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More About Reaper: 4 Reasons I Love It

Posted by Ms.Tris On December - 19 - 2008

Happy Friday All…

Vocal sessions are going now!~ I have stated that this area of engineering has not been my favorite. Out of all the things I do in music, I guess this where I needed the most practice.

I’ve done vocal recording a lot using several different programs and even a Tascam 8 track disc recorder.

When it came to lining up hooks and all the small clips, it seemed to take me forever lol. Although many programs have vertical guidelines at beginning of the bars, sometimes it would still take a few minutes to line up several waves.

I introduced Reaper Software about two weeks ago:
Reaper My New Favorite Software

Some things I appreciate about Reaper are: # 1 Sound Quality , #2 Easy Options For Midi,Rewire, and Vst/Vst Instrument plugins. In comes the #3 reason I am loving Reaper. It is so easy to line up elements of the song. Reaper has guidelines at the beginning of the bars, and smaller guidelines in between. Here are images of a couple songs in Reaper. You can also see some amazing color and how the wav form looks on screen. My #4 Reason for loving Reaper? The artist in me loves the visuals :-):

Pretty nice huh? The more I use it the more I love it. Let’s take a look at a few videos of Reaper in use. I just found these, I’ll watch with you, then get to mixing some beats for updates…enjoy
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Answering Questions From Recent Comments

Posted by Ms.Tris On December - 17 - 2008

Starting off today with some answers to questions in recent comments. Thanks again all who are taking time to leave messeges…

…… First, I added the 3 kicks and then tried tweaking’em individually, but it tweaked them as 1 unit. For example, When i click to tweak the 2nd kick and tweak it, it would erase my prior tweak to the 1st kick and replace it…

This question is about the layered kicks in the Reason NNXT:
To adjust one layer in the NNXT you will have to hightlight 1 zone at a time, then tweak it . You could continue to tweak each layer this way, and have a totally new sound from what you loaded.

…..i want to produce kinda old-Kanye West style beats the ones he did for Jay-Z (pure east coast)…. what instruments would u recommend…..
Pierre F.

Back then Kanye was almost 100% sample based. Check out some old soul samples from the 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s…the possibilities are endless, but keep in mind that a lot of the greatest bands have been sampled over and over from those years. Try searching for that sound from imported groups from France for example… you’d be surprised how much soul music can be found from other areas which have never been sampled….
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Reason4.0 Tutorial Beat

Posted by Ms.Tris On December - 16 - 2008

This is my finished beat idea from last weeks tutorial post…
Reason 4.0 Dirty South Tutorial: Advanced

I’ve got the beat in a decent arrangement. The factory drums from the Reason sounbank?…. um…not really working for me. I worked on them a little inside Reason. Please remember I only used them for tutorial purposes.

I didn’t do many changes to this basic arrangement. I added effects to all the modules like scream and flangers. I added a reverb on the snare. I also added a few harmonic pieces before the hook.

The final steps I would do to this beat is mix it properly. I would definitely change the kick, or redo the pattern on the Mpc. I would add some sound effects, and mute some instruments when changing to the hook. The complete mix itself would be a new lesson. This tutorial is more about making an actual dirty south beat in Reason more so than the mix. You will notice I haven’t started putting mixed beats up with the tutorials because I don’t mix beats completely in the software anymore. We will get into that soon, for now here is a rough copy for use on mix cd’s etc. to all my emcees out there reading.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

right click to download beat for promotional use only…

Reason 4 Tutorial Beat Idea For Promotional Use Only

Free 2 Download: $00.00

you may distribute up to 1000 copies
on a non-commercial level or
use the beat up to 14 months

Must Give production credit to: Ms.Tris Beats on all purchased/leased/download compositions. Ms.Tris Beats retains all rights until compositions are purchased for exclusive use

Overall, I am sure someone can spit something hot over this one, and you have a good idea of how I start some of my Dirty South Beats In Reason 4.0. Keep in mind that the tutorials are just guidelines to get you going in the right direction easily. I don’t always start all beats this way. Sometimes I may start with all the elements that make the hook, or with a main melody and add chords. Go with the feeling and find a way that works best for you… remember to try new things and have fun..

Happy Beat Making To All
Pz Til later

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Recent Comments/ Todays Updates…

Posted by Ms.Tris On December - 16 - 2008

image free printable business 2009 card calendar.( I got mine 🙂 )

What’s good family? Just a little note to those who have left comments recently. There are a lot of great questions, and I’ve decided to answer them with a post- maybe today, maybe tomorrow. I really want to stress how your questions help fuel this site. Thanks for all the support, and check back for your answers soon.  Any new fam leaving comments please know that I answer all comments as soon as I have time to do it properly and not rushing.

