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Free Vst Downloads ll

Posted by Ms.Tris On June - 1 - 2010

Afternoon all… my weekend just ended. I slept a whole 10 hours after a bunch of cook outs with my family. I even hit the beach over the weekend. I took my puppies, they were so excited to see so many people… today it’s back to work….

I’m such a music software junky lol .. I like trying out new gadgets. There’s nothing like finding a bunch of freebies. Since we are celebrating 2yrs I want to share a link to some of the free VST instruments I’ve found over the last few months.

This site will have you loading up your hard drive. They’ve added sections of vsti’s with rating systems. You’ll be able to see which instruments people like most. I’ve tried a few so far, and everything works fine:

You’ll need a Daw to host the vsts. If you need help getting them loaded just hit me up in the comment section… enjoy!

Happy Beat Making To All!
Pz Til Later!~

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Propellerhead Reason 5 and Record 1.5

Posted by Ms.Tris On May - 28 - 2010

Hey All… it’s Friday… yay!! I’m preparing for the long weekend, excited about the fun. I had a great day yesterday with “live help”, met some cool folks, and even got some links to wonderful music sites. Shout out to producer “G-Quick” 🙂 for the links.

I wasn’t supposed to log on today, but I’m in the mood to make some tracks..

image from

I was going to post about this yesterday, I’m glad I waited because GeeWiz On Soundcloud posted this video on FB:
Reason 5 and Record 1.5

WoWWW… I’m looking forward to this release… I always wanted the sampling capability in Reason… I love the synths already. This is definitely on the “will get” list as of today….

Reason users.. honestly..doesn’t Reason5 make your head spin with excitement?

Check out all the features on the official Propellerheads website

Happy Beat Making To All
Pz Til Later!~

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American Idol Finals 2010: Alanis Morissete

Posted by Ms.Tris On May - 27 - 2010

Honestly I was surprised at how entertaining last nights AI final was…I had no idea Janet Jackson and Alanis Morissette would be performing what a treat!

One of My favorite performances of the night:
Crystal Bowersox & Alanis Morissette performs on American Idol – Winner Revealed

I went to see Alanis live when her 1st cd dropped. It was a great show. I remember noticing how many of her songs had similar drum beats used in hip hop.
Check out “You Oughta Know”, the beats are real funky behind the rock progressions:
You Oughta Know about “Hand In My Pocket”.. country rock over a nice laid back hip hop beat ..

American Idol has me listening to a little Alanis while working enjoy

Pz Til later

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How To Mix A Kick Drum

Posted by Ms.Tris On May - 27 - 2010

Afternoon all… still working..still moving and shakin 🙂

image of ddrum from

I get so many questions about mixing drums. If you are making hip hop you know how important the drums are. When I work with Reason, Fl Studio. etc. everything is fairly easy to mix until I reach the kick. I find that digital formats and software just don’t cut it when using straight “as is” samples. You will have to add additional plugins or effects to most kick samples you use in your software, and some hardware.

Here are a few pointers that will help you with the kick drum hitting hard. Both videos are done using Fl Studio, but the techniques can be used with any daw or music production software:
Daily Dose -Mixing Kicks-Fl Studio Tutorial
This is nice, he mentions frequencies and explains the types of kick you may like. Daily Dose

Of Course I had to post my man NFX from:
Fruity Loops Tutorials
This goes into great detail, showing how to use the parametric eq to sweep to frequencies… – EQ Tricks For Your Kicks (Boom + Thump = Bump)


Happy Beat Making To All
Pz Til Later

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2 Years Strong! Live Help All Day

Posted by Ms.Tris On May - 27 - 2010

WOW .. MsTrisMusic.Com is officially 2 years new :-).. What a year we’ve had. There were a lot of kinks to work through in the 2nd year. The site was down twice, and I had to change my entire theme. I lost some visits in the process, as well as a sponsor or two. This post will update you on the latest happenings:
I think I mentioned I was getting a new puppy…well I winded up getting two. I love my lil puppies :Quick cellphone pic of Zsa Zsa and GiGi(puppybear):

