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Vote Vote: Femi The DriFish

Posted by Ms.Tris On July - 11 - 2012

Outside all Hip Hop boxes rises Femi The DriFish and The Out Of Water eXperience Band! I have to say it is a pleasure to introduce Femi and his eclectic collection of lyrics, chords and awesome beats. Gathered in Baltimore, Md., Nigerian artist Femi and band are bringing something different to the table. Driven by life experiences and a keen ear for what works when mixing music genres,Femi takes us on a musical expedition. Self described as ” Alternative, Hip Hop, and Spoken Word” a listen to The DriFish ReverbNation page will add slash rock/pop.

Nice listening right!!! Now Femi and the band needs your help getting a chance to perform at the “Battle of The Bands at AfroPunk Fest 2012”

Vote For Femi The DriFish and The Out of Water eXperience Band

Click here to Vote For Femi The DriFish and The Out of Water eXperience Band

Check out more Femi:
Tattoos & Scars by Femi the Dri Fish and The Out of Water Experience


Remember To Vote
Pz Til Later…

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The X Factor Meets Baltimore: Reina Williams

Posted by Ms.Tris On October - 5 - 2011

YYo!(yes mostly slang for this post)… I am so amped! My musical sister Reina Williams did her thang at the Xfactor NJ auditions!!! I can hardly type the post so much excitement in the air. I have known, learned from, worked with, cracked jokes with,been a fan of Reina’s music for years…shucks she was even teaching me guitar on this lil Walmart toy thingy I bought…lol…. Needless to say I am happy to see this happen to such a deserving musician and home girl!…

>Reina Williams in The Graffiti Warehouse Photos by Chris Jennings

Reina’s bio is very impressive. I’ll just touch on a few of her many talents. She is a producer, engineer, guitarist, and songwriter. She also sings, raps and performs her material around the country. She’s had plenty placements in television and film. I wouldn’t be surprised if she pops up on the big screen in the future.

This is the “cell phone” video of the’s not clear at all, but you will surely get the whole scoop of the set…

Did you hear what LA Reid and Simmon said..woohoo!..

Did you see the views on that in a week?..Niiice!

Now the only thing we are wondering is why would Fox not air this great audition?..
Hopefully they are not discriminating Reina’s material..?..! …

Anywho’s I support great music period. I had to jump on the street team :)….

Please take a listen to more of Reina’s Music, she’s on her way to big things.:


Here is my favorite Reina Williams tracks: Let It Flow…love this one!


P.S. ..she’s got a prize filled street team challenge going on…so you all can actually help my campaign by taking a listen to her…..:)..Let’s GgO!

Reina Williams Official Site:
Do tune in over the next few weeks maybe we will get to see Baltimore’s next star on the rise!!! official site

Pz Til Later! ..Ms.Tris

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Producer Gee Wiz and Signif: Significant Wizdom

Posted by Ms.Tris On April - 20 - 2011

Hey Hey Hey All! Whats good?.. Remember when I got my camera I recorded my 1st interview with producer Gee Wiz? Well he’s been making moves, networking like crazy. He produced a few songs for Milwaukee native/NYC based, emcee Signif’s album “The Transition”. They have teamed up again to bring you an awesome dose of pure hiphop “Significant Wizdom”. I’m listening to my download now and it’s DopeNezz! (Yes Im bringing the word Dope back 🙂 )…enjoy…

Download “Significant Wizdom“:

Signif can be found on Twitter at @Signif. Gee Wiz can be contacted at @GeeWiz86.

Happy Listening To All.
Pz Til Later!~

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Baltimore Beat Bangers Vol 2: It’s Here!!

Posted by Ms.Tris On April - 6 - 2011

Hey Hey …today’s the day Imahj Beatz of  Wisdom Court Entertainment has rallied some of Baltimore’s hottest producers for round 2. Check out the promo and download , download , download yall…

Baltimore Beat Bangers Vol2 Promo:





Thanks so much for your means much 🙂
Happy Beat Listening To All!:)
Pz Til Later

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Baltimore Beat Bangers Vol.1

Posted by Ms.Tris On November - 1 - 2010

Good morning all. How was your Halloween weekend? I went to two of my cousins high school football games. Both teams won yaay..and it was good to hang with my family.

I also participated in an all female hiphop panel at Morgan States radio station 88.9. It was so much fun and even more informative. Thanks to Flo and Ahk of Strictly HipHop.

I’m such a beat junkie lol…I’m always listening to beats from various producers. It often motivates me and it’s definitely one of my favorite pastimes.

I told you all about “”. Where you can find tons of hot music to download. Happy to say, Imahj Beats has started the ball rolling for producers.

He’s the mind behind “Baltimore Beat Bangers” which will showcase Baltimore’s hottest producers. Here is the track list for Vol.1 which includes all the producers chosen for the kick off and the tracks they submitted:


(check out new Ms.Tris Beats # 8 The First Time We Met and #21 Get With This 🙂 )

The official cd release party is Nov 11,2010 at Club Reality. Come out and network, meet the producers, and enjoy a great show.

Thanks again Imahj and Billy Lyve for making it happen..

A lot of producers release beat cd’s. This is a wonderful way to get your music out there. Not only do artist get to hear your creations, most begin to freestyle when they hear something they like. This means you have just made a potential customer of your works. This may be something to look into if you are trying to get your beats heard in your area.

Happy Beat Making To All!
Pz Til Later!~

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Ogun Featured On WBFF FOX45 – Cover Story

Posted by Ms.Tris On June - 24 - 2010

WBFF FOX45 – Cover Story.

Congratulations to Ogun..this artist never ceases to amaze! We’ve done  a lot  of hits together over the past 5 years…. I’m busy busy today but wanted to share this link for my peeps 🙂

Way 2 go O!

I’ll update you on all of Oguns newest music very soon..

Pz Til Later All

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New Music! Mullyman “Home To Stay”

Posted by Ms.Tris On June - 16 - 2010

Good Morn All! I’m rolling today, listening to local music, and checkin’ out Drake’s cd. I filmed a wedding with my hybrid cam last weekend in NJ. While editing the photos etc. I am enjoying the time to check out the new ear candy :-)… Drake’s Cd will put an emotional tear in your eye at times, but I think it’s a super release…

Download the latest Mullyman music at

Download new Mullyman music at

Mullyman and I met back in 2004. He has been on a super grind with his music from then through now. I always love to see him live because his performances are always energetic. In today’s HipHop, it’s hard to find artist in the spotlight who still uses witty punchlines like Mullyman does. Every time we connect, I tell him “call me so we can make something happen”. After talking on twitter yesterday,I think we are finally going to do that this summer.. yaay!

I posted his infamous “I Go Harder” video, which was picked up by MTVJAMS. Well Mullyman and producer Dj BooMan are back with another banger!

Mullyman ” Home To Stay”

Produced by DJ BooMan, Directed by Gearie “The Grench” Bowman,Label: Major League Unlimited

I know I know may think I’m saying this because they are reppin’ Bmore…but you have to admit…THIS IS an Awesome video! :-).
Check out the location, and the concept. I love the wrestling scene…. **pushes play for the 7th time**..nice work to all involved!

Follow Mully On Twitter
Follow DJBooMan On Twitter

Pz Til Later All!~

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