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How To Track Out A Beat: Fl Studio 8

Posted by Ms.Tris Beats On June - 11 - 2008

Back at it today tracking out a beat from Fl Studio 8. This is a brief 2 part tutorial because Fl Studio has an automatic function that separates the instrument channels. There is one step you will have to manually do. Assign each “sample channel” to its own “Mixer channel”. Unlike Reason, you will do this before you make the beat. In Reason this is done as you add devices once your options are set up properly.

Load up your start up .flp. Next go to first channel,( in this tutorial it’s a kick) left click the channel. The channel settings panel will open.

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How To Track Out A Beat: Reason 3.0

Posted by Ms.Tris Beats On June - 10 - 2008

You have sold your first beat, and the artist ask ” can I get that tracked out?”…what the? O.k. let’s “break” it down so to speak. When you made your beat you used several different sounds and instruments. When an artist wants to record, they will usually want the beats elements separated for better control over the mix. Say the artist is rapping and needs to emphasize a verse, he/she may want to take out everything but the bass line, kick, and snare. This is impossible to do with a stereo mix, so the producer will need to separate each instrument to import into a multi track environment.

Separating the track also allows greater control over the actual master mix of the beat. You will have all your kicks, snares, bass etc. separate so when you add fx to the kick, ONLY THE KICK gets that effect.This process takes extra time, but in order to perfect your mix, you will have to do this in some way or form. Let’s take a look at how this is done on various equipment and software. I will use Reason as the main example today, and continue tomorrow with others like FL Studio 8 and later on this month, the Mpc2500. This is what I am actually doing today for Artist Ogun Oguns (pronounced Ogoon) Myspace Page

Reason 3.0 etc.
(I have only used up to Reason 3.0 so I am not sure if 4.0 has updated this feature)
You have your finished beat loaded into Reason. Next you will need to solo each instrument one at a time, and go to “File: Export Song As Audio File” from main menu. You will see in the picture below, I have pushed “S”(solo) on the Dr Rex Track I am exporting first. Once it highlights to green, all of the other tracks will be muted and the respective “M” (mute) for all other tracks turn red.

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“Beat” Your Boredom

Posted by Ms.Tris On June - 9 - 2008

Free Games
After all this 10 straight days of it..I’m gonna take a breather today. I’m geared up to play some if you need a break here’s some fun stuff. Some classics I used to play from back in the day……Now don’t go playing all day enjoy. I’ll probably add to these we’ll see… Read the rest of this entry »

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Moving From Free To Hosted WordPress

Posted by Ms.Tris Beats On June - 7 - 2008


OOOOh K…Here’s the latest Hosting news. I’ve gotten several readers who are on board. Now everyones pointed to two far I haven’t had any down time. This is the NEW blog ,The NEW Crib, The NEW spot..the new..well you get the picture….

WordPress support is closed over the I will get it all straightened out early next week.
Musicians and anyone who wants to start a blog/site heres what I’m going through…. “MsTris’s Blog Experience 101”

I started with a free wordpress blog. It’s been working fine, but the possibilities of designing, and adding widgets was limited because free wordpress doesn’t allow java script. I found out from Sho Down over at Rock It Pro ,that I needed to have a hosted site to be in total control. I signed up with blue host because they give so much for 6.95 per month.

UNLIMITED Hosting Space (NEW!) UNLIMITED File Transfer (NEW!) Host UNLIMITED Domains!!! 2,500 POP/Imap Email Accounts , SSH (Secure Shell), SSL, FTP, Stats, CGI, Ruby (RoR), Perl, PHP, MySQL, 2000/2002 Front Page Extensions, Free Domain Forever!, Free Site Builder (NEW), 24/7 Superb/Responsive Sales/Support
I already owned my domain through Yahoo Domain Service, and it’s paid for the year so I didn’t want to move it….
…So I signed up to BlueHost last Friday and installed WordPress 2.5 using Bluehost’s Simple Script application. I got a lil frustrated because I couldn’t see anything but I knew I had hosting. WordPress is installed, the next step was to change Yahoo’s Dns settings to point to BlueHost. Remembering I had not designed anything at BlueHost, I changed the settings but redirected yahoo to my free wordpress(here). BlueHost support was great. They showed me how to start designing through live chat which was fast and to the point. Blue Host gave me my temporary address(an IP numerical address), and I was off to uploading my new themes. What I didn’t know is it takes anywhere from 2- 72 hours for a Dns change. So I frantically typed in my main addy to check, while using the temp addy to design on last Friday,Saturday,and Sunday. Read the rest of this entry »

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Mpc2500:Midi Notes In Numeric Order

Posted by Ms.Tris Beats On June - 4 - 2008

If you are using the Midi function on your Mpc2500, you’ll want the notes to go in chromatic order. This is pretty easy to do. Hit “MODE” then hit “MIDI/SYNC” to open the “Default Assign” screen pictured below

next scroll to the first midi note “37(C#1)”. Using the “DATA WHEEL” turn it left until you reach “35(B 0)”. You have just changed “37 (C#1) to 35(B )”. This is the lowest possible midi note on the Mpc2500. Use the “CURSER” right arrow and move to next midi note it should read “36( C 1)”. Use the “CURSER” right arrow to the next midi note which by default is on “42 (F#1)”, change that to “37 (C#1)”. You can see now that it’s going in numeric order, as well as midi note order equal to notes on a piano. In this lesson our next notes would be “*38 (D 1)” . Here is where your curser movement changes to get to the next level of notes. Your 4 bottom notes go from 35-38. Next hit ” Curser Up” function then “Curser left” to get to the first note on second row “40( E 1)”, following order change that to “*39 (D#1)”, then curser right to next note and change it to “40( E 1)…Continue through each bank “Banks A-D” placing each note to the right in numeric order. Now you’re set to play midi notes in order. This also sets the Mpc up to control your Vst instruments in order. Once you have your midi connections correct, if you are controlling something like the FL Studio Slicer, you can play your samples in order 1-36 , from the mpc. feel free to ask questions or leave comments….

Pz Til Later


Happy Beat Making

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Monday Morning Goodies…

Posted by Ms.Tris Beats On June - 2 - 2008

Hey all, hope everything is going smooth. I went with BlueHost hosting for the blog and it’s been a smooth transition. Eventually I will get a custom theme, I’d like to design it myself so it will take some time. For now I’ve chosen a free one from the net. Here’s what the screen shot looks like:

There are a lot of cool themes and blogging info there. Scroll through and check em out BlogPerfume
I’ve transferred all post, and I’m adding the links today….
For todays production category I’m going to continue with a few Fruityloops Tutorials from the “Tube of You’s”…..

Rewire Reason To Fl Studio 8:
This is pretty cool and quick. I haven’t tried this yet, but it appears to be the way I read in the Fl help file ** hint hint..HELP in any application is your friend**….

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Life1..Be Inspired

Posted by Ms.Tris Beats On May - 31 - 2008

Let The “Son” Shine In…

Charles Dickens:
“This is a world of action, and not for moping and droning in”
Musicians, artist, mothers, fathers, sisters,brothers, family and friends…please be inspired! If you are feeling discouraged in life, it is time to re direct that negative energy into something positive. This quote is a simple way to do so. The energy it takes to think about what you are lacking or to replay a depressing occurrence can be turned positive with effort. Do something active…go for a walk..clean the back some jumping something to take your thoughts off that dark “blotch” in mind….stay active, stay positive,…stay inspired…

Pz Til Later
Ms.TRuth Is Soul

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