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Obama Fever!!

Posted by Ms.Tris On January - 19 - 2009

What’s up to all the super producers and everyone reading….oh the pain of the Ravens loosing last nights playoff but onto to the excitement in the air!~ It’s hard to put into words what’s going on in this area. Baltimore is about 35 minutes from Dc give or take a few minutes depending on the traffic. There are people from all over the world out and about, all here to get a glimpse of Barack Obama.

I am filled with Thankful thoughts.. even if you didn’t want Obama to win, please enjoy what his movement represents for America…Hope!~ With all the negative events happening around the globe, it is a great thing to see people of all races come together to celebrate on one accord..

We have plans to go to DC in the morning…I am one who can’t stand the cold…so maybe CNN and I will have a date tomorrow. Either way I’ll be watching history unfold with family and friends. Those of you who will be doing the same, remember to bundle up in thermals, wear gloves and hats…we have a long day ahead….

Here are some cool Obama videos to enjoy, and we’ll get back to music on Wednesday or Thursday..take care and much love!~

Barack Obama Speech Inaugural Celebration

U2 Remix “In The Name Of Love” Obama Concert

Beyonce HD “We Are One” Concert “America The Beautiful” Obama Inagural Jan. 18th 2009

Pz Til Later!~

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What Is ASIO

Posted by Ms.Tris On January - 14 - 2009

You see it all the time in the digital workspace…..*ASIO (*ASIO is a trademark of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH). The letters are short for Audio Stream Input Output. You could think of ASIO as an audio highway, a way to connect your hardware and software audio through a soundcard, to a destination of your choice. It’s a software engine originally created for Steinbergs Cubase. Within this software engine, issues of latency/delay, synchronization, sample bitrate, and ability to record multiple inputs are solved.

In order to use *ASIO to full extent, you will need an ASIO soundcard. They may range in price, but will allow you more options for your audio interface. Here is a link to few great soundcards to look at:

MAudio Soundcards

I am using the M-Audio Delta Omni I/O soundcard:

I got this in 2002 before I even knew about *ASIO. I haven’t had a problem, and the audio options are great. I can record from a mic, and from 4 line inputs, as well as route audio signals within the M-audio software.

Since I got my “ol work tank” soundcard..M-audio has released firewire and usb connections. You can visit the website for more info that may help you find the card that’s right for your set up:

There are many options when selecting an *ASIO souncard. Will you need more inputs? Will you need a mic Pre-amp? How many tracks would you like to record at once? You may also want to do research on producers who use the soundcard. I found out about M-Audio through forums, but there are more companies that manufacture high quality soundcards. Google “Asio soundcards” and check those at the top of the list. They will range in price, but you will find some inexpensive cards that work well.

If you don’t have *Asio drivers for your soundcard you may want to look into “ASIO4ALL” which is an audio program for Windows Driver Models or WDM devices. It is basically an *ASIO alternative driver which will allow *ASIO capabilities on normal soundcards. I’m not sure which soundcards ASIO4ALL is compatible with, but there is plenty info and a forum on the site:

Here us a video with a nice explanation fromDilliot2k on Youtube. I have linked to him a few times. I didn’t watch the whole thing, but check out the beginning for his *ASIO lesson …

Now that you know a little more about *ASIO, I am hoping it helps you get your audio input and outputs streaming the way you need….

Happy Beat Making To All
Pz Til Later!~

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How To Load VST Plugins Into Reaper

Posted by Ms.Tris On January - 12 - 2009

image from

Mista Cee asked about adding plugins to Reaper. This may seem like a lot of steps at first. After a few times it will seem very easy.

Using vst and vst intruments in software varies. The main thing to remember is the path where you saved your plugins. I suggest saving all your plugins in the same folder, maybe adding sub-folders for different categories. My plugin folder may have a path like this:
H:\Plugins and VsTi\ Brass\ DSK BRASS
H:\Plugins and VsTi\ Effects\ Free-verb

Next you will have to tell the software where to look. This is usually done under “Options – Preferences”. In the image below I have selected “options then preferences” in Reaper:

Here is where I can set Reaper to look in my plugin folder for different plug ins. I have the option to set each path under “Plugins” to a specific folder:

Now I am ready to use the vsts in Reaper. I insert a new track, then select “FX” to choose the plug- in of my choice:

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Are You A Dynamic Producer?

Posted by Ms.Tris On January - 8 - 2009

I am going to be honest. I have joined so many music sites over the years it’s quite overwhelming to think about lol. Some I get an email and think to myself “You haven’t been there in months”. Others I frequent often, and some I am just seeing how useful they have been, or can be.

I joined DynamicProducer.Com in 2006. Of course that was when I was doing work on film sets. Last year I began to visit more and more. I just renewed my 39$ for the annual general membership.

Here is a brief excerpt about “DP”:

Dynamic Producer is a membership based organization that supports the advancement of up & coming producers through Education and Opportunity. Our primary commitment is to create platforms for members to learn about the history of music, the business behind the music, as well as current events and trends. In addition we provide opportunities for members to expose their music to the music industry at large.
read more here:DynamicProducer About Page

There is so much information in the forum. There are soundkits, interviews, and many to network with. Check this! I even get emails with options to send tracks to industry artist and labels…sweet! :-). Another thing, it’s so easy to reach the owner and moderators, as they frequent the site often.

Dynamic Producer also host several conferences for producers. The next one is this month in Atlanta.

