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Posted by Ms.Tris Beats On May - 9 - 2008

Ms.Tris’s Bio…The Story Behind The Beats
Introducing Ms.Tris Beats…. A blazing Hiphop producer born in Salisbury,Md, raised and residing in Baltimore. Currently producing for a host of Maryland’s hottest Mc’s, and artist from all over the country. Her music is in demand to the who’s who in Baltimore Hiphop.
Ms.Tris began her production journey in the early 90’s. Starting off as an Mc, which later lead to playing around on an Ensonic Eps keyboard while visiting studios. A God sent opportunity to buy the keyboard was the seed planted for a flourishing career in production. As sole producer on late 90’s albums from “Stone Circle Society”, Alias Who, and Special Opz, she began nourishing her love for making hard hitting beats. She worked at Stevo Productions in 1998. There she learned how to use Adats, and a 128 track mixing console. Joining several online communities in the year 2001, Ms.Tris began to learn more about software production, and the engineering aspect of Hiphop music.
In 2002 Ms.Tris moved to Aurora , Colorado. There she joined several online communities and began to cultivate her sound. While In Colorado, Ms.Tris began working with up and coming Emcee DvS, as well as artist from the internet as far as Europe.The internet audience grew tremendously after Ms.Tris became Champion in two online Beat Battles. Banging out joint after joint for Hiphop Crib’s 32 producer composition (no sample) battle, Ms.Tris took the title in 2004, along with Beat Battle 20. After sending her “females make hot beats too” message to the online community, In 2004 she returned to her local scene and city. Ms. Tris’ tracks could be heard every Monday at “The 5 Seasons -Brown Sugar Mondays” Open mic with StreetLegal Records. This led to her doing work with more than 60 Mc’s and singers in Baltimore City. The Elements Party’s Style Wars Mc battle was another venue where her tracks could be heard regularly.
2005 started with a bang. In May Ms. Tris Beats became the first female to win the producers’ test bin at 88.9 Strictly Hiphop radio. She received a live interview which is still being talked about as being one the best the dj’s hosted. To top off the first half of 2005, Ms.Tris’ music was featured in a film from, “Adrenaline Crews 100% Directors Cut”.In September of that year, Ms.Tris branched out into the world of film production. Check out to h Ms.Tris’ music on the score of “Even A Man Can Do This”, a documentary about females in HipHop directed by Civil Jones
Since 2005 she has worked on the sets of “Invasion” starring Nicole Kidman, Carmello Anthony’s Nike commercial,Twenty One Questions (pilot) and Hbo’s “The Wire -Season 5”. Well before her music career, Ms.Tris was known for visual arts.While working on the set of “The Wire”, Shirts designed by Ms.Tris were chosen for the final episode 10.

After 2 years of working ” 12 hour days on various film sets, Ms.Tris returns full speed to her music and fashion design in.This year Ms.Tris will design shirts for Karen “Domino” White’s “Jean Therapy Clothing”, release ” She Makes Beats Vol.1″ a tutorial film short directed by Brad Willard, along with several projects by Keybe Writes. With a solid foundation and a growing list of artists, she plans to continue dropping “Heat for the Streets” and provide dazzling visual creations. Voted “Baltimore’s Best Beat Maker”..2005 The City Paper
“I have been blessed with many talents of which I am grateful…Thank You to all who have supported my work over the years.Here I will share some of what I know as I continue to grow, hopefully it will help others do the same”
Here a few pics of my past and present:

The House where I made my first beats in the back yard on a little drum machine I can’t remember the name of…(you know I’m gonna google it until I find it, and post on it

This Is the street where my lil bare feet raced up and down. Here is where I decided to be an entertainer. I was a huge fan of Prince and Sheila back then.. 🙂

This was my favorite tree..and yes I climbed it often lol

Later I moved to Baltimore City…This is where my talents really began to flourish, and I would always share when I used to visit my home town during the summers…I always loved the city, but the country is still in me too 🙂

Baltimore Home Of Ms.Tris Beats, The Wire, The Ravens,The Orioles, Baltimore Club Music, Half & Halfs, Chicken boxes, the list goes on…Artist from the local scene will be added soon..

My home away from home 🙂 Keytris Recording Studio

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