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Boost Your Technorati Authority

Posted by Ms.Tris On July - 7 - 2008

Bloggers who like having fun boosting ranks and gaining traffic…here is a new one from Brad Blogging. Pretty easy rules 4 easy steps. Copy the list into a post, add your link,go back to Brad Blogging and comment, watch your authority rise….

🙂 sounds fun to me..

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Jermaine Dupri Makes “Tag” Commercial Track

Posted by Ms.Tris On July - 7 - 2008

Check out J.D. in the studio creating a “Tag ” commercial. He’s brought in the singers for a nice gothic sound. Dipset memebers would rip a whole in this beat 😉

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Throwback Thursday: En Vogue, SWV, and TLC

Posted by Ms.Tris On June - 26 - 2008

Alicia Keys BET performance was super. The crowd went wild when Alicia took us back to the 90’s top girl groups. Some of the younger viewers were probably like ” who are they?”…. These groups paved the way for Destiny’s Child. There was alot of buzz around the performance because both En Vogue and SWV members have had in house problems. TLC suffered the major lost of 3rd member, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez.
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Ice-T vs Soljah Boy..??? What N Da World?

Posted by Ms.Tris On June - 24 - 2008

Hip Hop beef is nothing new…. but this is crazy..

Soljah Boy is 17 years old and a millionaire off of “Snap Music”. Ice- T one of the first gangsta rappers ever; sends a fowl message to him about how he killed Hiphop single handedly…says he’s young enough to be his son and later tells him to eat a body part?

This is the first beef I was surprised at… Soljah Boy responded saying Ice-T should be giving him pointers, instead of beefing with a 17 yr old. They both said some fowlness…but Ice -T and Soljah Boy??? is Ice -T about to drop an album?

What do you make of all this…

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A Milli Sold: LiL Wayne Gives A Thank You

Posted by Ms.Tris On June - 18 - 2008

I know you heard..Lil Wayne sold 1 Million copies the first the middle of a the genre that folks are saying is dead…hope for Hip Hop?

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Al Green Layin It Down

Posted by Ms.Tris On June - 9 - 2008

Al Green

Niiice..I wonder how many times Mr. Green has been sampled…this is some classic footage.. Read the rest of this entry »

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Like Father, Like Son..Peter and Corey Gunz

Posted by Ms.Tris Beats On May - 23 - 2008

Remember this Hip Hop smash…I’m not from NY, but I was riding around singing…”Uptown baby… we gets down baby”. It was Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz 10 years ago in 1998….Now I’m having “Deja Vu” in 2008…
Peter’s son is making a strong come up. There are a lot of emcee “mini me’s” out there but, this young Gunz is nice with it! You can hear him on Lil Wayne’s “A Milli” and here’s a link to tons of his freestyles….**HIS MUSIC IS NOT FOR KIDS>> He uses the N word, the F word and all the so I’ll leave up to you to listen to what ever you choose…

Corey Gunz On Youtube
Pz Til Later

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