Here are a few videos of previous events:
Dynamic Producer 2006

Dynamic Producer 2008 Producer Beat Battle Last Round

Have I been yet? umm nope lol..but I’m planning to go to the one in the spring(< IN CALI) or fall 2009. I'm not into battles anymore, but I'm sure going to the seminars. Who knows maybe some of you will battle and I'll be there cheering you on ... I'm giving you the heads-up early, and maybe you can make some of the events. I'll be keeping you posted in 2009 on other opportunities to get your music out to the world. Dynamic Producer submissions will be one of my main goals this year, I hope you join me in the quest..get your music heard.... Happy Beat Making To All Pz Til later

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A Few Questions About Theory and Finding Music: R&B

Posted by Ms.Tris On January - 7 - 2009

R&B Producer Rodney “Dark Child ” Jerkinss

Hey everybody! I had some really good questions ending out last year. I usually answer them in the comment section. Recently I started using post to get the word out to everyone. I can’t do this for all comments, but some which are about theory, hardware and software in general, or that several people need help on.

Here are a few about R&B, but covers music theory in general.

I’m beginning to learn music theory and I seem to be having very little luck
formulating an R&B/Ballad type of song, I was wondering if you could give me any
pointers.2nd I was wondering how do I find out what key a song is in, because I
listen to r&b and soul music and can’t seem to figure it out.Last but not least
where do I find import european soul that you once mentioned. I know I’m asking
a lot of questions but you seem to be a wealth of knowledge and I wouldn’t ask
if I hadn’t already tried to figure out on my own. Well Thanks in advance

When I create R&B tracks, I usually start with the melody and follow with the chord progressions. If you listen to some of today’s R&B you’ll notice that there really isn’t too much going on. Some of the main ingredients are: melody, bassline, and a few harmonic chord progressions. The song format is pretty similar to hiphop, rock, gospel and other genres: Song Intro, Verse, Chorus/Hook, Verse, Bridge, Chorus/hook, Outro. Some R&B may have 3 Verse or only 2 Verses which are paired with the other sections. Song structure is actually up to the producer, but usually follows a mix of the above formats . The most important part of R&b is usually the vocals. Let’s take a listen to ” Say My Name” Destinys Child produced by Rodney “Dark Child” Jerkins:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

In this ” Say My Name” snippet, Rodney has: Intro, Verse, Bridge, Chorus/Hook. They are quite obvious to hear. 28 sec a change occurs from intro to verse, 58 sec verse to bridge,1:11 secs bridge to chorus.
This was released in 99, but it’s still one of my favorite R&B tracks. You can hear Rodney’s “Key/ Key Signature” of the song in the first verse. Finding the correct key usually takes a bit of knowledge about major and minor scales. Learning scales through playing and listening will help you identify the “Key or Tune” much faster. For us newbies in theory there are other ways which will take a bit of ear training.
Here are two videos that will lead you in the right direction. Both require playing or humming a music source, listening, and trying to recreate the melody by humming, playing or singing the “main” melody. It’s sort of hard to put into words but you will understand after watching..

How to determine the key of a song (PIANO) by:

PianoPodDotCom Youtube
The song is actually ” Strangers In The Night” but the basic concept can be used for many genres including R&B :-)..

The next one is from
He uses “Happy Birthday” as example..we all know that one…

After listening and using the techniques in the videos, I found ” Say My Name” is in the Key of “C”

Now for the European Soul Question: Crate diggers would bash me if I told you specifics .. 🙂 ..but for my readers I go far beyond the norm..well at least a step out of “the secret box”… I will give a couple sponsored sources, then you can have fun digging for your treasures…**when you by from, or sign up through the site links you help sponsor which is greatly appreciated**

Amazon has made it easy to buy World Music and there are a lot of snippets to listen to here:

Amazon World Music

Another great resource for finding World Music is a paid service with thousands of songs to download and browse full length: Real Rhapsody

You noticed I used the term World Music, but try looking for international music as well. Once you are in the main category try searching in the “Pop” genres of World/International. From here you can get valuable info on the labels that released the songs, even find precious vinyl over the net.

Now it’s time to get to my first full day back to music this year..

Happy Music Creating and Finding!
Pz Til Later

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A New Year… A New You

Posted by Ms.Tris On January - 5 - 2009

A big net wave to all :-)… I hope you had a great Holiday Season as we kick off a New Year. I know you’ve got big plans, and I am wishing you much success in achieving them all! Remember it’s up to you to work hard at your goals. Try to put aside negative thoughts that will hinder great forward movement.

I’m stopping in, breaking the vacation ice… I’ll be back in full swing Wednesday morning…. missed you all while I was a way too !

Take care and lets get back to music…..we have 360 fresh new days to work with …have fun, be of good cheer…

Happy New Year!
Happy New You!
Happy Beat Making To All!
Pz Til Later

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Happy Holidays To All MsTrisMusic.Com Readers!

Posted by Ms.Tris On December - 25 - 2008

Hey everybody..guess what I’m doing this morning?…..You guessed it cooking! Nah not beats…real food for the family. :-)..potatoe salad, sweets, rolls from scratch all that! My first time cooking everything even a Turkey , so far so good..I’ve got on my chief hat……
I’m sort of on a working vacation like Obama…… I won’t be posting much over the next week or so, but I’ll try to stop in when I can. I am preparing to bring in the New Year and I usually take this time just for family. Since you have become my extended family, I wanted to leave you with something good . A little gift from me to you with lot’s of music love……

I call it the Ms. Tris Xmas Grab Bag. There is a bunch of snips, kicks, snares, and sounds that you may like( about 50 wavs)… enjoy

Ms.Tris 08 Xmas GrabBag:right click to download use winrar to unpack


Wishing you and your family a safe and Happy Holiday Season
Pz and Many Many Beats

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