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What Is ASIO

Posted by Ms.Tris On January - 14 - 2009

You see it all the time in the digital workspace…..*ASIO (*ASIO is a trademark of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH). The letters are short for Audio Stream Input Output. You could think of ASIO as an audio highway, a way to connect your hardware and software audio through a soundcard, to a destination of your choice. It’s a software engine originally created for Steinbergs Cubase. Within this software engine, issues of latency/delay, synchronization, sample bitrate, and ability to record multiple inputs are solved.

In order to use *ASIO to full extent, you will need an ASIO soundcard. They may range in price, but will allow you more options for your audio interface. Here is a link to few great soundcards to look at:

MAudio Soundcards

I am using the M-Audio Delta Omni I/O soundcard:

I got this in 2002 before I even knew about *ASIO. I haven’t had a problem, and the audio options are great. I can record from a mic, and from 4 line inputs, as well as route audio signals within the M-audio software.

Since I got my “ol work tank” soundcard..M-audio has released firewire and usb connections. You can visit the website for more info that may help you find the card that’s right for your set up:

There are many options when selecting an *ASIO souncard. Will you need more inputs? Will you need a mic Pre-amp? How many tracks would you like to record at once? You may also want to do research on producers who use the soundcard. I found out about M-Audio through forums, but there are more companies that manufacture high quality soundcards. Google “Asio soundcards” and check those at the top of the list. They will range in price, but you will find some inexpensive cards that work well.

If you don’t have *Asio drivers for your soundcard you may want to look into “ASIO4ALL” which is an audio program for Windows Driver Models or WDM devices. It is basically an *ASIO alternative driver which will allow *ASIO capabilities on normal soundcards. I’m not sure which soundcards ASIO4ALL is compatible with, but there is plenty info and a forum on the site:

Here us a video with a nice explanation fromDilliot2k on Youtube. I have linked to him a few times. I didn’t watch the whole thing, but check out the beginning for his *ASIO lesson …

Now that you know a little more about *ASIO, I am hoping it helps you get your audio input and outputs streaming the way you need….

Happy Beat Making To All
Pz Til Later!~

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