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Mixer Bus Send Inserts???

Posted by Ms.Tris On January - 22 - 2009

What’s up to all!~ Well I finally got the energy to do my pc cleaning… I opened up the panels and dusted parts and fans. I am pretty sure I’ll do a repair of windows soon or install a new hard drive…Just thought I’d mention that so you can remember to keep your power supply cool and fans flowing freely..

Yesterday I had a lonnnggg session at Streetlegal Studios. Mark Carey is engineering a project that was recorded partially in my lab. I always learn from watching him mix. He tried to explain how I can use “busses” in Reaper. WHOA…I have avoided this for a while now….I really know nothing about this. Mark opened my eyes on how this can help with cpu issues and save time when mixing.

While I continue to clean the studio, this is a good time to watch some videos about using audio buss inserts… If anyone wants to add to this, hit me through the contact page. I am open for guest post or link exchange…… now let’s get to some tech stuff 🙂

The videos I found are for protools, but I am sure we can get the basic concept of bus/sends.

Expert Village Add Aux Bus In Protools

EditorsKeys Aux Track In Protools

This one is great!~
Mic1One Auxiallary Tracks and Bussing
Mic1one on youtube

Happy Beat Making to All
Pz Til Later

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