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Fl Studio 9.1: Club Banger Tutorial Part 1

Posted by Ms.Tris On May - 5 - 2010

Hey Hey Hey! 🙂 It’s a beautiful day with all the sun. It’s Wednesday already, the week is flying by for me. I am looking forward to the weekend because my family is big on holidays of any kind lol.

There is something about Spring, Summer, sun, and fun that makes me want to make happy beats. I am sure you’ve heard the term Club Banger lately. I usually ask the artist what type of beat do you need? 90% answer ” I need a Big Club Banger!”.

There are many options when creating a track that will go over well in any club. You can start any where you want when creating them as well. Some may say it’s all about the tempo and rhythm, some may say the chorus/hook is the key. Other folks may say it’s all about the melody.

I think it’s a combination of the above. If I’m sitting down to make a club banger, I follow a little mental template:
The tempo has to be fast enough to make people want to hit the dance floor. Above 90 bpm is a must..
The hook must be catchy and easy to remember.
The melody must be simple and one that will make people say ” I can’t get that song out of my head ” 🙂

Next you’ll have to think of the type of club banger you are making. I find in today’s hip hop, most club bangers are a mix of dirty south, r&b and pop.

Let’s listen to a snippet from Ciara’s “G Is For A Girl (A-Z)” produced by The Y’s and Justin Timberlake:

Really catchy, danceable, nice tempo.. Ciaras club songs are always fit for dancing. This tracks uses a consistent melody through out, with added synths, percussion, fx, piano,and bassline when the hook comes in. It’s a real simple concept, once you get an idea of how to start, you’ll be able to make these in no time.

So how do I go about creating something similar?….

I’ll start by finding the tempo. I select a small loop using my sound editor program, save it,and insert it into a Fl Studio sampler channel..

I’ve chosen part of the hook. It’s has almost all the sounds used, including added percussion etc.

I use the “detect tempo” function to find approximate BPM/tempo:

G is For Girl is 93-94. From here I could start with a melody, the drums, a bassline, or a nice orchestra hit. If you’ve been following my tutorials, you know I like to start with drums. For my beats, the drums are important and I like them to have a certain feel before I start the rest of the track. When I do club bangers, the drums don’t have to be as elaborate, so I’ll let the melody to drive the song.

I add a simple hi hat, nice clap,and Kick to pattern #1. ( for tutorial purposes only, I’m using the same basic pattern that’s used commercially for club type hip hop tracks did, I will change this for final beat) and begin working on my main or “lead” melody.

Basic Drum pattern for club banger:

I choose a synth for my main melody. I load up the ‘toxic biohazard’ vst, and find a sound that I like, and play around with a nice melody. In the picture below you’ll see I went to playlist view. This will help me set my song up, adding patterns as I go along. I painted the drum pattern(pattern#1) to extend 8 bars, and recorded a nice melody on pattern #2 with my midi keyboard.( If you are not using a midi keyboard you can manually draw in a melody using “piano roll view”).. can you figure out the notes I used in the melody?:

Basic Drum pattern with melody:

I am starting to hear all sorts of things I can add now. I can start adding percussion and effects, a bassline, some chord progressions or even another melody that goes with this one. Go with what you are feeling after you get the beat started.

I am going to add more to the drums.
I select a few effects and percs, then continue to build the drums. On pattern #3, I added a few sound effects in sync with the drum pattern (pattern #1), and melody (pattern #2).

Now I want 8 bars of drums with break downs at the end of each 4 bars.

The easiest way to achieve this is to copy your basic drum pattern, 7 more times. I have my drums on pattern 1, then I copy pattern 1, “7” times by using the shortcut ” shft +ctrl +C” or right click and clone pattern #1.

I now have 8 drum patterns to play with. I make a few changes to pattern 3, and add a break at the end of pattern 4. I add more sounds to patterns 5-8, adding a break down at the end of 8:

Here is the picture which may help you understand what I’ve done so far:

Now you have a great idea on how to start on a nice Club Banger. I tried to keep this tutorial fairly easy so those new to production can follow along. If you have any questions please ask through comments…

We’ll continue tomorrow with part 2 and the finished tutorial beat….

Happy Beat Making To All
Pz Til Later!~

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  1. taubuzz says:

    man …I’ve been “trying” to produce for a few years now and I always get asked to make these types of beats. I am so horrible at where to begin. Although I use reason, the same can be applied for me. Thanks so much for this!

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