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MsTris Beats Presents: The UMPH: Audible Mention Guest Post

Posted by Ms.Tris On November - 20 - 2012

I introduced Audible Mention a few months back. I had the honor of doing a guest post in September. It’s all about adding “The UMPH” to your drums. I added a video as well. Here is an exerpt which links to the full article:

Are you the greatest drummer that ever graced the planet? Oh the dreams of super producers like us! Though we may not be sitting behind a 50 piece Pearl set, there are ways to add spunk to your thump. Let’s imagine that you have created a basic 8 bar pattern. You’ve got your Drums That Match and Knock . You are now ready to add something to spice things up a bit. This something is what I call “The Umph”.

The “Umph” can be anything that meshes with the frequencies of your main pattern. For today’s post I started with a basic kick and snare pattern. I have some understanding about the frequency range of drums which our Audible Mention host explained as:

“20-10k is where you will find that sexy shimmer on hats and cymbals.

10-5k is where you’ll find the sound’s presence, meaning how close it seems to you. More importantly how close it is to other drums.

Continue reading the full article here

Be sure to bookmark ” Audible Mention”. There is valuable engineer information weekly!
Happy Beat Making To All!~
Pz Til Later…

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Woo Hoo! I Can See The Light of Day :)

Posted by Ms.Tris On November - 20 - 2012

It has been a long minute.. I know I! The “Life” part got super crazy for me in October. I had to deal with classes and the passing of two family members. One being my 3 year old malti-poo dog who was with me 24 hours a day. I mean this is the dog everyone called my little stalker..ha ha..I moved and she moved. No one ever had to look for her, because she’d be right at my feet.

I took that really hard, and still had to push on with music, college, and life. I think I told you all I got two puppies 3 year ago. Well the second dog moped and grieved so bad, we decided to get another one. We found one in Pennsylvania Dutch Country straight from a farm. She can’t replace my “Puppy Bear” but she really helped me rise from the funk I was in. We named the new puppy Ju Ju Be. We almost named her Malti-Monkey..rofl she is quite wild…

I really missed you all, and I tried to get a few post in. Minutes and my mind just would not allow me to type anything worth reading :(. One great thing about me..I am resilient as an athlete!! No stopping here, and I hope I encourage you to keep on through hard times.

The work I managed to do last month is still awesome. I am maintaining my 4.0 in courses. To my surprise Web Design and Interactive Media includes audio and video!! Wooo HOO again!. I have tons of things to share with you. I will most likely post 1-3 times a week until I get things rolling smoothly again. I’ll be back in a few with a guest post I did for “Audible Mention”.

o.k. now that I am back, WHATS been Up WiTh YOU???? Those in the US are getting ready for Thanksgiving..but I wanna hear about the beats you’ve been cookin 🙂

See you in a few..
Ms.Tris Beats

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