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What’s up my great people? I’m sort of off to the musical races this morning. I have sessions later and I must get two tracks done before. I’m loving Presonous Studio One right now. It’s drag and drop work flow are out of this world. I will surely update to Pro later on this spring or early summer.

Another feature which Studio One makes easy is sidechaining. There is not much routing to do at all. Basically you drag a compressor onto a track and select a few settings, next send the track that needs ducking to it. Here is a video by Tim McMahon Vids which explains:

If your asking why would she need to sidechain? Imagine having a bass and kick drum in the same frequency. You would surely have to cut some frequencies in order to hear them both as clearly as possible. With sidechaining, you can have one sound “ducking” behind the other. This means when the kick plays the bass will stop or vice versa, depending on how you set up your compressor.

Here’s the url to an easy read tutorial all about sidechaining and ducking. You’ll also find a link to a free side chain compressor as well…

Remember the same concept can be used with most DAWS. You may have to read how to set up each track in your specific program manual. I’m off to try this right away..and wish you luck as well..

Happy Beat Making To All..
Pz Til Later!~

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