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Vintage Imperial:Postive Song For All The Ladies

Posted by Ms.Tris On June - 26 - 2008

Vintage ImperialI was officially done posting today,but I had to come back one more again. AJ Rok Woodson hit me with an interesting email:

This email was inspired by what i saw last night on Hip Hop Vs America on BET.
We are quick to talk about and complain about what’s wrong with hip-hop, about the lyrics and images that are being force fed to out youth, to our young sisters.
We are quick to forward every email about R Kelly, Don Imus and anything else that negative, but rarely do we do anything about it. Conversation is good but its only a start.
I am doin promotions for a Atlanta based rap group called Vintage Imperial, they have a new record called GIRLS ROCK TOO!
Now I challenge everyone, especially my sistahs who are tired or the negative portrayal of females in hip-hop.
Listen to this records, if ya feel it, forward to all your people, post this track on your myspace pages, your blogs, your black planet pages, your websites, put in on ya mp3 player, burn to a cd and play in ya cars, play it for ya daughters and ya sons for that matter
Artists like these don’t receive love for commercial radio and entities like BET and MTV. These records don’t get written about in your major newspapers or magazines like Ebony, Jet, and Essence. So rarely do you know they exist. Today is your chance to change that.
So we are goin to by past the commercial radio stations, BET and other entities that
keep feeding our kids the poison, and go straight to the people. Enuf people feel this and talk about this and post this and play this, the radio must step up to the plate.
While this is not ya traditional way or working a record, traditional ways arent working anymore.

“When you do the common things in life in an uncommon way,

you will command the attention of the world.”

– Dr. George Washington Carver

Now I know this will not single-handedly change the face of hip-hop by itself, but neither does sitting around the water cooler or wherever complaining about it. But until we let the world know these kind of records exist, until we let them know there is real hip hop out there we cant expect people to play or request these songs. So I am on a mission to get the word out by any means necessary and the same way we forward emails with negative news to everyone in our address books, I challenge you to do the same with this email.
help spread the word. Lets stop saying what’s bad and show the world what’s good.
For more information, for drop request for your shows, your interview request
contact AJ Woodson/ Big Mouth Ntertainment at 678-548-9904 or
You want a change, you want to hear something different, show the major corporations that control what you listen to and watch that you want more and
help me spread the word about this track and others like this.

“Girls Rock Too”

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Help spread the the song:

Right click then save file as

Girl’s Rock Too (free download)

Vintage Imperial Myspace Page

Have A Blessed Day!!!!!
A.J. Woodson

Heavy Rotation Magazine Radio
the magazine you listen to!!!
on The Best Jam (dot) com

Saturday Nights 10pm – midnight
sign up for newsletter to get all the latest info on the show at

hear the archived shows at – Internet Radio Reporter
Freelance Hip hop Journalist
and Professional Hip-Hop Junkie

More From The Artist

Vintage Imperial Video

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Battle Emcees: MD. DC. VA. DE and Beyond

Posted by Ms.Tris On June - 26 - 2008

In the nature of Hip Hop… C-Love is bringing the storm! Every 4th Thursdays Emcees can battle it out for a chance to win $$500$$ COLD Cash ..Dolla Dolla Bills Yall… Check out the flyer,stop by C-Love’s Myspace, or check out the official NO GUTS NO GLORY website for more info:

The Trailer:Trailer #1: Street Dreamz/ Fingaz Filmz Background Sound: Ms. Tris Beats

C-Love Myspace (No Guts No Glory Host)

NoGutsNoGloryOnline.Com The Official Battle Site

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Throwback Thursday: En Vogue, SWV, and TLC

Posted by Ms.Tris On June - 26 - 2008

Alicia Keys BET performance was super. The crowd went wild when Alicia took us back to the 90’s top girl groups. Some of the younger viewers were probably like ” who are they?”…. These groups paved the way for Destiny’s Child. There was alot of buzz around the performance because both En Vogue and SWV members have had in house problems. TLC suffered the major lost of 3rd member, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez.
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Akai Mpc 3000 :Dirty South

Posted by Ms.Tris On June - 24 - 2008

Good morning to all..This is a requested tutorial for the Mpc 3000. NewToProduction wanted to know how to make a dirty south “3 6 Mafia” style beat. I have the 2500 and wasn’t sure about the 3000. I went on the hunt and found a few things that may help out… Anyone with the 3000 feel free to add your tips through comments….

There is no set way to get a double time beat . Some people speed the tempo, some use time signatures, and some producers can tap it out manually then quantize. Here I will use the method of changing the time signature, because this was a specific request. The “Time Signature” specifies how many beats are in a measure. This tutorial is to get you headed in the right direction on the Mpc3000, preparing to make a dirty south beat. I won’t be making the actual beat of course, but sharing suggestions on how I would try it if I had the 3000 in front of me. Some producers double the tempo 1st. I like to work with the time signature due to the click track or “metronome” when I record. The click track stays at a normal BPM which makes it easier to count the beats and stay in the pocket when working with double time dirty south beats.

Akai Mpc3000 Manual: Akai Mpc 3000 Manual

Start with a basic 4 bar loop, set tempo to 75 BPM to chnage the time signature refer to page 91 in the manual.
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Rewire Reason 3.0 to Fl Studio 8

Posted by Ms.Tris On June - 20 - 2008

Today I’m gonna dive into rewire. I’m gonna use Fl Studio 8 rewired to Sonar Le. First thing I do is open my help file, and follow the instructions. So far so good. Next I decided I want to use Reason and Fl Studio later on, rewired to Sonar… So I start fiddling with the options…. 1/2 hour into this, and I’m ready to just make the beat…lol
Hmnn Fl Studio 8 and Reason..some might say ” why would you want to do that?” For me Fl Studio gives the kick a grimy underground HipHop sound, and Reason synths have better quality without as much tweaking. That’s it… no more no less… both programs are awesome. Remember I told you I am just getting deep into mixing, so right now I have to do the best mix I can inside the software then export and mix in my editor. I’ve often made beats with Reason wishing I had that grimy kick from Fl Studio… okay so here we are… I ” you tubed ” it 🙂 and found this quick video that shows how to rewire Reason 3.0 to Fl Studio 8, from the picture the producer looks young but his beat is pretty hot too… let’s get to it

Aighty I’m off to make some new heat..time to update the beat section. I’m still working on the pages but coming soon you’ll have all the Ms.Tris Beats in categories… yaay.

**All emcees stop back later I’m gonna do a ” Friday Freebie”…**

Happy Beat making To All
Pz Til Later…..

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Snare Rolls : Reason 3.0 Using The NNXT

Posted by Ms.Tris On June - 19 - 2008

Aahh the infamous Dirty South Snare Roll, Mannie Fresh was the king of this supersonic 808 roll when Southern Rap was on the rise. Heres a clip of “Real Big”, though he may not have been the first, Mannie definitely made the 808 roll popular.
Snare Rolls Mannie Fresh’s Real Big
Free 808 Snr

How I achieve this in Reason:

I like to use the NNXT for snare rolls instead of the ReDrum. I find that I can tweak the snare .wav better, and have more control over the dynamics. (I will continue next week with Fl Studio Snare Rolls, but if you are an Fl user can apply this same concept in the Fl piano roll)

I load my 808 Sn into the NNXT

Add Snare To NNXT

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A Milli Sold: LiL Wayne Gives A Thank You

Posted by Ms.Tris On June - 18 - 2008

I know you heard..Lil Wayne sold 1 Million copies the first the middle of a the genre that folks are saying is dead…hope for Hip Hop?

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