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Feel Drummings: Mixing Drums that Match & Knock


Once you’ve picked the best drum sounds you can, chances are you will still need to adjust to make it sound like these drums from different sets not only knock but are a part of the same set. Manipulating EQ and Group Dynamics will help you create this illusion.


Equalization: Space & Knock


EQ is the quickest way to get your drums to knock but will also allow you to put the drums in a similar space. The idea is that a snare and hat recorded in the same room will have a similar amount of high frequencies, so you want to adjust the high and low frequencies on each drum to put them in a similar “room.” Here’s an abbreviated frequency overview for drums that will give you some areas to start exploring:

20-10k is where you will find that sexy shimmer on hats and cymbals.

10-5k is where you’ll find the sound’s presence, meaning how close it seems to you. More importantly how close it is to other drums.

2.5k – 900Hz is where you will find the attack or “thack” sound in your snare and especially kick drum. This frequency range will allow your kick to be heard on small speakers like on laptops.

500-400Hz is a range you can adjust to change how fat or thin the sound seems.

200-100Hz is where you will find the knock of your kick especially. Start at 125Hz.

80-40Hz is where your low end comes through. This is the “Thud” sound in your kick.


Now lets get to the knock. When I think of knocking drums I think about the kick and the snare or clap. Lets start with the kick. I adjust three areas on the kick when needed. The “thack,” “knock,” and “thud.” It’s really easy to fall into the trap of continually adding bass to get the kick to cut through the mix but the problem usually lies in the knock or thud. Play with it until it feels right to you. If you want to get surgical use EQ to put each frequency range on a separate track and compress each one differently. Mike Chav put me onto this technique. He mixed Jay Electronica’s Exhibit C. He goes into more detail about this here:

With the snare and clap I won’t lie, I usually only adjust the presence at 5k and body around 125Hz. I adjust the presence to make sure its bright enough to interact with the hi hat and the body to maintain it’s relationship with the kick drum. More on that below in Group Dynamics. Individual drum compression is a good way to get your snare and clap to snap the way you want but be careful. A lot of the sampled drums we use have been compressed a lot and the last thing they need is more compression. But keep in mind there are no rules. If it sounds good you win.


Group Dynamics: Relating & Pump


Drums played by a drummer have an interaction or relationship that carries emotion. If your drums don’t relate to each other they will sound off. Compressing the drum set together (Group Dynamics) will help create the illusion that these drums “go together.” I do this two ways. To establish a general relationship within the set I route the output of all the drums to an aux or bus track. Lets say Bus 5 for example. I set up a bus compressor on Bus 5 that will kind of glue the drums together. 2:1 ratio with 2-4db of reduction. I’m not looking to create a huge effect with this, just a feeling. From there the drums go to the master fader. Most compressors can be used as a bus compressor its really just a title based on its use.

I use another compression method to create a pumping effect to make the drums breathe like an old break. Set up a send on each drum track, to lets say Bus 6. On Bus 6 you can set up a compressor or limiter of your choice and smash the crap out of the drums. Adjust the release until you hear the compressor release or pump in rhythm with the kick and snare. Bring this fader all the way down and then slowly add it into the mix until you hear it without affecting the knock of Bus 5. Adjust to taste, have fun with it!

Here’s some more information on advanced compression techniques:


With Hip Hop and Rap drums have always been the most important part. Now that stretches to Pop, Rock and even some Country. I am always hearing of new techniques to use on drums so plan on hearing more from me in the future on my blog:


Thanks for reading my guest post and PLEASE continue to check out

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Brandon Lackey’s “Audible Mention” New Blog!!

Posted by Ms.Tris On August - 28 - 2012

Image courteous Brandon Lackey

I am excited to introduce to you, my musical brother Brandon Lackey. I remember meeting “Bealack” at a local function, then visiting his studio. We worked on a few things and I was very impressed by his knowledge of the mix. I’ve worked closely with several engineers, and he is definitely one who loves the world of mixing. Brandon gave me some incredible mixing secrets back then, all of which helped me get better. I can also say that he got the ball rolling on my end to learn mixing. From frequencies, mic placements and such, to the best plug-ins; Brandon’s knowledge of sonic unity can be heard on various projects. Brandon is one half of the mega mixing duo who established the label “Mania Music Group”. He and partner Dwayne Lawson have been making a name for themselves as both incredible producers and top engineers.

Brandon has started a weekly blog dedicated to perfecting sound. His style of writing exhibits strong professionalism, yet it is easy to comprehend the techniques. What I like most is Brandon’s experience with multiple music genres, and his many years of expertise. The awesome “Audible Mention” is already bookmarked, and I’ve subscribed. Be sure to do the same and visit often. The knowledge Brandon will share, money cannot buy. He’s gifting his tips and literally award winning secrets! Voted Best Label 2009, and Best Beatmakers 2010 by “ City Paper” which states:

“…it’s the in-house producers Headphonemusik and BeaLack, with their endless bag of musical tricks that keep pushing the MCs in new directions and making Mania’s constant musical growth worth charting with every new release.”

