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Circle Of Fifths?

Posted by Ms.Tris On June - 3 - 2010

Here I am at the keyboard. I have been studying music theory for a little over a year. I am beginning to understand scales ,key signatures, and I know some chord progressions. The thing I have the most trouble with is understanding which chord progressions go with which scale… 🙁 ?

I am on a mission this next blog year. I will make it my business to learn theory enough to write a complete song by notes. After doing a little research, I still asked “where should I start?”

right click to download.. I made it for you today 🙂

The Circle of Fifths seems to be the answer everyone is telling me. I should learn how to use this after learning the 12 notes of the chromatic scale. From my understanding it will help me understand how to use” perfect intervals” to write music. Perfect intervals occur when notes are closely related in pitch and tone, which makes them sound good together. The Circle of Fifths is made up of notes which go up or down by perfect fifths (7 half -steps apart)…cool. the following video will help us understand this concept:

Circle Of 5th’s – Easy Piano Theory Lessons
video by

Let’s learn together on this. DON’T take this one lightly, take time to really get the concept. It’s starting to come together for me after watching the videos… if you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments section:

Using the Circle of Fifths for Major Keys
video by

Using the Circle of Fifths for Minor Keys

Happy Music Theory Learning To All!
Pz Til later!~

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2 Responses to “Circle Of Fifths?”

  1. Moodstarrr says:

    Hey Tris,

    nice to see that youre still at it. I dropped a comment on your site a year ago or so…
    We are (still)fighting the same war with that “music theory” stuff…coming from a sampled based 90s hiphop vibe. Im actually doing and learning the exact same stuff like you. Still there are gaps of understanding and i cant play what i want. Maybe we should connect and exchange our knowledge.
    I got good links, nice harmony programs etc.
    Drop me an email if interested – i would enjoy a chat very much.
    Peace, Moodstarrr

  2. Hey Moodstarr.. I send my main email addy to your myspace..we can get on aim or something when we both have time. Yes I do remember you from last year.
    It is a process this music theory, but at least we are both taking time to learn whats important to our careers.
    Gonna hit you up now on myspace.. take care..

    Change that sending an email now..hit me up 🙂

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