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Site Update: 9-15-10

Posted by Ms.Tris On September - 15 - 2010

Hey to all my wonderful supporters..just a little note to let you know I will be posting again very soon. This last technical mishap really put me in an ” I just don’t feel like it” mood. Between editing video, and photos..making beats..running sessions…taking care of puppies and..well,.. I think you get what I’m saying…lol.. I just couldn’t move myself to write anything worth publishing.

This one hit me hard because I spent so much time getting the new improved site going and rolling smooth. The problem this time was, my site pointed to a wrong directory on the server. I’m just happy I finally had time to get things fixed…”one more again”.. Thanks (for the 4th time) for sticking with me…you know I always come back even better :)..

While I’m on technical site stuff, please remember that I feed off your input. I know we’ve been through a few downtimes… but keep the comments coming so I’ll know what tutorials you need, what you like, or even don’t like. Your comments are appreciated much. All I ask is keep them clean, and spam free…I usually answer as soon as I can, within a couple days or before the end of the week…

Much love to All…
Pz Til Later!~

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4 Responses to “Site Update: 9-15-10”

  1. claire says:

    hello.some advertisers might be interested in putting some ads in your site.. please contact me.. thanks!

  2. Duga says:

    im here stickin to da script. sometimes things don’t go right, but im here after 2 and a half yrs. of keepin up with your blogs, beats, news, and helpful videos! Much Love MsTris- Duga

  3. Duga! What’s up my loyal reader? How have you been? Are you still doing your music and school?

  4. Thanks Claire, I will contact you if needed. Do you have more information?

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