I love the “endless bag of musical tricks” addition …Below is the Mania Music Group’s Bandcamp Player where you can hear their works:

I will be following up this intro with a featured and guest post by Audible Mention …you’re going to love it!..stay tuned

Happy Mixing To All!~
Pz Til Later..

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Native Instruments Raw Voltage Expansion

Posted by Ms.Tris On August - 2 - 2012

Native Instruments is on the ball with the new sounds and expansions. This has an industrial vibe but can used for with any genre.

News Letter excerpt:
Add some pure charge to your sounds – RAW VOLTAGE puts the unmistakable sound of a huge modular system into your MASCHINE. From noisy and distorted to cool and clinical, this MASCHINE Expansion is packed full of kits, instruments and patterns sharing the unmistakable sound character of rich and organic analog synthesis.

RAW VOLTAGE adds pure analog energy to your tracks or your performances – straight from MASCHINE. The unique sound of analog synthesis is an essential part of the modern musical landscape, from electronica, hip-hop, techno, to any other popular or experimental music…….. click here to continue reading Raw Voltage News Letter

Raw Voltage Demo:

Happy Beat Making To All!~
Pz Til Later…

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Bangladesh Speaks On How Producers Get Paid

Posted by Ms.Tris On July - 27 - 2012

What’s good my great producers…How are you and the beats?..I just wrapped up a cool Typography class, and 96.90% was my final grade(woohoo)…I’ve also got some new news about Dynamic Producers which I’ll be sharing in a few..stay tuned

Do you know how you’d get paid for having your beat on a major album today? Very seldom do these important business pieces make it to the blogs. Bangladesh is dropping the gems sharing some money talk. Here’s the inside scoop on how you will get paid when you get those placements!! There’s some valuable information here..enjoy…

Follow Bangladesh on twitter:

Happy Beat Making To All!~
Pz TiL Later…

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FREE Vst Plug Ins: Music Radar’s List of 27 Best Free….

Posted by Ms.Tris On July - 13 - 2012

Great day to all you wonderful producers and artist. Just a little note to let you know Music Radar has a new list of the BEST FREE Vst Plug Ins..woo hoo. Shouts out to GeeWiz for the link this morning:

Music Radr’s “The 27 Beats Free Vst Plug-Ins In The World Today”

There is a lot of cool stuff there..get your hard drive ready 🙂

Happy Beat Making To All!~
Pz Til Later…

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How To Do Automation In Studio One

Posted by Ms.Tris On July - 11 - 2012

Wonderful day to ya! Having some fun this morning mixing a few tracks and trying out a few new tricks. I am about to try pitch automation. I recently did a huge set up with all my favorite software. I had everything going through Fl Studio 10. This worked fairly well and I am still testing a few things. What I’ve done is Rewired Fl Studio, Reason, and Reaper; sequencing using Maschine. Everyone wanted to know why would I do all Well, each has something I love, and of course I like trying new things. I am also finding out which set up will make it easiest if I need to use either program. Here’s what I mean: Let’s say I am using Fl Studio but would like to throw in sounds from Reason, and record a hook. This for me is a hassle doing it all in Fl, so I need to use Reaper or Studio One. Or how about Ni Maschine with Fl Studio’s mixer and Reason NNXT..again not convenient inside Fl Studio. So I am making a template where I can load one program and use every single production element I own if I’d like to.

Studio One 2 has been working very well with everything. There’s not much of a learning curve and so far it’s easiest for me to get a decent mix. Presonus has made this DAW basically click and go. Another cool thing is you can do several automated steps on one track without having tons of automation lanes open. Here’s a video which explains Studio One Automation. Remember a lot of this can be done in other the other DAWS. It’s just that I am using Studio One today. I will post about automation in Fl Studio in the near future.

Really easy huh?…let me know if you are using Studio One, as I get more used to it I may need some tips :)..

Happy Beat Making To All!~
Pz Til Later….

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Great day to you! I hope you and your family are safe..we had power outages, trees down, and a whole lot more here. Crazy tornado type storm caught us off guard but I am grateful, safe, and all is well today. I only need Comcast back on …thank goodness for this Sprint Mobile Hot Spot :)..I am online working because of it….

How are your theory lessons going? I am improving, not quite as fast as I ‘d like but going forward is a wonderful thing. Check out this video which really put something into perspective.

How to Match Chords up with any Melody

The best part for me is when he sings the tune along with showing the chord. I thought “Ah HA!”, now I can hear something that I could not before. The exact key with the exact chord will be much easier to find now. If you are using just a melody and no lyrics, you can hum the melody and use this same technique to find the chords…pretty cool!

Check Out More Lesson previews from The official YouTube channel for “Piano Lessons Online”:
Piano Lessons Online

Happy Beat Making To All !~
Pz Til Later…

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