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Quick Update: Working On Final Essay..Be Back Monday

Posted by Ms.Tris On January - 12 - 2012


Great Morning to ya! Just stopping through to let you know I’ll be back Monday or possibly the weekend. Hope you noticed I picked up on posting recently, I’m still working out my newest schedule, but it looks like I’ll be able to get in two or more post per week this winter.

I have a few projects going and new artist waiting in line. I am very excited about all the things going on in my life. I’ve been learning a lot of important things in college which have inspired me to write more here. See how things can work out when you jump in there and go for it! I am 98% in my first course, and I hope this is motivation for all of you in high school or college. It was difficult managing time for a minute but it is surely working out.

I wanted to post about music today…but instead I am re writing my final essay. This reminds me to remind you to SAVE YOUR WORK OFTEN! I was doing my last edits late last night, and I made a horrible mistake…. saved over a whopping ten page essay! BOOO..I was almost in tears, almost felt worst than loosing a hot beat lol… This morning I can smile because I am looking on the bright side. Maybe the one I spent all those hours and days on was not the “A” paper?….

I have all my notes and my outline, and I pretty much can go somewhat from memory. I am working in MLA format, so if anyone needs assistance with an MLA essay or discussion questions let me know. I’ve offered help to all for a small “donate what you want to paypal” 🙂 🙂 :).

Well I better get to typing as the essay is due tonight…talk to you all soon!


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