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Reaper And Maschine Free Template

Posted by Ms.Tris On October - 5 - 2010

Great Morning to ya! Off to the musical races making many beats this week. I’m back at it big time again. I’ll be posting some final songs this fall and winter. Very excited about the projects I have going, having fun with the music yes! 😉

I received an email about Maschine and Reaper. Priych wanted to add more than 8 outs into Reaper. There are a few ways to do this. The easiest way would be to add two instances of Maschine inside Reaper. You could have one for drums, and the other for instruments and percussion.

Another way would require panning the sounds from Maschine to Reaper, duplicating and panning the Reaper Maschine inserts, and recording output as mono. This will allow you to manually split the “8 Maschine Outs” and make them 16. Reaper has many ways of routing. It sounds difficult at first, but once you do it a few times you’ll breeze through. I will try to explain the best I can today. I will do a video later this month.

Insert Maschine with routing to 8 outputs

Duplicate track 1 in Reaper, send 1st two Maschine instruments to EXT Out 1 “panning one left and one right”

Duplicate track 2 in Reaper, send 2nd two Maschine instruments to Ext Out 2 “panning one left and one right”

Once I have panned the instruments inside Maschine, I tell Reaper how to record, and pan the volume slider to correct side left or right:

Be sure to set Reaper to record ” Mono Mix Of Channel”, remember to pan the Reaper Tracks

You could continue to add tracks this way, giving you 16 outs. So your next step would be:
Duplicate Reaper Track 3. Add two more instruments inside Maschine, pan left and right. Set Reaper to record mono mix of channel. Pan the Reaper channels to the left or right. You would then have 6 Maschine instruments going out to 6 Reaper tracks.

If you’d like to add other vst instruments and record them as midi inside Maschine, you will need to send a midi signal from Maschine to the vsti. I will use Reapers included Reasynth.

I add a Reasynth using the “insert Virtual Instrument” command. Next I assign a receive from Maschine Midi channel 1:

Now you can continue to add more vst instruments assigning each to a new midi channel in both Reaper and Maschine. With this set up you can work entirely inside Maschine, then record audio or midi into Reaper or record everything on Reaper tracks. You can even do both if you’d like, it’s up to you.

Once you have a set up that you like, save as a Template. I usually save one for Reaper and one for Maschine.

In the following template, I have set up Maschine routed to Reaper with drums, 3 instruments, and Reasynth.
Group A=
Drums N Percs routed to tracks 2-8
Group B=
3 Instruments and Reasynth routed to tracks 9-12

MsTrisMusic Maschine and Reaper Template:
MsTrisMusic Reaper (click on file or right click to download)

I used Native Instruments included Maschine sounds. You can replace them with the same sounds, or any sound of your choice. Let me know if this works for you..

Happy Beat Making To All!
Pz Til Later!~

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