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Bangladesh Speaks On How Producers Get Paid

Posted by Ms.Tris On July - 27 - 2012

What’s good my great producers…How are you and the beats?..I just wrapped up a cool Typography class, and 96.90% was my final grade(woohoo)…I’ve also got some new news about Dynamic Producers which I’ll be sharing in a few..stay tuned

Do you know how you’d get paid for having your beat on a major album today? Very seldom do these important business pieces make it to the blogs. Bangladesh is dropping the gems sharing some money talk. Here’s the inside scoop on how you will get paid when you get those placements!! There’s some valuable information here..enjoy…

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Happy Beat Making To All!~
Pz TiL Later…

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FREE Vst Plug Ins: Music Radar’s List of 27 Best Free….

Posted by Ms.Tris On July - 13 - 2012

Great day to all you wonderful producers and artist. Just a little note to let you know Music Radar has a new list of the BEST FREE Vst Plug Ins..woo hoo. Shouts out to GeeWiz for the link this morning:

Music Radr’s “The 27 Beats Free Vst Plug-Ins In The World Today”

There is a lot of cool stuff there..get your hard drive ready 🙂

Happy Beat Making To All!~
Pz Til Later…

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Vote Vote: Femi The DriFish

Posted by Ms.Tris On July - 11 - 2012

Outside all Hip Hop boxes rises Femi The DriFish and The Out Of Water eXperience Band! I have to say it is a pleasure to introduce Femi and his eclectic collection of lyrics, chords and awesome beats. Gathered in Baltimore, Md., Nigerian artist Femi and band are bringing something different to the table. Driven by life experiences and a keen ear for what works when mixing music genres,Femi takes us on a musical expedition. Self described as ” Alternative, Hip Hop, and Spoken Word” a listen to The DriFish ReverbNation page will add slash rock/pop.

Nice listening right!!! Now Femi and the band needs your help getting a chance to perform at the “Battle of The Bands at AfroPunk Fest 2012”

Vote For Femi The DriFish and The Out of Water eXperience Band

Click here to Vote For Femi The DriFish and The Out of Water eXperience Band

Check out more Femi:
Tattoos & Scars by Femi the Dri Fish and The Out of Water Experience


Remember To Vote
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How To Do Automation In Studio One

Posted by Ms.Tris On July - 11 - 2012

Wonderful day to ya! Having some fun this morning mixing a few tracks and trying out a few new tricks. I am about to try pitch automation. I recently did a huge set up with all my favorite software. I had everything going through Fl Studio 10. This worked fairly well and I am still testing a few things. What I’ve done is Rewired Fl Studio, Reason, and Reaper; sequencing using Maschine. Everyone wanted to know why would I do all Well, each has something I love, and of course I like trying new things. I am also finding out which set up will make it easiest if I need to use either program. Here’s what I mean: Let’s say I am using Fl Studio but would like to throw in sounds from Reason, and record a hook. This for me is a hassle doing it all in Fl, so I need to use Reaper or Studio One. Or how about Ni Maschine with Fl Studio’s mixer and Reason NNXT..again not convenient inside Fl Studio. So I am making a template where I can load one program and use every single production element I own if I’d like to.

Studio One 2 has been working very well with everything. There’s not much of a learning curve and so far it’s easiest for me to get a decent mix. Presonus has made this DAW basically click and go. Another cool thing is you can do several automated steps on one track without having tons of automation lanes open. Here’s a video which explains Studio One Automation. Remember a lot of this can be done in other the other DAWS. It’s just that I am using Studio One today. I will post about automation in Fl Studio in the near future.

Really easy huh?…let me know if you are using Studio One, as I get more used to it I may need some tips :)..

Happy Beat Making To All!~
Pz Til Later….

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Great day to you! I hope you and your family are safe..we had power outages, trees down, and a whole lot more here. Crazy tornado type storm caught us off guard but I am grateful, safe, and all is well today. I only need Comcast back on …thank goodness for this Sprint Mobile Hot Spot :)..I am online working because of it….

How are your theory lessons going? I am improving, not quite as fast as I ‘d like but going forward is a wonderful thing. Check out this video which really put something into perspective.

How to Match Chords up with any Melody

The best part for me is when he sings the tune along with showing the chord. I thought “Ah HA!”, now I can hear something that I could not before. The exact key with the exact chord will be much easier to find now. If you are using just a melody and no lyrics, you can hum the melody and use this same technique to find the chords…pretty cool!

Check Out More Lesson previews from The official YouTube channel for “Piano Lessons Online”:
Piano Lessons Online

Happy Beat Making To All !~
Pz Til Later…

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