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Mixing Tips by Toni P Music: Producers Union Blog

Posted by Ms.Tris On October - 20 - 2011

What a wonderful nice outside. I am closing my blinds because I have much to do inside…:). I’m about to mix a beat I did yesterday. I found a cool post on The Producers Union Blog. It’s a great article with “Steps To A Great Mix“. There are a few extra tips here that I have never tried, so I am eager to get to work.

Here is an excerpt from the post…
Before applying any effects on your instruments you need to think about the following :”What do I want to achieve?”
Do you want to shave 1dB of the peak of the kick? If yes, then by all means do it, its how it sounds in the end that matters, how you get to your vision is not important.

My way to have everything to blend is as followed.

1.Set your master to MONO
2.Set all faders to -inf.
3.Move the fader up with the most important element
4.Move the other faders up 1 by 1 picking again the more important elements first EG: after you have your vocal level, start doing the kick and snare
5.Once you have a nice balance in MONO (you can hear all the elemements the way you want them, change your master to STEREO

Continue reading entire entry here:
Steps To A Great Mix by Toni P

I can’t wait to try the “MONO” on the master 1st technique..makes so much sense to work this way…
Happy Mixing To All!~
Pz Til Later..

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