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Winter Day Guitar Stuff:Tuning

Posted by Ms.Tris On January - 28 - 2009

Hey all, it is cold and frosty here on the eastcoast. I’ve been busy wrapping up a few projects, and starting on a gospel cd with Karen Domino White. I’ve been doing more mixing finally, and yesterday I started designing an 8 page fold out cd insert. Today I’m in planning and practice modes. Sometimes I get this way especially when the weather says stay inside. It’s hard to describe, and some would call it a gift..but I feel like big things are about to happen in my life. When I feel this way…. I usually realize all the opportunities in front of me. I guess this recognition is the fuel, because it gets me motivated.

At the end of last year I mentioned that I was going to get more serious about playing guitar. Well… I did and now the site will quickly include more beginner guitar post. (A lot of times I know I should really take lessons, just thought I’d make that clear for those who can…..please do :-)). Until I find the right teacher and reasonable price, I have to make due with what’s available…

The first thing any guitar player should learn is how to tune a guitar. I mean, you could still learn playing techniques, but who wants to play a melody out of tune? That would be whaack! lol

There are several electronic tuners on the market. I have not used any yet. I could run up the street to Guitar Center….hmnnn….. I’m not going out in the freezing rain….. so I go to the next best thing…VIDEOS on tuning guitars woo hoo! Now on to the goodies…

Lost Your Guitar Tuner? – Here is some free software/websites that can help you out!

From DhDo74 Youtube Channel..looks like he has some off topic videos there as well..wallpapers, pc fixes etc…

Expert Village:How To Tune A Guitar

This is the first one I used when I bought my guitar…straight forward and simple tuning..plays each note 9 times…

Cheezy94’s Tuning Guitar…

Happy Music Making To All
Pz Til Later

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4 Responses to “Winter Day Guitar Stuff:Tuning”

  1. Robert says:

    Hey, I just discovered this great site and thought it might be useful if you want to learn to play guitar. I know this is just one among lots of sites to learn guitar online, but hey, this looks very interesting and serious at least!

    kind regards!


  2. Ms.Tris says:

    Hey Robert.. I will surely check out the guitar site… I definitely need to learn more.. thanks for commenting..take care pz

  3. Great Information, thanks for this useful Post. I will come back later . Great information about guitar playing: learn and master guitar

  4. Thanks much Earth Flocke.. I’ll check out your site..

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