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Eminem Freestyle…Classic HipHop Moments

Posted by Ms.Tris On June - 5 - 2009

Happy Happy “SupeR CHarGed” Friday to all! Time for a brief update;

I am so excited today. I have a meeting later on with
We’ll be getting to work on a few projects. I’ll be doing some web consulting for all, so I get more practice in css styling etc.

I have started on a new drumkit to release this summer. To all my subscribers I will make a special offer, and of course give a few away for free.

Interviews will arrive very soon, and all my music projects are rolling smooth. One of the biggest additions you will see in July is MORE BEAT updates finally :-)..

I will get to all comments this weekend. Also I’ve added for beat reviews. Keep in mind I’m getting used to using 2 email accnts.for the site. DROP a comment here 1st if you want to email tracks . I will try to listen and hit you back as soon as I can…


photo from

I really miss classic hiphop moments like this. You know I am a fan of crunk/ dirty south, but my heart sings for the more lyrical boom bap style…

Check out Eminem,Chunkyfire Freestyle w/Alchemist playin beats (on Tim Westwood show)


Happy Beat Making To All
Pz Til Later

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6 Responses to “Eminem Freestyle…Classic HipHop Moments”

  1. King says:

    I’ll be sending some music. Really need help with the industry. I’ve done tracks for Willy Northpole of DTP and Juice from Black Wall Street. Just need that manager.

  2. Rooky_Beater says:

    Hello Ms.Tris,

    How ar u doin? Just want to tell u about an amazing French Producer or Beatmaker (don’t know well)….anyway he’s amazing! Maybe u have heard or seen about him on youtube already! His name is JoA…Actually he is originally from Cameroon (Africa) and is a student in France (but doesn’t matter, what matters are his skillz..)…check out his last beatmaking vid:


  3. Ms.Tris says:

    Hey Rooky!!! I’ll be sure to check this out soon… I’ve been extremely busy with the music this week..I’ll get back to post next week..Thanks for the link!

  4. Ms.Tris says:

    Hey King.. I’ll check the music email today. I am not in the industry like that, you actually appear to be closer than me on that aspect :-).. I am just like you, on the grind and I give info that I come across….stay in touch

  5. Ha Kaufusi says:

    Hey I think your post is great!I found it on Bing. Keep up the good work.

  6. Thanks Ha kaufusi.. glad you liked the post…take care

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