Reason 4 Tutorial Beat: I was supposed to wrap up the tutorial yesterday, my broadband has been acting up lately… I reset some settings this morning, and so far so good. I’ll be posting the final step and beat in a few minutes as long as my connect stays up :-)…

Many of you know I have tried to post a site schedule. Now that I’m back full swing with music and design, I think its best to play it by ear. I’ll most likely post about 3 – 4 days a week. Mondays and Fridays are dwindling down,  and Live help has been by appointment sort of.  This is working well, minus the small tech difficulties, so I’ll keep rolling with it this way….

I want all of you to know I appreciate you and hope the site is helping you to become a well rounded producer. Feel good about your career in 2009, MsTrisMusic has plenty in store for the New Year…

Much Love and Happy Beat Making To All

Pz Til Later..

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This Is A Test Post

Posted by Ms.Tris On December - 14 - 2008

Hey all, testing out posting from a blackberry …haven’t been posting on Mondays much but Ill log on tomorrow to wrap up that Reason tutorial….. Ok. This is cool. Blackberry post. Complete talk to you n the am ….

Pz til later ….

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Reason 4.0 Dirty South Tutorial: Advanced

Posted by Ms.Tris On December - 11 - 2008

What a day I’ve been having.. ..geesh.. lol…… I had no net connection because Comcast acts up sometimes when it’s raining in my area…. I’m really not into this version of Reason so this tutorial took waaaaaaaaay longer than I thought… 12:00pm didn’t show…blah blah and blah

but…. I’m back up and running…yaaay *wipes * brow

Finally, for all the Reason 4 users; The 1st Dirty South tutorial. This actually brings a lot of the beat making post together. I have covered many things on the site. You have lessons on chord progressions, drum tweaking, and 808 snare rolls. There is also a Reason start up post. I won’t be going over how to add the modules today, it will be all about the beat and how I am going about making it.

I mentioned yesterday how I have saved a start up template for Reason projects using Redrum and effects for that unit only. Although there is no set way to start a track. I will be starting with the drums which seems to be an easy way to begin.

I have my redrum outputs routed to mixer 2. Now I will load a nnxt into an empty channel on mixer2 for the kick. This will allow me to easily do tricks with the pitch and octaves because I can extend the wav across the keyboard.

I usually use my drumkit “The Ms.Tris Mighty Drumkit” (**shameless Plug** 🙂 )..or other drums I’ve purchased. I will use only preset sounds included in Reason for this tutorial. If you have Reason 4, then you have all the sounds I’m using . The only extra sound is an 808 snr which I have included as a download. For all Fl Studio users who are following this tutorial, you will have to subtitute with sample wavs, vsti, or soundfonts, but you will get an idea for instruments and how to start your beat.

The Set Up

Kicks Used In NNXT Straight From The Reason Soundbank:

Club House Dub Samples: Kick1 for a “knock”

01_Bass Drum Bd_Boomer.aif for the “boom”

01_Bass Drum Bd_Conga.aif for the ” additional knock”

I layer the 3 kicks

Here is the kick I came up with:right click to download


HiHat used in Redrum from Reason Sounbank:


Snare used in Redrum: right click to download


Next onto to modules for a few of my other sounds: Remember only drums are loaded into mixer 2 all of my other sounds will go in Mixer 1 channels…

I add a Malstrom for the 1st synth “Lil John Lead” in MIXER 1 channel 1

A Subtractor for a bassline “BacklashBass” in Mixer 1 Channel 2

3 more NNXT in Mixer 1 channels 3-5 for additional sounds. I added “Strings Orch, Organ B3 and Polyfusion II” All of these are from the Reason Soundbank

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Ms.Tris Reason 3 and 4: How I Start Up

Posted by Ms.Tris On December - 10 - 2008

I’m gearing up for the first 4.0 tutorials. I’m new to it, but I’m familiar with Reason 3.0.

I save templates for any software I use, so I can get to work right away. I mentioned that Reason 4 has added features, maybe I’ll have to use it more to be blown away by the upgrades….

The steps are basically the same as I explained in the Reason 3 Knockin Kicks Post. This is a reminder to prepare you for the forth coming “Reason 4.0 Dirty South Tutorial” which I’ll be posting later on, or tomorrow morn….

I start with:
Two mixers (pictured above)
I add a Redrum, and route the outputs to Mixer2
I add a few Dr Rex Samplers
Because I am pre-mixing my drums within the software, I add the effects I’ll use for the drums/mixer 2 before I begin the beat

Next I’ll pick a few drum sounds, for example an 808 kick, Snare, and hat. I usually try to tweak my kick and pay attention to it while I’m adding other instruments. At this point, I have only added compression, eq, and maximizer to the drum mixer which looks like this:

Once my drums sound decent I’ll add a few nnxts or malstroms etc and begin the beat making process.

The Reason 4.0 Dirty South Tutorial will be a little on the advanced side. If you have been following the tutorials you won’t have a problem. Those new to the site, take some time to learn the basic way to start up a Reason Song, and of course questions are encouraged. I will be using chord progressions and snare rolls, all the good stuff of todays T.I, Weezy, productions :-). I’m excited, and to all emcees this will be a free promotional beat download!!~

Happy Beat Making To All
Pz Til Later

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