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Posted by Ms.Tris Beats On May - 9 - 2008

Yup I Im a serious blogger..** sings aint no stoppin us now** 🙂

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News For Bloggers

Posted by Ms.Tris Beats On May - 9 - 2008

I’m really enjoying this whole blogging far it’s opened doors to endless possibilities on how I will share my production info. Eventually I will incorporate some live help maybe through google talk or something. I believe in helping up coming producers. I know when I started making beats, many established producers helped me.

The plan this morning was to bang out a few hot tracks and update the beat page. By the way..I added two new beats yesterday :-). My updates will be pretty frequent now. I mentioned that I’m doing a lot more composing so it takes me a lil longer to finalize the mix etc. With time that will get better…anywho’s…

For those who’d like to blog and need some’s a great site with tons of information. I am finding more and more sites like this….but he’s got a lot of tips even on money making.. check it out and get to bloggin successfully…

ProBlogger.Net..Great Blog Material Here

(more links soon of course)

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Production Contract Goldmine!

Posted by Ms.Tris Beats On May - 8 - 2008

To all producers out there just making hits with out agreements and don’t have a manager or lawyer yet…Here are some contracts I found after searching this morning. As always it is best to pay a entertainment lawyer to look into any legal contracts before you sign anything. production contracts

There’s a whole bunch of contracts there, all kinds..wooo weeee….I’m goin back and check out the site the same clicky clicky when you get there..pz til later

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Sorta Off Topic1:Hip Hop Love

Posted by Ms.Tris Beats On May - 7 - 2008

LoL …. Isn’t funny how we become match makers when certain couples get together… I mean entertainers are human and fall in love. Some pop up on the news when they are about to marry after being in a long time relationship. These are people like Toni Braxton, Mary J… they may get a one nighter on shows like TMZ..and America says aaawww that’s so good..She’s/He’s getting married…
Others???… Tabloid paradise. I’m guilty of being in shock a couple times I really know these folks.. I’d be right along with everybody sayin “they just don’t seem like a match”…lol
and the winners are:

Mariah and Nick… :-0

Beyonce and Jay…. I admit they grew on its B-ay Z

Whitney and Bobby

Janet and Jermaine…K they grew on me

The ones who are together.. I’m giving my blessings, and as of today I’m gonna leave any new celebrity couples to be free in love.. 🙂

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T.I. Type Free Download

Posted by Ms.Tris Beats On May - 3 - 2008

This beat has been a huge sucess over on soundclick…It’s one of my older crunk beats..the type T.I. would make a sure hit to. You may use this beat for non -commercial purposes like myspace, free demos etc. You may distribute up to 1000 copies on a non commercial level/ free giveaway.. You may use the beat for up to 14 months. Ms.Tris Beats retains all copyrights to the beat. Must Give production credit to : Ms.Tris Beats.

Enjoy and send a link to your songs so I can hear your lyrical fire!

T.I. Type Free Download
T.I. Type Free Download Beat

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I Was A Sample Queen…

Posted by Ms.Tris Beats On April - 30 - 2008

I remember a time when Hiphop was a baby. Back then I had already decided that I wanted to be a star. With rap, that dream seemed one I was able to reach. I started rhyming at a young age. I always loved music and now, destiny had touched me on the shoulder.
I spent years writing notebook after notebook. Studying the great female emcees at the time. I practiced, I rhymed , I recorded songs..always striving to reach “The Industry”. That place never arrived the way I expected.
I had a producer who had his own home studio. We were on the way to that ^place. One day he decided that producing rap music wasn’t right for him. I was left without a producer, but I had something even bigger. I had music inside. I realize now; that year, was a turning point in my life.
Making a long story very short, I bought a small keyboard and began to tinker around. Along with every artist, I thought I made the hottest songs ever created by man One day I’m gonna share some of those lil recordings…
HipHop was flourishing as a full fledge genre. I could only play the keyboard by ear,but that never mattered. My favorite producers at the time Dr.Dre, Rza, Pete Rock,& Havoc all used samples. They were my teachers through sound. Almost every producer/beatmaker mimicked their styles until they created their own. I had no idea that it was against the law to sample. I bought an Asr 10 and started collecting material. I started doing what I heard the big producers do, take a song that you like and make a beat.Today I have over 1400

Some of my collection


Once I started to sample it became a lil more than just me making beats.It’s hard to describe, and I’m sure you’ve heard the term ” The Art Of Sampling”. Some will say what kind of art is in stealing other peoples music? I’d have to respond….” Do you think the average 17 yr old knows the laws of copyrights?” Speaking for myself I didn’t understand or know the laws until 5 yrs into my career. When I first heard about copyright infringement, I was told oh it’s okay to use 13 secs…So I sampled on.This was the main way to make Hiphop for many many years.

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Free No Air Snare Kit

Posted by Ms.Tris Beats On April - 28 - 2008

I decided to post up my infamous No Air snare kit. This was made back in 2004. Alot of producers are using it. The idea was to have a crisp snare kit deleting all the air/noise at the end of the wav file, adding a lil eq and volume boosting. I also made a ” Ms.Tris Mighty Drum Kit” I will post the link to that a lil later. You can pick that up from my myspace page or soundclick for now.The drum kit should be used as addition to your arsenal… the main focus was KNOCKIN KICKS…I will explain more on that later when I post the official link here. or

here are the free snares …I am sure you will like these.
FREE Ms.Tris No-Air Snares

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