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Kanye West: What Does He Sample?

Posted by Ms.Tris On April - 2 - 2009

Good Morning All… Busy day today as usual. Next week I’m working on all eastcoast type hiphop. Yes I am back in the crates this weekend… I’ve seen a few videos showing samples that were used in top hiphop songs. Here are two cool ones with Kanyes sample choices..pretty cool I must say…It’s funny because I know I’ve made beats with about 20 of them lol…I didn’t catch them in some of Kanyes songs though.. enjoy

[photo fromKanyeBlog ]

Is that a….**looking closer::..”hey it’s Micheal Jackson on the button!” I bet Kanye sampled Michael plenty when he first started making beats…
Videos From Lupend88 Youtube Channel
Every Kanye Sample Part1

Kanye Samples 808s & Heartbreak Edition

Happy Beat Making To All!~
Pz Til later..

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Sheila E. Wins “Gone Country 3” :-)

Posted by Ms.Tris On March - 13 - 2009

Happy Friday All!~ Today’s post is a mix of life and music for me. A big shout out to the talented Sheila E. She and her family have been an inspiration to me for along time.

Sheila won the third season of ” Gone Country”… what an amazing thing after all the years in the music business as a Latin/Pop and R&B artist…

You can help Sheila celebrate and get into rotation on CMT, by voting on her uplifting video “Glorious Train” : Top Twenty Countdown Viewers Poll (no registration required)

Here is the video for the winning song…

Sheila E. “Glorious Train”

…she takes it to church at the end… the song is sort of a mix of country and gospel actually 🙂

Sheila has helped many throughout her career. Her latest movement is geared toward helping children. Elevate Hope Foundation (EHF) is a charity that provides abused and abandoned children an alternative method of therapy through music and the arts.

I will be doing a huge post about her “Elevate Hope” Foundation as soon as we can work out the details.

Here is thee video of her hit ” The Glamorous Life”.. although her career was well on the way, this was the official world wide introduction to Sheila E. in 1984! It’s been 25 years since Glamorous Life was released, how about we mention longevity… wow! Still doing her thing in a whole new genre.
Sheila E. “The Glamorous Life”

Congratulations to Sheila E. and many blessings!

Pz Til Later!~

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Black Milk Interview by G Journalism

Posted by Ms.Tris On March - 11 - 2009

Hey all…guess what I did?? REPLACED my own power supply and saved a lot of I will post all the details in a the first DYI pc tutorial sometime very soon. Just in case any one else runs into some of the same problems I’ve had.

Today’s post brings up a few salty feelings for me (nothing against Black Milk or G Journalism). I got a new toy for xmas 08:

It was given to me all for YOU!~ A gift for me to do live tutorials and producer interviews. I had high hopes of starting with some Black Milk footage. He performed at the JDilla Tribute here in Baltimore. It was a great performance!~ Everyone got pictures and talked to him after the show… everyone except yours trully.. 🙁 . Getting used to my new directors role, I left the camera on after recording some of the opening acts.. yay for opening act footage but Booooo to dead battery lol.. by the time Black Milk hit the stage the new toy was out of juice.

I’m on top of things with it a little more. We’ll get to some live beat banging next month…

Check out how things work. I got a twitter about a couple recent Black Milk interviews from Pyramidwest on Twitter. It’s like they read my mind …
So here you go. Now we can all enjoy Black Milk speaking openly about the beats,new happenings, and how he got started. Thanks to Guerrilla Journalism for the scoop! I feel much better about missing an op 🙂

Black Milk Part 1

Black Milk Part 2

More from Pyramid West

Doesn’t Black Milk make you wanna go crate diggin?

Happy Beat Making To All
Pz Til Later

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DJ Khaleds Artist: Ace Hood Needs Beats

Posted by Ms.Tris On February - 18 - 2009

Ace Hood has signed to We The Best Music, Dj Khaled’s label. Check out his interview, listen for the email addy and send in your best heat.

** is not responsible for any music sent, be wise and copyright your material 1st**

Happy Beat Making To All!
Pz Til Later!~

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RiRi and Chris Brown :-(

Posted by Ms.Tris On February - 10 - 2009

Hey yall…I’m off to a very slow start this morning…I said I wasn’t going to turn on that memorial service for little Caylee Anthony…but it’s on for a few minutes…may her soul rest in peace…

I guess with all the events that have happened in world affairs, Obama is president, bailouts, recession….. too much news in too short a time span….I’m on the deep thinker path even more, especially today…So please allow me to interrupt with a slight rant…


For me any situation of domestic violence is ridiculous. I personally think there should be more positive elements infused into our culture as a whole. There seems to be a lost generation needing more guidance now than ever before…. makes me shake my head at times. I mean kids are disrespecting their elders, drinking at very young ages, jumping in gangs at rapid rates..just growing up too fast to learn the wisdom needed to become an adult….

When I heard about the Chris Brown/ Rhianna rumored beating????? What?…. This girl allegedly has bite marks, knots on her head, a black eye, and bloody nose??? Chris and Rhianna are still basically children, this is what’s so sad….They are both only a little past 18yrs of age….

When I heard the rumor yesterday, my first thoughts were ” that young man has to have had some deep issues inside”… From Illseed on there are rumors that she may have hit him first, possibly over another girl. This could have triggered some deep emotional breakdown? I dun’s just sad!….

Here is a video of Chris Browns Tyra interview where he speaks about his disturbing childhood:


I’m gonna keep them both in my prayers, hopefully they’ll go get some counseling or some kind of therapy….

**Pz** Peace Til Later All!~

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Beyonce: If I Were A Boy

Posted by Ms.Tris On October - 15 - 2008

I like the concept of the video, I’m just hearing this today, so I’m still checking out the song..I like the guitars already…hmnn not bad… there are a lot of rumors floating around about this album… we all know BeyoncJay gonna sell a milli…

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Polow Da Don Speaks On His Road To Success

Posted by Ms.Tris Beats On September - 30 - 2008

Photo courtesy

Cool video of Polow Da Don, how he got started..the ups and downs..
I enjoyed watching this one..

Be inspired..
Happy Beat Making To All
Pz Til Later

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