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Reason 4.0 Dirty South Tutorial 2: Part 3

Posted by Ms.Tris On June - 3 - 2009

Whats up with the pc and the Reason Tutorials?.. lol remember last time something happened to my pc also..

We stopped yesterday at
Step 6:Add melody

Keeping along with the steps taken in this tutorial I will work on my melody next. ** Chord progressions are free for everyone to use BUT MELODIES ARE NOT** Don’t copy anyones melodies without permission or you risk copyright infringement…

I add the melody using “NNXT-Syn Strings”. After I do an 8 bar melody, I change it for variation 9-16, then a dramatic change for hook 16-24.
I still need to adjust some notes, and mix.. at this point an artist could actually rap to this…

Added melody

and we’ll continue with…
Step 7:Add a Bassline:
Sometimes I will use the chords first note in the lowest octave for the bassline. For example: If I play chords Am G F Em I will add A,G, F, E in the lowest octave on my keyboard simultaneously with the chords.

Today I will play an additional bass line starting at bar 9-16 for the melody. For the hook bassline I copied the ‘hook chord progression” and erased the chords, leaving just the lower octave notes as I mentioned above.
*sorry the volume is low…had tech problems at this time**
Added bass line

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Here is a picture with suggested places to add changes:


Step 8: Add another melody or harmonic expression

Now I can add more creative ideas to the track. I like this part a lot. I usually improvise and play what I feel here. I also call this part” putting the stink on it” :-)…be creative but try not to over do I will use ” Malstrom-Little Johnny Lead

Step 9:Begin to mix and add sound effects
Now that I have my composition almost complete I begin to do a quick mix.

I export each instrument into Reaper. I changed them to mono, added reverb on the strings, flanger on the synth, and eq + compression on the kicks.

After I got a decent mix,I added some cool sound effects to add more excitement to the overall movement.



Keep in mind there is plenty room for more in this composition. I could re arrange the melodies in the verses. I could make each verse have a different drum pattern. I could make variations in each hook… there are many possibilities for you when its time for arrangement.

I arrive at a decent composition with these elements:
1. Double time hihats
2. Drum pattern
3. Chord progressions for verses
4. Chord Progressions for hook
5. Variation on my drum patterns
6. Add a Melody
7. Add a Bassline
8. Add harmony line or another melody
9. Mix, Arrange, and add sound effects.

Rsn Tut2 Anvrsy Beat By MsTris .. I could easily lease this today 😉

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Special: Free To Download In Celebration Of 1yr

Free 2 Download: $00.00

You may distribute up to 1000 copies
on a non-commercial level like net downloads,mixtapes, free promotional giveaways or
use the beat up to 12 months

Must Give production credit to: Ms.Tris Beats on all purchased/leased/download compositions. Ms.Tris Beats retains all rights until compositions are purchased for exclusive use.

RSn Tut Anvrsy beat By MsTris

Happy Beat Making To All
Pz Til Later

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3 Responses to “Reason 4.0 Dirty South Tutorial 2: Part 3”

  1. That is fire! 10 out of 10!

  2. Ms.Tris says:

    Hey Thanks Killa K ..I appreciate the comments and will stop by your soundclick page in a few as well.. take care!

  3. @Dubstep cool.. yeah hiphops dirty south takes some getting used to if your ears are trained in other genres.. I love all types of music though 🙂 even dubstep which can be heavy at times as well. Thanks for commenting and reading

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