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Best Free Synth Ever and 10000 Patches!!

Posted by Ms.Tris On April - 18 - 2014

Honestly words can’t describe how I feel about this synth!!! There are endless possibilities and I find myself loading three or four in all my beats lately. It works well in all my DAWS. I also use it with Maschine and Fl. This is truely my favorite free synth!!



To get the patches click the link….do leave him a message saying sent you ..:)

Click Here to Get 10000 Synth 1 Patches
Follow the instructions to install

Happy Beat Making to All!~
Pz til Later…

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FREE Vst Plug Ins: Music Radar’s List of 27 Best Free….

Posted by Ms.Tris On July - 13 - 2012

Great day to all you wonderful producers and artist. Just a little note to let you know Music Radar has a new list of the BEST FREE Vst Plug Ins..woo hoo. Shouts out to GeeWiz for the link this morning:

Music Radr’s “The 27 Beats Free Vst Plug-Ins In The World Today”

There is a lot of cool stuff there..get your hard drive ready 🙂

Happy Beat Making To All!~
Pz Til Later…

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Free Plug-ins: Tal- Togu Audio Line

Posted by Ms.Tris On May - 21 - 2012

Hey hey! What’s happening with you? It is music month again..only one course through mid June yaaay! I am so excited to get it started this morning. I’ve been stepping into dubstep and dance music deeply. I’ve been working on making my own rises and transitions. Shout out to fellow producer and emcee extraordinaire Drag for reminding me of Togu Audio Line. TAL has some awesome vst plug ins which are useful for dubstep and more…

FREE plugins! New Drum n Bass & Dubstep sounds with TAL NOIzeM4K3R in Ableton Live by Eric’s Art & Technology

Get your Free Togu Audio Line products (donate if you like them 🙂 ):

TAL Products ..FREE VST Plug-Ins

Happy Beat Making To All….
Pz Til Later!~

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Free Level Meter for Ni Maschine

Posted by Ms.Tris On March - 8 - 2012

Good day to you and yours! It’s so beautiful outside, we’re having 70 degree weather in March, quite unusual. For the past few hours, I’ve been upgrading all my software. I’ve been so busy I didn’t know Ni Maschine released a 1.7.2 update. I was about to load up a beat template, and found myself really wishing Native Instruments added level meters to Maschine’s sampler channels. I’ve been finding they help a lot while doing little adjustments along the way.

After all this time, someone on the Ni forum mentioned loading a free plug in into an fx slot. Bingo! Great idea. I think I have a few on my hard drive which will work. The one mentioned on the post was the ” Sonalksis Free G”.

I think this will work perfectly. I don’t want to use a lot of CPU so I will keep them on my “Group” inserts. This way I can monitor things without having too many “Free G” plugins installed on each channel. Another cool thing is it works as a fader as well.

Click the link to Download the Sonalksis Free G Meter:
” Sonalksis Free G”

Happy Beat Making To All!~
Pz Til Later…

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Free Software Sound Module: Proteus VX

Posted by Ms.Tris On December - 5 - 2011

Great Morning to you! What a wonderful weekend,back to work with some new sounds this morning. I know I downloaded this once before, but I just installed it. I’ve been scrolling through a few of the sounds and they aren’t bad for a free module.

This loads as a stand alone as well as a Vsti:

Click Here For Link To Download Proteus VX

Happy Beat Making To All!~
Pz Til Later…

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Point Blank Online:Eq, Low Pass & High Pass Filtering

Posted by Ms.Tris On November - 30 - 2011

College has begun! Woo To The Hoo :)….I’ve been up early working. 1st assignments are complete. I am now editing my second artist interview video. I hope to post it this week or maybe later today. Taking a little break to check out what’s new over at:

Award winning music production courses
Point Blank Online

You know I found a gem! The article goes into great detail on how to filter and layer kicks using Logic. I don’t have my Mac yet, so I’ll be trying it either in Reaper or Studio One. This can be done in any DAW, including Fl Studio. All you need is the proper eq plug in.
PointBlankOnline How To Layer Kicks In Logic…

Here’s a FREE Eq that may work:

Download Free EasyQ Here

Happy Beat Making To All!~
Pz Til Later…

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Free Vst: Kirnu ..The Best MIDI Arpeggiator?

Posted by Ms.Tris On November - 22 - 2011

I’m putting in work this week for sure, as I prepare to cook a big meal for Thanksgiving. I also have beats, and college on the brain..:)…

I checked in on my facebook feed and found a link to a tutorial about a cool looking Arpeggiator:

I just downloaded the free vst here:

Shout out to for this this wonderful tutorial on how to use Kirnu inside Reaper. As titled the tutorial walks you from inserting into Reaper, routing suggestions, and playing Kirnu with a midi controller.

Click the link to view entire tutorial:

Tutorial – Creating Quick Basslines And Riffs On The Fly With Kirnu Freeware

Let me know how you like the arpeggiator..hit me up in the comment section…

Happy Beat Making To All!~
Pz Til Later….

I hope to have time to check in tomorrow. My time will be short due to my family being BIG on holidays…If I don’t get a chance to post, I’ll at least give you a Thanksgiving shout out Thursday 🙂

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