010

Good Morn All! The birds had nothing on me today..I’ve already been to Petsmart, cleaned the lab a little, and set up a few Maschine templates.

Been pretty busy with a few things lately. I was the photographer for a wedding in NJ. I Did a very nice video, and photo DVD. WoW! it was so much work editing, cropping photos etc., but I enjoyed every minute. The couple was very pleased, and I’ll be doing another in August.

I’ve had a few sessions, and of course working on a lot of summertime projects with local artist. I am doing a Solo project with Mr. Rath of Subkrew , who’s out in California. I’m very excited about this because it’s been a while since I sole produced an entire cd.

I’m also working with Golden Seal, a female duo who’s been off the scene, and is making a return in a big way. Check out their last video ” Sista’s Pimpin”

Yes!..I’m getting my engineering on finally :). We’ve been in the lab, and we are cooking up some heat for late summer/fall.

I got my tiny maltipoo “Zsa Zsa” spayed. She’s the last of three pets to get right for

For all my football fans,wouldn’t you love to walk out on the field? Well I had the chance to do that at M&T Bank Stadium. This is home to the “Mighty Purple”, The “Who Let The Dawgs Out”.. The BALTIMORE RAVENS! :). I’m a huge Ravens fan, and it was such a treat to see things up close and personal:

This week it’s back to blogging along with music yaay :). I’ve got many beats to do, and post to write.

What have you all been up to this summer? Hit me up let me know what’s good…

Happy Beat Making To All!~
Pz Til Later

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2 Years Strong! Live Help All Day

Posted by Ms.Tris On May - 27 - 2010

WOW .. MsTrisMusic.Com is officially 2 years new :-).. What a year we’ve had. There were a lot of kinks to work through in the 2nd year. The site was down twice, and I had to change my entire theme. I lost some visits in the process, as well as a sponsor or two. This post will update you on the latest happenings:
I think I mentioned I was getting a new puppy…well I winded up getting two. I love my lil puppies :Quick cellphone pic of Zsa Zsa and GiGi(puppybear):

This is my first try at a little logo I like it so far. I can draw,but I admit I’m no photoshop expert (yet ;-))… If any one out there does graphic design and can help tighten this up let me know…

I learned so much about music and blogging. I also learned how to better manage my time. As music projects rolled in, I had less and less time to post. There were a few days I got very frustrated about my site issues, and I can’t post if I’m not inspired to write. With all this I still press on.. 🙂

Going through the site the last few months I noticed a lot of things that I need to tighten up. I am spending the entire day online, right here at MsTrisMusic.Com. I’ll be fixing category issues, working on adding thumbnails to the sidebar widgets, and much more. This means I will be available for Live Help as well.
easy to use: edit user name, type your message, and I will respond as soon as possible. Today 12:30pm-7pm EST

Last year I did a full day of celebrating. Under the circumstances 🙁 I’ll have to do it different this year. I still have producers and artist to feature, free sounds, and more that are well overdue. I’ve come up with a little schedule:

Today I’ll post what I can while working behind the scenes. The weekend (Fri-Mon.) will be spent with family for the holiday, and Tues-Thursday we’ll get to the bulk of the goodies.

I definitely plan on year 3 being better. In order for that to happen, I must continue to adjust the site properly.

So as I thank GOD for the learning experience, and continuation, I would also like to thank YOU all for reading and going through the technical storms with me…I truly value your support and comments!

Much Love!
Ms.Tris Beats

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Starbucks Free Coffee April 15th

Posted by Ms.Tris On April - 14 - 2010

Afternoon all! Over here getting my crate digging on. I haven’t checked my vinyl in a long time. I need to get some heavy kicks. I know a lot of folks are grabbing samples off the net, but there’s something about that analogue sound of the wax ;-)…..

For the coffee drinkers, Starbucks is giving out free coffee tomorrow. It’s a campaign to help save the earth. Just take a refillable mug and get your caffeine on. Check the : site for more details.

Be back in a few with music stuff…
Pz Til Later All!

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