This is my first try at a little logo I like it so far. I can draw,but I admit I’m no photoshop expert (yet ;-))… If any one out there does graphic design and can help tighten this up let me know…

I learned so much about music and blogging. I also learned how to better manage my time. As music projects rolled in, I had less and less time to post. There were a few days I got very frustrated about my site issues, and I can’t post if I’m not inspired to write. With all this I still press on.. 🙂

Going through the site the last few months I noticed a lot of things that I need to tighten up. I am spending the entire day online, right here at MsTrisMusic.Com. I’ll be fixing category issues, working on adding thumbnails to the sidebar widgets, and much more. This means I will be available for Live Help as well.
easy to use: edit user name, type your message, and I will respond as soon as possible. Today 12:30pm-7pm EST

Last year I did a full day of celebrating. Under the circumstances 🙁 I’ll have to do it different this year. I still have producers and artist to feature, free sounds, and more that are well overdue. I’ve come up with a little schedule:

Today I’ll post what I can while working behind the scenes. The weekend (Fri-Mon.) will be spent with family for the holiday, and Tues-Thursday we’ll get to the bulk of the goodies.

I definitely plan on year 3 being better. In order for that to happen, I must continue to adjust the site properly.

So as I thank GOD for the learning experience, and continuation, I would also like to thank YOU all for reading and going through the technical storms with me…I truly value your support and comments!

Much Love!
Ms.Tris Beats

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Vybe Beatz and Superstar O Using Fl Studio

Posted by Ms.Tris On May - 18 - 2010

Hey all! Just stopping in while finishing up a few projects.. I needed a little break from mixing…

10% MsTris Music Discount Fl Studio 9.1

If you frequent soundclick and check the charts you’ve heard either Vybe Beatz, Superstar O, or Johnny Juliano at #1 forever. I really like their music. The first thing I noticed was the mix. The hard hitting kicks, and the quality sounds lovely on my end. I came across a few threads online about the crew of producers, then a link to a ustream.
This video isn’t a tutorial, just a stream of work in progress. (If I’m not mistaken Superstar O is shown here while talking to Vybe):

People will argue left and right about Fl Studio sounding professional. I think Vybe, Superstar O, and Team Hits proves it’s not what you use that makes a difference. You have to have the talent and be able to mix well. I am not sure of all the equipment Team Hits uses, but you can see Fl Studio is in the lineup.

From what I read there are three producers that make up Team Hits

Check out more Vybe Beatz:
Vybe Beatz
Check out more Superstar O:
SuperStar O
Check out Johnny Juliano:
Johnny Juliano
^^All of them have beats I can listen to over and over.. 🙂

I personally use several different pieces of hardware and software, but Fl Studio has been around since 2002. Keep focusing on the sounds you choose,and mix to the Fl users, because it’s a great program.

Happy Beat Making To All!
Pz Til Later All!~

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How To Rewire Reason To Various Daws

Posted by Ms.Tris On May - 13 - 2010

Good morning all! What a rainy week we’re having on the east coast 🙁 ..can’t complain because it makes it easy to work inside..

I’ve been using Native Instruments Maschine all week. I have it as a plug in inside Reaper. It’s a cool set up, and I am almost ready to do Maschine tutorials.

I have my template set. When I open Reaper, I load a template that has two Maschine Vsts, Kore Player, and Fl Studio. I really love the work flow now. The thing is I’d also love a few of Reason’s sound modules. The Malstrom, Subtracktor, Nnxt, and Dr.Rex would really complete my set up. 🙂

I have never gotten Reason to Rewire to any Daw without doing a search. I guess it’s time to really understand how to do this. I’ll need to look at a few videos so I can remember the steps needed to add Reason.

Here are a few videos that may help others out. I have added some of this info before, but I thought it’d be cool to have most of the info in one post:

Reason w/Protools, Reaper, Ableton, Fl Studio,

Reason Rewired To Protools

Reason Rewired To Reaper

Read the rest of this entry »

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