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Easy Way Of Finding Chords On Piano

Posted by Ms.Tris On May - 4 - 2009

Good Morning all…how are you? Did you know it’s been almost a year..yes we are coming upon a one year anniversary. I plan to do something special, a few giveaways, and some free stuff … I am open for suggestions..

A quick note about my music theory post:
I am a producer who started off almost 100% sample based. Any compositions made prior to around 06′ were done by ear. As I continue to grow and learn theory, which I should have done yrs ago.. I will share here. I mention this because I really don’t want music teachers,or those who have studied theory for yrs to think I’m avoiding essential steps in theory. I post as I learn, or post things that I think will help others like myself. If you teach theory or have studied extensively feel free to jump in and help, leave comments and links. Help spread the word and make us better musicians :-)….

Now on to the chords…

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You hear the terms all the time Major and Minor. If you make music you will use a major or minor something. So you dive in and learn a few chords from a book or the net. This is cool and it gets you up and playing. But what happens if you don’t memorize the chords right away. When it’s time to make your next beat you will have to go back to the books.

I admit I am not fast at committing theory to memory. There are a few ways that will help us all build chords when we don’t have the written music and guidelines at hand.

A chord is made using 2 or more notes. The most popular chords consist of 3 notes and are called “Triads”. The concept covered in the video uses the number pattern 4 + 3 or 3+ 4. The spaces in between notes on a piano will be measured in increments of 3 and 4.

Major Chords from root note have a pattern of 4+ 3 and minor chords have a pattern of 3+4. Let’s look at C major and C minor.
C major:
Starting at C count up 4 notes including the black keys, then 3 notes including the black keys.


Using the technique we end with: C E G

C minor:
Starting with C, count up 3 notes including the black keys, then 4 notes including the black keys


Using the technique we end with: C Eb G

So an important thing to remember is: major=4+3, minor =3+4

The following video will help you get a better idea

Video By Brad99r of

Aaah now you’ve got it! Continue to find chords using all the keys, and of course practice, practice, practice..

Happy Chord Finding To All
Pz Til Later!~

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2 Responses to “Easy Way Of Finding Chords On Piano”

  1. Blessedfingas says:

    that is a good method fo learning chords

  2. Ms.Tris says:

    Blessed Fingas..Thanks for commenting! Yes its cool..I am working with this method alot..

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