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Are You A Dynamic Producer?

Posted by Ms.Tris On January - 8 - 2009

I am going to be honest. I have joined so many music sites over the years it’s quite overwhelming to think about lol. Some I get an email and think to myself “You haven’t been there in months”. Others I frequent often, and some I am just seeing how useful they have been, or can be.

I joined DynamicProducer.Com in 2006. Of course that was when I was doing work on film sets. Last year I began to visit more and more. I just renewed my 39$ for the annual general membership.

Here is a brief excerpt about “DP”:

Dynamic Producer is a membership based organization that supports the advancement of up & coming producers through Education and Opportunity. Our primary commitment is to create platforms for members to learn about the history of music, the business behind the music, as well as current events and trends. In addition we provide opportunities for members to expose their music to the music industry at large.
read more here:DynamicProducer About Page

There is so much information in the forum. There are soundkits, interviews, and many to network with. Check this! I even get emails with options to send tracks to industry artist and labels…sweet! :-). Another thing, it’s so easy to reach the owner and moderators, as they frequent the site often.

Dynamic Producer also host several conferences for producers. The next one is this month in Atlanta.

Here are a few videos of previous events:
Dynamic Producer 2006

Dynamic Producer 2008 Producer Beat Battle Last Round

Have I been yet? umm nope lol..but I’m planning to go to the one in the spring(< IN CALI) or fall 2009. I'm not into battles anymore, but I'm sure going to the seminars. Who knows maybe some of you will battle and I'll be there cheering you on ... I'm giving you the heads-up early, and maybe you can make some of the events. I'll be keeping you posted in 2009 on other opportunities to get your music out to the world. Dynamic Producer submissions will be one of my main goals this year, I hope you join me in the quest..get your music heard.... Happy Beat Making To All Pz Til later

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4 Responses to “Are You A Dynamic Producer?”

  1. Quick says:

    I think its funny that you mentioned this cause I just signed up as a member and I am going to be at the one in Atlanta,if you like I’ll let you know how it goes. Yeah the forum is very informative and Jim seems down to earth. So have you had any luck with the placements there? I think after a lil more music theory I’ll definitely be in the running. Thanks for the info on theory, I think I’m gonna invest in some piano classes to enhance what I’m already learning. I was thinking about joining iStandard as well because they seem to be a good network to be apart of too. Let me know if you are already a member to give me the heads up on how that is. Oh yeah I also was inquiring about your drumkit, I already have too many drums as is, if there is a such thing but as a connoisseur of all things music related I was wondering if there was a way you could tell me more or let me hear some more of the sounds, cause I might be interested in getting it. Cause I’m tired of buying kits with nothing but sounds I already have.
    Oh and last but not least its sad sampling and hiphop are having to part ways more every year.

  2. Ms.Tris says:

    Hey Quick..yeah be sure to let me know how the conference goes..I haven’t done the placements yet, I will be doing them this year.

    You are welcome for the lesson on theory..

    standard is great from what I hear…I am sure they have a website and videos on” istandard producer showcase”…

    My Drumkit has;
    14 Kicks w/Fx
    10 percs
    11 piece rock kit (Kicks, snares, percs)
    25 Hats and crashes
    11 toms
    72 snares and claps
    55 Kicks
    23 sound 09 kit(kicks, snare, claps, percs)rlnd 909 type
    40 sound 08 kit (kicks,snares, claps,percs)rlnd 808 type


    15 bass
    8 fx
    4 guitar
    7 Synths
    4 orchestra Hits
    1 piano
    2 strings
    4 free sample loops

    Sampling and HipHop will never part ways…they cant its already in the History of Hip Hop which can’t be erased…and is still heavily relied on, although many don’t know how producers replay or disguise the sample.. 🙂

  3. Hey Ms. Tris. I am a DP Producer and i attended the 7th annual conference in 2008, and i have nothing but praises for the event. The panels were very informative, the atmosphere was great, and the networking was incredible. We went to see A&R’s at Warner music group and G-Unit records. The battles were great and there was even a battle on the last day when someone challenged the champion, “Billboard”. Great prizes, on schedule itinerary, and great professionalism. if your a serious up and coming producer I would highly joining DP.

  4. Ms.Tris says:

    Heeey fam 🙂 thanks for the great info… I just checked out feb industry opps…

    I really want to make one of the next have sold me even more on the idea!…

    I appreciate you taking time to comment..stop back often and stay in touch….
    Pz Til Later

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