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Kanye West: What Does He Sample?

Posted by Ms.Tris On April - 2 - 2009

Good Morning All… Busy day today as usual. Next week I’m working on all eastcoast type hiphop. Yes I am back in the crates this weekend… I’ve seen a few videos showing samples that were used in top hiphop songs. Here are two cool ones with Kanyes sample choices..pretty cool I must say…It’s funny because I know I’ve made beats with about 20 of them lol…I didn’t catch them in some of Kanyes songs though.. enjoy

[photo fromKanyeBlog ]

Is that a….**looking closer::..”hey it’s Micheal Jackson on the button!” I bet Kanye sampled Michael plenty when he first started making beats…
Videos From Lupend88 Youtube Channel
Every Kanye Sample Part1

Kanye Samples 808s & Heartbreak Edition

Happy Beat Making To All!~
Pz Til later..

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2 Responses to “Kanye West: What Does He Sample?”

  1. Rooky_Beater says:

    funny and ……coool how good he is in recreating those song (little part of it)! Very impressive! I would like to learn how i can work with samples like he does (at least a little bit like him…he is a genius..i guesss…lol)…
    this lead me to the question…are there some professional programs that let us work on samplet like this? and are there some tutorials (just an example….)…I have listen to lot of Hip hop music that are made quiet the same way, and i was wondering which softwares the makers used to work the samples out…Can you give some hints?

    Merci…and good work day!

  2. Ms.Tris says:

    Hey Rookie..just about any software or hardware samplers can be used to make tracks like Kanye. You just have to learn to chop samples and arrange them.
    The hints would run a long list..but some of the most popular hardware/software for sampling is
    Akai Mpc
    Fl Studio
    Roland Mv8000
    Ableton Live
    The list goes on and on… just look through some of the sample tutorials here..even the one posted today 😉 Reason 4.0 Sample tutorial

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