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Music Theory Lessons: Beginner

Posted by Ms.Tris On May - 23 - 2012

Here comes the summer heat, it will be 90 degrees on the East Coast this weekend woohoo!..and,and,and… MsTrisMusic is 4 yrs young next week. Can you believe that? lol… Time flies…I will be doing live help Tuesday. If you have anything you’d like to discuss let me know….

I realized today how much this site has been helping me grow. Finding great production information to post about, is allowing me to learn a lot more about music than I imagined. College courses are adding to that knowledge and I have an open mind to many new techniques. I am working at a 4.0 pace, but I have to admit I have struggled with math for years. When I entered college the first round 🙂 waaaay back when lol… I kind of avoided math as much as possible. This time around, my counselor was not having that! I am conquering my fears and learning the concepts which will take me further. I am really relieved that learning the fundamentals again allows me to succeed in my math course.

I found out I had what’s called ” Math Anxiety”. The first week we all had to write a short essay about this anxiety stage. I noticed that the same feelings I had about math, I kind of had about some parts of music theory. I’ve been posting here about chords and making up my own ways of learning theory. Now I see that I need that solid foundation I told you all about. I have so many ideas in my head and I just can’t quite get them out the way I want. It’s weird, but the math course is helping me understand theory more. Maybe because music theory involves many math techniques. I IV ii, 7ths, and the circle of fifths comes quickly to mind.

Now that I have gotten over the math hurdle, I figured it is time to jump deeply into music theory. After searching for what seems like forever, I found the lessons I wanted. I was looking for someone who teaches music theory from the very start through more advanced lessons. So many good musicians on Youtube are sharing valuable knowledge. We are very lucky to have this technology to learn from. I found a complete series for those beginning music theory. I find them easy to follow and easy to retain the information. Here are the first two lessons to get you started. Do subscribe and I hope the lessons help you as much as they are helping me:

Music Theory Lesson 1

Music Theory Lesson 2

Once you get to the main channel, the rest of the videos in the series are listed on the right sidebar. (suggestion:I added them to my playlist so I can watch one after the other.)

Topdoginuk’s channel

Happy Beat Making To All!~
Pz Til Later…

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